Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Internal alchemy

mercury or parad in samskrit,has a long detailed history to the practitioner of the tantras(and the medieval alchemists),it was the key to the ultimate sacrament,the purpose of this article is to share some of forgotten subject.

some of the common words used to symbolize parad are:


rasendra(b'coz it is the most important of metals)

suta(b'coz of its ability of transmute gold)

capala(on account of its volatility)

rasa raj(ruler of metals)

shiv virya(semen of shiva)

and lord shiva is the tantric literature,symbolizes infinite time(MAHAKALA).

mercury ,as the semen of lord shiva,is the physical embodiment of the fire of transformation(tejas).it can provide incredible amounts of tejas to an organism,and can make them capable of digesting almost any thing.parad can also provide unlimited amounts of prana. thus with prana and tejas,fire and water,parad can unlimited ojas,the quinteness .b'coz it controls these three,it can also control the three doshas,or bodily humors.yet,by itself mercury forms an insoluble salt which lodges in the brain and causes insanity or death.ingesting mercury by itself is like raising kundalini throgh an imbalanced path.what mercury needs is somethingto balance it ,to control its energy.that something is the element sulfur.

sulfur is the elemental embodiment of blood,that which the body uses to create everything else(from an ayurvedic perspective),and the only thing capable to controlling mercury.


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