Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rasa Darshana 16 ( Rashendrapeetham 2 )

Gurudev had given me four divya mantras which I was suppose to use mean while I
travel in this rasendra peeth. The first mantra I was suppose to use here which
I suppose did belong to naga loka as it sounded with some words of naga loka. As
soon as I recited the mantra, The snakes disappeared.

I went on and first, I watched a pond with beautiful water. There was a tree
near it. As ordered by gurudev, the leafs of the trees were been picked by me
and placed in water. I am not aware what that tree was because in the life time
I had not seen such tree. As those leafs were placed in pond water, they started
livening them self and acted like a fishes. Those leafs I was suppose to give
back to one gurubhai with gurudev's order.

When I met the guru bhai after returning from the peeth, I handed over him leafs
which I brought. The leafs were still livening with my surprise and seems to be
like a fish only. A flesh had been visibly developed in it and those were moving

Guru bhai left those leafs for one day more and in one day it had become a
complete fish out of leafs. It seems to be cruel to me but that guru bhai took
that fish (or leaf) placed it live in fire, cooked it and had it through. Four
fishes were been gulped by him in matter of few minutes. I was dumped, I had
seen vam margi sadhanas before but this time I seen some one eating something
which couldn't be described.

He then laughed loudly…. I wonder as he was telling me something with his

He explained. "The thing you watch may not be the exact you think. In vajra
sadhana of vam marg you need to had the fish and it is the rule. It is not that
in all sadhanas you need to have matsya with othe "maker" but matsya is an part
of the ritual but there were no one who can make us understand what does matsya
means. Matsya is important element, it is not just animal. Like Soul and Human.
Matsya in sadhana deals with the soul. The matsya is the actually about to
obtain power of living with water. But not all mastya can help you in sadhanas.
As in some sadhanas you need to have some yantras prepared by your self only, in
this sadhana, we must have matsya prepared for this specific purpose only.



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