Saturday, July 24, 2010


Couple days back one of my guru brothers expressed one query that how hypnotism can be useful in our work area while in group discussion.This part is next to one of those article.All these experiments are very effective and capable enough to gives you desired success in right work.

Well you all can consider these solutions in your work, business , Job, dealing and can achieve desired success.One important thing is that they doesn’t work out in any malpractice or wrong type of work.Because so many persons tried to make it but they always found opposite results.So work with conscious and take all benefits.

These Tantra Kriyas produces a different kind of environment which is favourable to mould human brain.

Take white Gunja leaves ras and mix grinded brahmdandimool then do a tilak on forhead of it.Whomsoever will see it would not get out of your charm...
Take white root of Aak and Sindoor with banana juice mixed it, then tilak it on forhead would infatuate watcher…
In sahdevi ras mix the grinded tulsi seeds, then tilak it on forhead at Sunday which would definitely infatuate every one.
A tilak made up of mixture of manahsil and banana juice also deluded by all.
A tilak made up of Harital and asgandh mixed in bananas would result in Lok Mohan.
Mix Kakda Singi, Chandan, Vacha, Kuta and make ready mixture of it and then flame it.showing aroma of this flamed mixture to the clothes, whole body, face and even making tilak of it would do Sarva Jeev Mohan.
Take Bilvapatra and dry it in cool place.Grind it in milk of black cow and make small tablets of it.Well tilak of those tablets would infatuates all three lokas for sure.

Before using any of this process attempts this mantra for 10 thousand times.

1. om hreem siddhaye namah hreem kali kapalini ghornadi vishvam vimohay jaganmohay sarvmohay thah thah thah swaha

At last I would always pray to Shree Sadgurudev to give you all desired success in best work.


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Gulshan said...

Aadarniya Nikhil ji parnam

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