Saturday, July 24, 2010


In present time when our body became the house of diseases and maximum portion of our income is been spent on curing such diseases.In such condition a big question arise i.e. how to keep our body fit n fine.

Then we think is their any way to keep our body healthy and complete freedom from disease but also a long live life as per our wish hmmm?

You know it is possible through RAS TANTRA.The same sadhna was performed by Devvrata (Bhishma) by permission of his father and blessed with long life.With complete devotion we can achieve above all fruits.Shree Sdgurudev explained in such manner..

This sadhna can be performing from third to eleventh of Shukl Paksha.Whole white cloths and asan should be used while sadhna.Very first use pure Ashta sanskarit Parad along with the Belpatra ras and do the kharal process and make a gutika of it.Then in morning first worship the God Mahamrityunjay and Gurupujan and request for complete success and blessings.After getting permission put that parad gutika on vilvapatra and by concentrating ur whole consciousness and by tratak do the chanting of below mantra for 108 malas.After completing mantras again repeat the same process means take fresh vilvapatra then place the gutika and do the same counts…In the same way do it on 108 fresh leaves.When u r done with the whole process then keep that Parad gutika at very safe place.Grind that leaves and take juice out of it and drink it.

Keep doing this series for 11 days.One important facts is that the green leave gets transform into golden color one by one after each 108 malas which indicates us that we are going in right direction.

MANTRA : om kleem mrityunjayaay kleem kleem phat

Via this article I was just trying to introduce this sadhna.Making understanding of Mantra and its pronounciation is guru’s work.Therefore contact Gurudev for it.He would definitely make you understand its secrets.

It is just because of his kindness this sadhna is infront of us.Definitely attempt this sadhna and dedicate our all gratitudes to Sadgurudev.


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