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Ugra Dhumavati Sadhna (My experience)

It was just beginning of my Sadhna life and two years were over…Under patronage of revered shree Sadgurudev I started attempting some preliminary sadhnas and thishow I entered in this supernatural world… Truly saying,the moment he holded my hands,fearlessness encompassed in my life.Whenever I used to heard about the high level of sadhnas called ugra sadhnas from my co-guru brothers I used to feel a strange vibration which was defenitely not scary but attracted me alot.I was very keen n eager to know such secrets but I don’t know why they were always been hasitent to disclose it.nonethless this present time was like were Sadgurudev used to tell all secrets of sadhnas between their disciples just to calm down their curiocity and to make them as live book of knowledge.Navarna Mantra Rahasya Shivir,Surya Siddhant,Mahalakshmi Abaddha,Sabar Sadhna,Gopniya Tantra,Bhrahmatva Guru Sadhna,Matangi Sadhna,Mahakali Hanuman sadhna etc. upon the whole shivir were conducted in unbelievable way for 8-9 days at Gurudham continously.These are merely just names of such powers which were organised in experimental and demonstral form infront of us.likewise thousands of shivir were organised.In such shivirs, sadgurudev used to demonstrate all those secrets in such an easy manner which was really heart touchable.Suddenly one day,Sadgurudev called me his office and said-now the time has come you have to start concentrating your mind towards strong,harsh and intensed sadhnas because todays world is known for strong and harsh sadhnas only.And I am watching that probably in future you will be in need of such sadhna only.

Slowly I said….As you say my lord.
Gurudev said calmly and quietly -Son, may be todays world is not recognising the significance of such sadhnas but the way it seems money is vital for living life, the way softness is the ornament of sadhak, exactly in the same way sharpness and moderate rage is also necessary for securing ourself from the negative and cruel energies and also needed to maintain our self respect gracefully..well it would be a vague discussion that in future these secrets would get published………along with that he told me to come in evening again…

With instructions of sadgurudev I successfully completed Mahakali Sadhna,Bhairav Sadhna and then he put forwarded me for Shmashan Sadhna.Here I would like to tell u one thing that he always enforces all to attempt shmashan sadhna togetherly.In black dark night of Ayodhya at the bank of Sarayu river he organised this tangled sadhna,when elder co-bro performed this sadhna in Aghor way.There were many places for doing this sadhna but a normal sadhak doesn’t buzz out from it.Apart from that, this is also a big truth whenever any sadhak visits near sadgurudev for sadhnas no one get disappointment.Always come out with a satisfying response.

After attempting various complicated sadhnas I asked his permission for attempting great “Dhumawati Sadhna”…he said it is very very difficult sadhna and for its accomplishment you have to pass through its three levels.You can crossed two of it at the same place were their u have attempted rest harsh sadhna till now but for last level you have to choose one of the Siddh peeth. And then he explained the me the deep secrets of this sadhna and blessed me.Look for accomplishment of any such harsh sadhna first u must aware about each aspect of it,infact each secret should be known and must be attempted with very courageous attitude then only it will take u to success.One should not go for this sadhna if there is little bit of fear.If you take Sthapan Dikhsa or Poornarupen Safalta prapti diksha for doing this sadhna the complete accomplishment is guarenteed.Dhumavati Sadhna immersed remarkable fearlessnes in life.
If anything is true in this world which is ultimate and supreme force of destruction is the only “Goddess Dhumavati”.

