Monday, April 12, 2010

Ras Darshana 18 (Paarad and Kundlini)

as everyone know that ras tantra is not just a metal transformation and it is far more beyond from our vision and imagination.

Basic of all 64 tantra is Kundalini activation in known and unknown part. from tantra to the padarth vigyan, every field always deal with Kundalini activation as base. Paarad vigyan also owns several methods for kundalini activation. Kundalini also plays an vital part for higher level sadhna to perform. It is that way the paarad field also owns various methods for the kundalini.

As kundalini is known subject for eveyone in sadhana field, I am not going more deeper in the kundalini and its formation. Now the question arise is how paarad vigyan is being incorporated with kundalini activation.

1)the ash of pure mercury on which 8 samskars had been performed if consumed with ankol oil in a limited quantity of 1gm in a day for 60 days regularly with a special note on the food and a raseshwar mantra is chanted in front of ras linga, thus repeating this process causes kundalini activation.

2) The siddh ras (more information had been found in old posts), if consumed in 3 dose, with raseshwar mantra ; within one week kundalini get activited.

3)if khechari gutika is placed in mouth and meditation of rasheshwara is done for 64 days regularly, sadhak becomes great among yogis by having a sahastrar activated.

4)paarad on which 8 samskars had been performed, if being injected in body through palm method((more information had been found in old posts)keeps manipur chakra awake for whole 1 year.

there are several such methods which are easy and comfortable for sadhak to active kundalini and go ahead with success. We should pray to our beloved master for to bless us with such rare knowledge.

thank you all

jai gurudev

****Raghunath Nikhil****

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Harshal said...

Bhaia ji.
mai siddh devranjini gutika or ras darsana koshish karna chahta hu. Pata nai kisi ne bhi in par dhyan kyu nai dia. Mai chahunga ki agar aap mujhe is kabil samajhte hai ya aap ki sahayta se mai ye karsakta hu to mai aapse in dono prayog ke puri vidhi jannana chahunga. Yadi aap ko lagta hai ki ye kafi kathin hoga ya mai iske layak nai to aap reply kar k bta de mai aap ke jawab ka pratiksha karunga.