Thursday, July 8, 2010

Secret Of Karna-Pishach Sadhna

Do you know whose speed is the highest speed in whole universe…Hmmm...

Come on just give a thought hnnna..

What happen?

Ohhho it’s but obvious our MIND… hmm isn’t it…Wel in whole universe only human beings are bestowed with this MIND POWER… While other living beings are stimulated by God and performed their task, as they don’t have mind.Hey do you ever heard any animal smiling or laughing?

Due to this mind power, human can imagine and have a caliber of definite intention. Behind every discovery and each siddhi there is imagination power only.


Human’s unlimited Manah Shakti which can be control by power known as KARN-PISHACH or KARN-PISHACHINI sadhna.It clearly means that one who would conquer this mansik shakti can only becomes the Sadhak or Siddha of such divine knowledge.

By these learnings we don’t inactive our mind rather by capturing its Charam and Param activeness earnest effort we spend it in human welfare only.

By this Siddhi we enhace the activation power of mind because the inactive and inert power is of no use?

Behind this Study which principle works u know?

Human’s whole past period is hidden in his conscious and subconscious mind.Therefore whenever u cooridinate your supreme mind power with the other one abruptly u got contact with his mind and in fraction of seconds u become able to know his whole past.It is because from prakar antar your mind is coordinated with the Akaash tatva and then only you became able to hear that secret in universal voice which makes u realize that u r listening it with your own ears.

One must not use this knowledge for self purpose or for any type of malpractices and if done then be ready for bad consequences.This sadhna is for increasing our atmabal and along with that it makes your work easy. Remember TANTRA is not right nor wrong.It only leads us to that shore from where we can decide with the help of our conscious mind that how to use it.

Wel this sadhna is less in force in Tantra but is wonderful sadhna.Socialy Karnapishachini Sadhna is famous more but the types of illusions which are spreaded all over and it frightened the sadhak to perform it. Therefore Karn-Pishach sadhna is more favourable.

Start this sadhna on Monday.
On first day do fast (no food), as it is process of making pious internally and externally too.
Clothes and asan should be white and face towards the south direction.
Night is the best time to attempt it.
Make a knot of Lauki and Sarpakshi roots in red thread and tie it on your head (bring this roots in Pushya Nakshatra)
Do Guru Poojan and Mantra Jap.Then request for accomplishment of this sadhna to revered gurudev.
Then lighten the oil lamp and again worship it.After worshipping with complete concentrated mind do tratak on the tip of lamp and complete the 1.5 lakh times mantra chanting.
Wel in how many days you want to complete it is up to you.So divide it wisely.At max only 21 days can be prolonged but not beyond it.
Definitely you will see success with Guru kripa.

Mantra :
om namo bhagvate rudraay karn pishachaay swaha

This sadhna can be attempted by both Waam and Soumya Marg. On continous Mantra chanting you will experience various types of voices which haven’t ever heard.

But Sadhak’s real examination starts after earning Siddhi.As he became capable to know all mentalities of others which could be too dirty and too evil to imagine and for digesting also.Now it is up to you how you keep shut and give peace to ur mind.I remember very wel one of Sadgurudev’s verdict-“It is too easy to siddha the sadhna but is too difficult to stay normal or digest after accomplishing it”.Before doing this sadhna one must go for Diksha sanskar first from Sadgurudev and Poorna Sidhhidayak too.

So come on step forward and adopt such divine sadhnas in ur life and make it successful.



bhavesh said...

I want do do this sadhna i met one person who's have siddha this sadhna he can tell whats going on your mind even he told me my past life but he cheated me with money

please guide me for this

it is possible to shiddh Karna-Pishach Sadhna as par your guide?

jay gurudev
bhavesh pithadia

amrit said...

kindly help me to find out myself

help plz

plz guide me too manage me

i lost my all

jeet said...

my name is sudhir gaikar from kalyan,maharashtra. 1st time i meet this side.i know some things about gupt vidyas. i saw ghosts in smashan lot of time.i know this kala called smashan jagruti,but i m not comlpetly learn this vidya. so i need help to complete it.can u help me if u r me 9820464777

asher kennedy said...

can we do this sadhana without lauki and sarpakshi roots

asher kennedy said...

can we do this sadhana withot lauki and sarpakshi roots

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rahul said...