Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It was just beginning of my Sadhna life and a different and wonderful feeling of happiness of attempting sadhnas continuously and knowing each n every secret aspect of sadhnas under association with shree Sadgurudev.But one pain will always afflict in my heart whenever I failed to attend any shivir due to which I get deprived from the knowledge which sadgurudev used to shower practically related to various secret dimensions sadhnas..It was my innocent childhood ha…… this is why many times I presented my questionares in front of sadgurudev and elder co-bros also.They used to get angry on me many times and refused me to answer.but sadgurudev always wipe off all the curiocity from my mind very cheerfully.It never ever happened that I raised any question and he didn’t answered me……. Hm mm it was really my golden time……

Once, generally I was telling him due to financial crisis It would’t be possible for me to attend each shivir and because of it I get deprived from the valuable knowledge which u showered in that shivir……
Sadgurudev said - No my son its not like that, I know very well that how financial aspect makes weak and deprived us from relishing small moments of happiness in life.This is why I always used to conduct many shivirs for Wealth earning and wish completion sadhna (dhan prapti and manokamna poorti sadhna) due to which none of my disciple would remain as it is, so they can easily reach me and attend all the shivirs.
But oh my only support of life… I have gone through so many magazines and books but that only makes me confused that by trying which experiment i can solve my financial problem and I wouldn’t be deprived from Ur valuable learning.

With unlimited love and care he spread his hand on my head and said – Son, there are so many process but there is one experiment which I ve been personally assessed and found very effective.Even Its effect is not just for 1-2 days rather it is continuously went for 30 days app.Well rest sadhnas are very critical and long to perform, infact their stability is also difficult.Therefore this is not the appropriate time.See,in future so many shivirs will be conducted in which series of secrets would be disclosed .So I want,each one should do active participation in such shivirs and achieve feeling of completeness in life. This knowledge will not be reflect in future,because I don’t want to limit their knowledge by relying on justfew part.At present you just do that process which I have practically shown some years back.Whom so ever performed this sadhna not with full preparation but still experienced the results.I said - So could I get full explanation of this sadhna.
Homonym why not my son – of-course said smilingly…. He called one of his servant and told him to get one cassette.

With fractions of seconds I got that cassette in my hand and straight away I went to home locked my room and listened it carefully and imbibed it.I was surprised how easily sadgurudev have unveiled the truth.
On appropriate time I attempted that process under sadgurudev’s instruction.In span of a day at night time while performing that sadhna I didn’t had any experience because my whole time was consumed in doing that sadhna.As its target was to complete each step in prescribed time in serial manner.Well that was the ultimate challenge in that sadhna.And successfully attempted it.I was tired like anything so I slept their itself.. Now it was just waiting time of morning…

Afternoon was over and then evening also… till the time nothing got happened, but no ifs n buts were their in my mind. As I have seen unbelievable thing under sadgurudev’s association so there was no scope for suspiciousness.Some how evening was passed on but passing night became difficult for me.I got money and that much which I have never ever dreamt for hhhhhaaaa…. Wonderful…. And this count went on atleast for a month… hm mm by time by time its effect gets lesser and the count of rupees too (ha ha ha).But this was been already told by sadgurudev that its sadhna effect will be lesser day by day.This is true that wealth can be earn by any source.I also get this not just for once consecutively for two months. Attending shivir was my only passion that time.I was student, and this was necessary that parents will always provides me money for shivirs.But after this sadhna my dependency got over. After this when I went for next shivir I participated in each experiment.In between when I went to meet sadgurudev, he asked me with killing smile.. So I hope u don’t have any worry now… hnnna…
Without tearful eyes I don’t have any other answer….

Afterwards I attempted so many processes for financial growth and with blessings of gurudev I achieved also.but the mode of relaxation I felt in doing that sadhna was not felt in any other one.Well each process told by sadgurudev is incredible.It is because he churned his life and given his strength of knowledge and of course blessing too.I have evident that any process which sadgurudev told us and doesn’t successes.I have studied various aspect of Tantra and gone through so many tantra granthas but no detailed mantras are mentioned nor process are clear.

But whatever experiments sadgurudev told us are really incredible.Well the sadhna I was talking about is famous and recorded on the name of “SHREEM BEEJ SADHNAâ€I have mentioned .And today also available at Gurudham.I just want to say that please keep secured this knowledge for u and ur family.I would suggest personally to attend this sadhna by your own then only you can relish its fruits personally.just don’t read it rather see truth by your own eyes.I hope you will definitely step forward to imbibe this knowledge and will vanish all the pains from your life…Isn’t it hnnna??

(Why me only,I would really appreciate if you would all write your experiences.This is our civil responsibility.I am talking about Sadhnatmak experiences not about day today life because I know whoever related to sadgurudev will always feels surprises in his life.But I feel we should also aim for knowing others experiences and to inspire them also.Well whatever experience I shared with u all are relied on basis of evidence not just coincidence and putting the credibility of sadhnas infront all of us is only mission of Siddhashram family members…that’s it…)


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