Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Priy  mitron  ,
                           As you all ,are very well aware  of some controversy happened last some days , that’s why little bit delay occurred  in releasing  this issue ,  now the sky is clear. As we have  promised   to  you all, we did our best  to make this issue more and more useful for  you all.
  now the wait is about to over for the sixth issue ofTANTRA -KAUMUDI “ PART- I  & II ,  this  issue is in two Parts and both parts will be released , at a same time, so kindly wait  for till  tomorrow means 24 th August 2011 about 10 PM night. Do not forget to send   your responses  regarding this  issue.

                                                                          Name of the   Articles   
      Part -1 

v           General rules                                                                                                                                                                                                       
v           Editorial                                                                                                                                                
v           Sadguru Prasang                                                                                                                               
v          Attaining beauty and kayakalp through Sadgurudev dhyan         
v          Shatru vadha  nivarak Ganpati  prayog                               
v          Soundary and kayakalp               
v          Prakriti se Soundary sadhana    
v          Vaak shakti se Soundary sadhana                                                                 
v          Vaani Soundary sadhana
v          Simple prayog for beauty
v          Vaam Soundarya Yantra sadhana
v           Atam Ling sadhana
  Part - 2
v          Sammohan se soundary prapti
v          My experience with Kemdrum yog
v         Kayakalp tantra aur saundarya tantra rahasyam 
v          Lavan snan vidhan
v         Panchbhoot sadhna vidhan
v         Shri kalp sadhana
v         Siddh guru kalp sadhna
v         Aayurtantra vigyan
v         Shri mrityunjay tantrokt kalp
v          Soota rahsyam-Part 6                                                                             
v          Swarna rahsyam- part 6            -                                                            
v         Saral dhandayak  Lakshmi sadhana
v         Totaka vigyan                          
v          Ayurveda
v         In The End      


vikky said...

sir i have not get any part of emagazine on my email id sir send this article i am waiting very impatiently.

Anu said...

Dear brother , You have asked for the Tantra kaumudi E magazine Previous Issue .
First you need to sign as a blog follower from blog for registration and after that sign in Nikhil Alchemy yahoo Group also.

For prev issue I would like to mentioned that if you are already member in Nikhil Alchemy yahoo Group than
1. kind visit the group,
2. sign in ( if you have already yahoo id than provide yahoo id and password, if not than you need to create yahoo id first)
3. go to the attachment section, appearing left hand side of the screen ,
here you can download the previous issue published so for.
If still facing any problem than kindly send me a mail.

shiva sehwal said...

thanks bhaiya mere pas sabd nahi h m kya kahu .mujhe vo mila jiski mujhe ummid nahi thi. ye sab aap ki vajah se bhaiya . or sadgurudev ki kirpa se jai sadgurudev ..... app sabhi ko phir se dhanyavaad ......

Tushar said...

Jay Gurudev. Dear Anu ji I only managed to download Eight and Seventh issue of Tantra Kaumudi but whenever I try to download previous versions of Tantra Kaumudi from then the it after downloading sometime its saying that the book is corrupted and can't be downloaded. Please provide me previous versions of Tantra Kaumudi ebook. My email-id is

Anu said...

Dear tushar bhai , yadimain sahi hoon to aapne just abhi hi facebook me nikhil-alchemy group join kiya hain , aap whan par ek request send kar de . i s baare me, nischay hi koi bhai bahin aapko sare ank bhej denge . haan yah jaruri hainki aap blog ke bhi sadahy matlab follwer ho. agar abhi bhi koi problem aaye ya ank aapko nahi mil paay e tab mujhe aap kahan main to phir aapkeliye hi hoon.

arav said...

sir how should i get all parts of tantra kaumudi in ny email id...
my ud