It completely releases the nonexistence and enemies from sadhaks life.along with that gaves complete success in shmashan sadhna ,warding off from bad and cruel souls(pret aur tantra badha nivaran)soul appealing sadhnas.Hmmm don’t take it lightly this sadhna is very crucial… it is the crucial test of mental, soul and physical strength of sadhak.Kindness is impossible infact a single small mistake can throw u far away which would be beyond our imagination.So be alert…Well you can perform this sadhna by two ways.If you want to have your work done successfully then just enchant the guru instructed mantra.But if you want to see her full appearance and complete accomplishment then you have to cross all three levels.then only it ll lead u success and effect in life till your last breath…

These are as follow…
Beejmantra(through which it can establish in your soul and all seven bodies)
Saparya Process(through which all types of energies and power can be establish on us)
Mool mantra and evident ordained(guarenteed achievement and seeing with one’s own eyes)

First two levels I crossed on the same mountain which was fuly covered with the land of graves and were I attempted all my harsh sadhnas.In span of 7-7days respectively I completed these two levels and for last and final level chosen the Kamakhya peeth for it.For discovering the facts related to Ras tantra I used to visit Assam frequently.Actually frankly speaking I don’t know why baut I feel a special attachment toward Kamakhya Peeth so I choosed it.…and before this sadhna I have Done some more sadhna there.

At Kamakhya Peeth were the kamakhya temple is located,from its south direction app. 27 feets down there is there is the Dhumavati’s huge peeth.Actually that place is very right because of its loneliness and natureful ambience.There only I accomplished this sadhna with all instructions of revered sadgurudev.From his blessing I was personally evidented and wished also.With tearful eyes and deep respect in mind I just fell down, rest what else I ve which I can dedicate!After that year many a times my co-bros came with me but I never used it for my personal use as I never felt its requirement. Hmmm in shmashan sadhnas the kilan and for the help of spirits I experimented it again. I got busy in discovering other sadhnas and then I never used it again…
But after many years somehow conditions were like…

Because of my whimsicle nature month on month I used to stay away from my home.once upon a time after long span I went back to home and found every thing shattered.My mother-father,brother-sister and each family member’s face was filled up with pain and depression.When I asked they told me that someone really wanted to kill my younger brother.they captured my brother in to a fake case and tried to ditched him so he was roaming here n there… even no help was getting from police departmen.On contrary they were trying to decieve my father and abused thretening again n again.Not only this much they treated my father with very harsh and abusing language.Even not spared my female family members tried to molest them but failed.My brother was living a simple life.He was a teacher in a renouned school.My family’s goodwill was very strongand it was one of the renouned one in that district.There was terrific pressure of them in that area so no one was ready to say a single word against them.Every one was sitting at home and hiding their useless face.conditions were too miserable any one who would visit to log a case will get unnecessary botheration and beseated at police station.It seems that the police had became a toy of their hand.It was pathetic situation..

When listen all this I was really zapped…Didnt understands what to do… everything was going blank.I tried to contact Gurudham but that time sadgurudev was out of station.recently there was a shivir organized in Jodhpur.I decided to attend that shivir and reached their.When I tried to contact Gurudev personally though he met rest ones but denied to meet me.With disappointment at shivir’s corner I was wheeping.I was thinking do I made any mistake that gurudev didn’t meet me. Why? Why? The programme was about to begin and the panigrahan festival was there.Sadgurudev came on exact time and beseated on his asan.He then started his lecture “My Disciple would not be an feared person.Ive never taught him to run away from the situation.I ve always taught to if some one thinking to slap u once before that he should get ten slap on his face…”
This type of angry lecture I heard for first time from Sadgurudev.And I understand that this is for me and I got answer of all my questions.Indirectly that breath taking sentence was told for me only… I got rage on my foolish behavior.Now whenever I listen it again I got filled up with bundle n bundles of energy flow…

It is compiled on name of “Yuddham Dehi”in a casset form.You think where it was a festival mood and lcture on War… strange na…hnnna…When lecture got over and he was returning to his camp I was standing there only,he stopped for a sec and gave me a killing smile which was a hilarious moment for me.

