Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The moment we have opened our eyes we are bogged up with n number of such thoughts which always questioned us that what is this nature and how we are connected to it… where our emptiness is relinquished? Do we can step forward on splendid path hnnna? And if yes then what are those barriers… lets see?

For answering all these questions we desperately need our Brahmanetra i.e. Jyotirvigyan (Astrology).Through this shastra we can measure the knowledge from starting to end.On Splendid path it teaches us the art of winning in very simple and easy manner.

Basically to some extent it is the portion of Vedas and for reading it one need the power of understanding (Pragya Shakti). Due to change of time the purity is missing day by day... To keep a common man away from the circumference of such knowledge, the people who are influenced from traditions made this knowledge so tough to grasp… Astrolgy is not just a calculation process.And if it would have then the predictions we are watching nowa days would not be fake…Rather concentrating on its mathematical aspect we should concentrate on its spiritual aspect for uniting all socially...And it is right also… Doing continous sadhna and enhancing the understanding power under Guru’s presence can only help you to capture those intangible truth.And that’s the truth what we are oriented to show our society.

For having perfection in study of astrology we have to concentrate on both learning as wel as sadhna also.Our liability is to putforth all these rules in very simple and easy manner. Due to which every one would come to know all the barriers in simple way.
And if we do it then this principle “Yat pinde tat brahmande” would be fruitful and will save us from being puppet of fate.Therefore its necessary that the Astrology itself speak rather that the astrologer as would take to errors.


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