Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nav Grah Mantra

In Tantra Shastra (Tantra System), each and every solution is present for any of the problem…Whether we have think or not but when we are able to fulfil our wishes through these devotions and each devotion results into a wider manner no matter there working area is limited or short…then why we conducts the “Grah Mantra Jaap” (Planetary Positions Chants) just for the “Grah Shaanti” (worship for the Peaceful results for the Planets) instead of having the fact that we can make a wider and broader use in resolving our day to day problems and also in fulfilling our wishes also…

You might take my points in a strange manner but the truth is this that each Planet is governed by a holy chant and that chant is capable enough to give the results accordingly and is helpful in accomplishing the wishes of the devotees…no matter that the particular planet is situated at the right or the wrong position in the birth horoscope…

Remember, when we devote ourselves towards the rival since birth time due to the fact of these holy chants attraction effects the particular planet is forced to give the favourable results…

In series to this; today I am going to forward those holy “NAVGRAH CHANTS” (Chants of the 9 governing planets) in front of all with the blessings of Sadgurudev which is very rare…

For conducting these “Mantra Processes “you should have the “Chaitnya Navgrah Yantra” with you and you have to complete each mantra just 11 times….and by conducting these special mantras you can gain your wishes….

1.Health & Wealth giving – Sun (arogya data surya)
Om hreem tigmrashmaye arogyadaay swaha

2.Mental Peace giving – Moon (mansik shakti pradata Chandra)
Kleem hreem aim amritkaramritam plavay plavay swaha

3.Rivals Fighting Planet – Mars (dust dalan karta mangal)
Aim hram hrim sarvdushtan nashay nashay swaha

4.Wishes Fulfilling Planet – Mercury(kamna poorti budh mantra)
Hreem shreem shoumya sarvan kamaan pooray swaha

5.Prosperity giving – Jupiter (abhisht data brahspati)
Aum aim aum surguro abhishtam yachchh yachchh swaha

6.Sharp Mind Prosperity in business giving planet – Venus (buddhi va vyavsay me safalta dayak shukra)
Shaam sheem shoom shaiem shaum shah

7.Dominating Planet for Rivals destruction – Saturn (shatru uchchatankarta shani)
Hraam hraam hreem hreem sarvshatrun vidravay vidravay martandsoonve namah

8.Rivals destructing Planet – Rahu (shatru vidveshan karta rahu)
Raam hroum bhrem hreem somshatro shatrun vidhvanshay rahve namah

9.Prosperity giving – Ketu (labh pradata ketu)
Kroom hroom kraim ketve swaha

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