Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thank you all

Dear all,

At this moment of a time,I have a cocktail of feelings inside me. I am believed to be numb person but still at this moment my eyes are nearly to wept. I love you all. yes I love you all. You are the people who gave me your unconditional love and much more respect one could ever imagine.

I may re-collect my memories when I was very new in the field of alchemy. when I came to know about alchemy, I was sure for to attain remarkable knowledge of ras tantra and there was no doubt at all as of being desciple of the great paramhansa Nikhil who is singular in all the fields. But for several years I studies scriptures and performed various methods' prectically. But at all what I got was nothing. Now I was having no more wish of losing anything in term to gain something because I lost my valuable and precious time for to have glimps of alchemy but nothing happened.I even tried to meet various sanyashi desciples of gurudev who were big scholars of alchemy but were not ready even one of those to share something. finelly, I contacted one sanyashi aughad who used to meet gurudev on each holi. he agreed to share something but after that he never came in my touch as he was not visible at holi even

after that I came in contact with one sage, when I asked him if he can share something, He simply said "Why should I tell you anything, What can you give me in return?" He spoke this and went.! He was right, I was having nothing to give him. neither from materiality world, nor from spirituality world.

When I reach to gurudev's feet with heavy heart, I just said "gurudev Alchemy...." he cut my sentence and just said " hota hai..! (it happens)." thats all. it was my answer. it was all I got.

from that moment whenever I felt any difficulties, I just remebered his those words with dashing smile'it happens'.

My dear all,

I could never forget my miles of walks in forests, spending of valuable and precious time, everything on bat. but finelly, I achieved what I was willing to achieve. Gurudev gave me what I did expected...

but still that was question, Why I had been that way? why not an usual way? Why so much pain for to search the platform of the alchemy ? when I asked gurudev, I got shocking answer.

he told me that the time will come when you will be helping to create a platform of alchemy. I didnt understood anything and he explained that at a very specific moment alchemy will be re introduced among sadhaks. rest you will understood at that time.

I cant let you believe this but dear brothers and sisters that time has come. alchemy is being re introduced. platform is being created for you. Gurudev was willing to make 80 component scholars in alchemy at the moment but it is found very very very painful that the devdatta found only 3 people eligable for the same. Ofcorse it is not a easy to reach to such level but atleast one should have a vision of this.

what ever I have shared was with gurudev's order and permission and I am ready to bet on this that no scriptures could give you this information because this is the experience which is being shared in the group.

I really thank Arif bhai,for starting this revolution, to develope the platform, for giving me chance and opportunity to contribute in this valuable group. The history of alchemy will always remeber you. I am really glad to see people being intrested in this subject but not only intrest can lead. devotion to gurudev can only lead you to the success.

Today people may not understood the significance of the group but after some years I am sure people will. you all are part of this group and it is not a usual thing. It is what time have decided for you. Try to understand signals of nature. understand nature. that what I can share with you all. With gurudev's wish, I am now no more require to share anything. My posts ends here, Perhaps my this role ends for this time to continue with my sadhnas. In future I may have a chance for to share such experiences but at this moment, I take your leave. In this time duration if anyone have been hurted by me knowingly or unknowingly, I appolige. I am really sorry for any inconviniences. I will never forget love given by you all.

What I can say else is everything happens with gurudev's wish. we are just a machiens and he is the operator.

"chalo ab izazat do dosto,
Muje talash me meri, Rava hona he"

Thank you all


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kunaal nikhilchera said...

Great step bhaii.. we all will support u for your efforts by sharing, is "devine" blog k liye bohot bohot dhanywad hum sabhi k taref se...