Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wonderfull Effects of Rudraksh

In spiritual way every sadhak must be familiar with the effects of Rudraksh, but do you know today I am going to give u information on the solution of Phyisical and Mental diseases and I really hope you all would take benefits of it.

1 mukhi Rudraksh : The disease related to Heart, Back bone, Blood issues and the problems incurred due to planet Sun in the horoscope can be finish off by wearing this rudraksha and get complete benefit.

2 mukhi Rudraksh : Remembering power, Mental defects, breast related issues, stomach related and the problems raise due to the position of moon can also be finish off by wearing this rudraksha.

3 mukhi Rudraksh : Uterus related diseases, pranjan defects and adult problems like impotency, sperm counts can be enhanced by this rudraksh.

4 mukhi Rudraksh : Brain disorder, Hand related illness, mental weakness and problems incurred due to planet mercury can ve finish off.

5 mukhi Rudraksh : blood pressur, kidny problem, prostet gland problem and for planet Jupiter it is used.

6 mukhi Rudraksh : skin related, Kidney stone, Incapability and it is wear for the problem rises due to planet Venus .

7 mukhi Rudraksh : Arthiritis, Spondilitis, any longed pain and the problem due to planet Saturn are cured by it.

8 mukhi Rudraksh : freeness from unproper sleep, Eye problems and the issues from Dragons head are look after by it.

9 mukhi Rudraksh : The Infavourable conditions created by Dragons Tail can be cure, relieves from Body pain also.

10 mukhi Rudraksh : Sugar problems, external issues and infovour of Jupiter can be cure by it.

11 mukhi Rudraksh : Can be wear for curing nerves system problems, dipretion, inheritance issues,conception issues.

12 mukhi Rudraksh : whose bones are very weak can wear it.Any type of pain would disappear.

13 mukhi Rudraksh : Migrane, mental disabilities can be cure.

14 mukhi Rudraksh enhances the complete mental brain power…

In my next article I will try to provide information on Materialsitic and Spiritual effects.


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