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Tantra World is known as ocean of wonders were various types of stones exist with their shimmer and powers which mesmerize the sadhak like any thing,some of them are really remarkable…and astonished us because they transport worldly and spiritual powers togetherly.With order of Sadgurudev when I started the journey of discovering Alchemy(Ras-shastra) at first sight they make me understand that either footstep on this path only if you want completeness in life else if you are going to leave it in middle pathway then better you leave it now.So when I decided to step firmly then it became essential for me to know each n every secrets of this path.Yes I was knowing that it doesn’t seems that easy as it reflects…I have heard from my elder guru bros. that if you really want to understand or imbibe the whole secrets of Alchemy then the only sadhna which can fulfil your desire is “KANKAWATI SADHNA”.

With lots of excitement I asked to my elder guru bros. about this sadhna, as I heard and read it before and that greed of knowledge took me to that gentleman. But he rebuked me.And said that I am not elegible for this Sadhna.

I felt very bad at that as the same time Sadgurudev was Agyatvas for some specific reason.I was eagerly waiting of him but till the time I can’t sit just with folded arms.Therefore I started finding this the details regarding this sadhna in very ancient books Mahakaal Sanhita, Tantra Mahodadhi, Tantra Maharnav, Mantra Maharva, Yakshini Mahatantra, Kaam kali vilas, Mantra Sagar, Meru Tantra, Rudraymal Tantra, Dattatraye Tantra, Swachhand Tantra, Stree Tantra etc etc. hundreds of ancient sacred books groped, but their was nothing which will give peace of mind. I found 4-6 process and tried but they were not so sound.I always complain that these ancient books display incomplete information and it is always doubtful whether such mantra are pure or not.And as you all know that doubtful sadhnas are never successful.

At the same time I met Mr.Kalidutt Sharma who is the well known Tantrik and Alchemsit of Assam.When I asked him about this sadhna and its effect then he also said that where this sadhna brings extraordinary accomplishment of Tantra world but also influences sadhak’s personal life with full financial security.Along with this Goddess introduces the sadhak to that incredible secrets of of Alchemy through which he just get in bombshell.When I asked about the procedure he simply refuse. Then I said from where I can find the details? Hmmm he said only one person i.e. Shree Sadgurudev only knows every thing about it and given to his disciples in shivir.In fact the whole shivir was organized just for this sadhna.After listening him, I met to all old guru bros. and asked for the details of this sadhna.Even all of them were agreed andsaid yes sadgurudev told us about this sadhna but we cant tell you.They simply denied me to told anything about it.
Finally with tired, lost and dejected mind I reached Jodhpur and stayed nearby it for 4-6 days.One fine monrming when I went to Gurudham I came to know that Sadgurudev came out from Agyatwas.I was very anxious and eagerly waiting for sadgurudev .Approximately at 9.30am he called me in.I touched Sadgurudev Charan and stared him with tearful eyes.

Sadgurudev said - Wants to know about Kankawati Sadhna…
I said - yes…
What do you want know hnnna?
Ok…I will tell you each n every secret of it.You just note it down.He started throwing light on this subject.This sadhna can be done in three ways…Shastra says sitting infront of Kankawati Yantra consecutive for seven days under Wat Vriksha in count of thousand on daily basis the Kankawati Goddesses appears.But this is Matrik procedure.Before mantra chanting method a clear notion firstly in form of Mother or Sister has to be done.
With complete mantrik procedure it can be finished in 7, 11, 21 days respectively.Daily eleven malas have to done.because sadhak is just a meek in this.moreover this process is mention in all ancient sacred books.Mantra of this process is famous between sadhaks.As possibility of success is fifty-fifty.

Then what do I do…
Look my son-you can get success only if you perform this sadhna by Tantrik vidhi.And definite intention in form of lover else wife has to be taken.Offerings of wine and meat has to be present.If in this way he followed this sadhna the hundred percent he can accomplish this sadhna.

Hainnnnnnnnn…how can I do this-I said…

Son,in Tantra World there is a specific meaning of such letters.Here the Wine and Meat is symbolized.Thats why this sadhna is known as Tantrik sadhna.Well here meat is a piece of coconut and Wine in a form of jiggery mixed milk.Which is devoted as consecrate Food .

For this sadhna a specific type of Bhoj Patra is required on which the Yantra is placed by sadhak himself. And by series of alphabets of Mantras the Keelan has to be done.Then on this Yantra the ceremony of consecrated of an idol should be done and start worshipping at Sunday night.Beaware this yantra should not be touched by anyone else.Any of Mahavidya, Mahashakti, Mahalakshmi worships done at midnight time only.Behind Asan the fresh leaves of Vat tree to be kept and then place a red color Asan in south face direction. Clothes can be yellow or white..Worship must be done with Water, Red flower, Trigandh, offerings, lohban dhoop.And with couregeous spirit the 111 mala shold be enchanted on daily basis.For any damn reason beat it natural cause isn’but still you ve to stick to Asan can wake only after completion of such Mantras count. It takes atleast six and half hours for completion.Remember it should get windeup before morning.Its mantra is also very different.In this way he told me many other important things.Then he disclose the procedure of making that Yantra outlining and yantra formation ,even about the mantras by which the liveliness of yantra and consecrating of an idol also.Sadgurudev told me this can be bind with seven golden sootra(pure gold wire) or seven doors are formed.This secret is not revealed in any old books.That seven sootras are worshipped on daily basis in serial manner for eg.on first day the first sootra is worshipped, On second daye the second sootra likewise all sevens are worshipped till last day.Wheat floor has to be baked in pure ghee and to be mixed with jaggery.Some coconut pieces are mixed then just bind it in form of Laddu(a round shape like ball) and Milk with jiggery too are represents in form of offerings.these only are the meat and alcohol offerings. While devoting any treatment should be the name of it has to announced and then dedicate it.If the Ghee lamp flamed continuously for seven days would be best.No one should enter that room for seven days besides so many important secrets he revealed.After knowing all details I reached home and accomplished that sadhna exactly as he directed.Exactly same thing ahappened as Sadgurudev told me.Goddess appeared and blessed me in sadhna fisrt attempt.Whatever I wished from this sadhna I got it and continuously I get it.By that divine power so many secret puzzles get solved easily.Today also incredible help I get from it.Subject could not be lengthy so I managed it in short.Al that I can say is there is no process in Tantra world which can not be earn or kept secrets by Sadgurudev in Siddhashram sadhnak Parivar.We should be fond of these sootras that they are easily available.Else can be available from Gurudham.I would really waiting to know about your sadhnatmak experiences.Definitely so many of us having the successful l experience of sadhnas.But that has to be shared.We should show that kindness which is shown by ultimate support of life i.e.Sadgurudev had shown forever.As its evidence is widespread Siddhashram sadhak parivar. isliye sachche Mantra Putra baniye aur Tantra-Vijay yatra ko lakshya tak pahuchane me sahyog kijiye.


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