After some time one of my co-bro came and informed that Gurudev is calling me his office.I just ran away and reached their and holded his feet and started crying.
Sadgurudev said- Look my Son.. “Never show ur back or never run from situation rather always face the challenge with full energy.As its never suits any sadhak.”
I said I was really blanked what to do?it was beyond my understanding…I have never seen my family under such conditions.My father is known as respectful person in that area but today police is mistreating him like anything…
Sadgurudev said- do running from situation will solve your problem hnnna???
I said please tell me any sadhna so that I can protect my family and get back respect as we are innocent…

I know my child therefore I am saying that protecting family’s image and fighting against injustice is the prime duty of any sadhak. And any new sadhna cannot be happened by u in such condition because u ve lost ur mental stability.Well this time is not to experiment the new sadhna rather to use the old sadhna to get rid from this situation.
What do I do then???

You have accomplished “Dhumavati Sadhna” successfully so use it-said Gurudev..And then he told me the detailed description how to use this sadhna against the enemy destruction and permitted me to go.however shivir’ second day was remaing but on priority u have experiment this go my son and get successful..My blessing are their with u..

And on the same mountain I started seven days process.Daily midnight I used to start which end at till 3.30am..There was hell pressure for first six days assuming my body will burst anytime…I used to feel that someone is stopping me to do mantra chanting…but on last day when I completed last ablation suddenly a big blast happened and fire-pit broke into pieces and springed high in sky…unexpectedly everything got motionless…And a glowing light speedly went towards the village.I became pressureless…I just came back to home and took a bath and crashed to bed… In morning with great noise i woked up..i came outside and asked what happened? Mother said-last night app 3-4 time that leader’s got brain eyes filled with tears of happiness and promptly I moved towards the Sadhna room and expressed my gratitudes…Second day rest all rowdys got vanished due to an accident.Everything destructed say his business bla bla got over….And again peaceful environment spreaded all over.

All this has not been told for spirit deceit.Moreover we should realize the value of these sadhnas.Sadgurudev had given through magazines, books and live demonstration in shivirs also.With great enthusiasm we all should step forward and accomplished these sadhnas for completeness and fearlessness in life.See I have evidence with me and I know many other sadhaks who also have successes but hesitated to disclose their experiences.May be any of my co-guru bro get inspired from reading these sentences. Whatever I have achieved I m trying to share it all with u.No one forces you to believe me. believe or not to believe its whole personal matter which cannot be smeared on any body. But beside knowing any sadhna and criticizing it is not a fair thing I guess... rest all your wish because afterall its your life…hnna



reflex said...

Dear Nikhil Ji

I write this email to you from Singapore.

I have taken deeksha in Srividya and am very inspired by your article about guruji. Can you kindly advise the full address and contact number of Guruji. I am very keen to speak to him and meet him.

Kind Regards

Naarayan Raaghavan
Email :
Mobile : +65 90175167

Harshal said...

Bhaiaji,im very eager to know about these things about sthapan diksha or poornrupen safalta prapti diksha, Beejmantra(through which it can establish in your soul and all seven bodies) Saparya Process(through which all types of energies and power can be establish on us) Mool mantra and evident ordained(guarenteed achievement and seeing with one’s own eyes) can you please give little detail about these things please

With regards

Anu said...

dear harshal bhai , so many question in one message , kindly go through the tantra kaumudi e mag , and also join nikhil-alchemy facebook group , there you get get one by one answer of your queries ...
anyway thank alot .and welcomes

priyank said...

kay main shri narayan dutt shrimali ji ki guru dikha paa sakta hoon

Anonymous said...

Om Aim hreem kleem Chamundae Vichche, mein iss sansar mei aise prani hun jou ek dushta ke karan puri tarah se haar chuki hoon, meine Maa Jagamba ke saamne hamesha haath failaye hein, and the Goddess Consciousness has often, been there to comfort me up in small was, today I need her help more than she's ver done, if that devil does'nt face Divine punishment, I'll meet my end, personally I'm a brahmkumari and kya kahun, aaj tak Om Namah Shivaya ke siva meine au kuch nahin sikhaya dunia kou, aaj mujhe beizat kar diya hei, thokar maar dei hei sabne, uss rakshas ki vajah se, and he's very much progressin' , while mockin' over my miserable life, please help me blessed soul/s