Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Siddh Devranjini Gutika

Today I am going to tell you the description regarding the “Gutika” which is not mentioned in any Ras Granth.And If it is mentioned then definitely with some changes which we cannot recognise.As we know the reasons behind it that it is the dead need of time to keep it very secretful from negativity.Well when we are eager to know more about this subject, so with all efforts we should step forward for knowing our culture and peculiarities of it.

Between all Ras siddhas the details of this Gutika has been kept secret from long time.From that all gutikas one of the important name is “Devranjini Gutika”… As compared, the difficulties come in the way of making this gutika is that’s easy to relish its achievements and fruits in our day today life…… like good fortume,freedom from disease,frequent unbelievable growth,mental strength,Kundalini wakening,the wheel of time,benefits of profound meditation,Metal transformation,connection with great souls,rejunevation,future predictions,subjugating and master of many other wonderful powers.Well it is because, on this gutika when the divine power of mantra,divine herbs,gold,stones sections are done and afterwards melting it in full sunlight and then placed under the cover of sky then it lacks some of the peculiarities also.In this way when parad finds juicial state in its gigantic form, the Devranjini Gutika has been occured.

In formation of this Gutika daily eight hours for forteen days continously practice is required(only after making of rasendra).By barding of various stones,binding with gold cinder,adorning with divine herbs and with enchantment of aghor mantras finally summoning the Rasankush Goddess establishment takes place……This is how it is formed and reflects with the wonderful effects infront of us.

Hey I have seen this Gutika with one Ras siddha in Guwahati.He not only shown me the wonders of this gutika but also told me the whole process which is not even mentioned in any ras granth till the date I have gone through…

If blessings of revered Shree Sadgurudev showers on us in the same way,soon we will be knowing all the hidden secrets which are currently locked only between the ras siddhas........


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