Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hanuman sadhana for complete strength and courage

In the path of sadhana one needs a courage and strength in each and every step. Courage and strength here means the in the body courage, in the mind and in the soul. In the sadhana path one faces so many difficulties in every moment. That’s why it has been seen that few people starts sadhana with lots of hope and after a bit they feel tired of not having a success in the sadhana and with a loosing hope they decide to leave this divine path of the spirituality.

Actually success is a journey of not a jump but of steps. With every single step the distance between the sadhak and success is being cut, and after few step sadhak reaches to the success but sadly most of the people leave the sadhana where they are too close to achieve their dreams.

Most of the time, it is just a short of a bit more courage. In physically term, for example it has seen that often while in sadhana people gets headache, stomachache body pain and other symptoms of some physical problems, and with these small things only, people end their respective sadhanas. When we speak in mental status term there are so many negative thoughts keeps running during sadhana time and most of the time lack of concentration becomes a major problem and it has been observed people speaking that they stopped sadhana because they weren’t able to concentrate, and when it comes to the soul, there are our hidden fears and stuffed feelings which are been oozed out during the sadhana time. Actually all these troubles are mere result of lack of the strength. It is not a fault of any single individual, it is that what we had receive from our surroundings since our childhood and it reflects the same on the time of the sadhana.

Strength and courage in body mind and soul is a quality of the sadhak which needs to be developed. And there are so many sadhanas in this relation. When we speak about courage and strength we can not forget lord hanuman. The example of his strength and courage are incomparable till the date. The lord bliss their deities with strength and courage.  In hanuman sadhana it is to be easily found about increase in strength and courage. But there are some sadhanas specifically to gain the same. One of such hanuman sadhana is performed this way

The sadhana could be started on Tuesday night after 10 PM. Have bath wear red cloths and sit on red aasan. Direction should be north.  Place a picture of mahavir hanuman and if possible mahavir hanuman yantra. Pray lord Hanuman and sadgurudev for the success in the sadhana. Offer fruits if possible and light a lamp of oil. After that one should chant the following mantras 21 rosaries with Moonga rosary.

Mantra: Om hanumante parakramadhipataye namah
               ॐ हनुमंते पराक्रमाधिपतये नमः 

Continue till next Tuesday. After that place picture and/or yantra in worship place and moonga rosary should be placed in river/ pond. During the sadhana one should follow sadhana regulations like bhoomi sayan, bramhachary and one time food. The sadhak him self will see the difference within just a week especially on his mental status of the courage and strength.


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nikhil said...

I was looking for this sort of sadhna. Tantra is practical path and in long run this type of sadhna helps a lot. Kudos. Perfect sadhna.