Sunday, April 11, 2010

rasendrapeetham 3

The mastya theory was then explained by him, and I had been fortunate to understood the big theory of the vam marg. but as in the limitations of the tantra, I cant explain it so I had tried to put hint in my previous post. So, now we'll continue about mysteries of rasendrapeeth.

now the main area was being started. it was so much of green with lots of vegitation. there were many sages on the different places in their rituals. they were basically worshiping with paarad or were busy in the high levels samskaras of paarad. The way was clear and beautiful. It was not less than heven any how. nothing was lacking there. Now few step ahead there was a kind of palace. I came to know that this palace is of "padmavati dev kanya" sadhak performs her ritual here and accomplish her in priya form.

ahead there were places were yakshinis used to live. anyone can go to them and ask for the support for raskarma, they will be giving a total support.

there is a big garden where all herbs used in alchemy is available rather from teliyakand to hemant harit. and sadhak can use it according to their need.

there is a waterfall which provides a chandrodak water and available through the need of sadhak.

the place is swayam siddha and sadhak can get glimps of many god, goddess and accomplished siddhas of rasayana

one should pray to gurudev to get into such place and watch something which very few fortunates only could watch.

jai gurudev

****Raghunath Nikhil****

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