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In the growth of Indian spiritual practices shri adi Shanakaracharya hold very important place. He repaired the loss of basic sanatan religion affected with popularity of bauddha religion and to do the same he established many systems and mandal (groups) of the sages. In establishing various systems groups of sages his base was sadhana systems of Shakt, Shaivism and Vaishnavism.

This way there is one of such system named vaishnava. In this basic system the selection of particular ishta for sadhanka is done by the diksha giver mandal. Ishat is selected among Vishnu and various avatar of him only. In this marg or system those who have god Ram as their isht are termed as “raamaadali sages or Bairagi raamaadali”. In this system there are five basic group heads (mahamandaleshwar) whose basic headquartering stays at ayodhya or chitrakut. Every system has its own identification, sadhaka initiated in this system wears white dhoti or saffron rob, rosary of the basil is given to them to wear it and chanting. Many of the sages following this sect are also ordered to wear “janeu or Janoi”. Apart from this, the basic identification of these sadhaka is their tilak which is termed as “Raam pataaka” which is almost in ‘U’ shape. Basically sages of this sect are “Bhajanaanandi” meaning the one whose base ritual is bhajan. With that, other basic factors in regards of ritual for this sect are Ramayana, raamcharit-maanas and raam naam mantra. Basic greeting sound of these people stays Sitaram. 

But secretly many sadhaka of this sect took shelter of mantra sadhana and yoga methods for realisation of god in which base is made with ramcharit-manas. About the siddha mantra lines of ramcharitmanas, sadgurudev have already mentioned many times. For example to generate knowledge the lines “ guru gruh gaye padhan raghuraai, alp kaal vidya sab aai” is effective for sadhak or “kibali gai vanako jinko le harinaam” can increase spiritual attainment. The mantra sadhana of this sect is done with daas Bhav only. There are many other secret mantras too connected with this sect which are amaizing. Many aghori uses processes of ram raksha mantra of this sect for the kilan process in smashan sadhana. But the teachings of these mantras are given very secretly and sadhak is tested in various ways for various years.

Life of siddha people is completely different. Very different from material rules of the people, kingdom of the ascetic owns their own rules. For a sadhak it is necessary to know how to behave with siddha people. Here, one of the initial things to be known that general rules we follow in materialism has no value for siddha people because there is no space for formality and baseless affections. 

First of all let we know about greeting. Sitaraam for ramadali, aadesh for naath siddh, Mahadev for materialbramin siddh, shaiv and Shambhudali, Shakti for Shakt and Kauls, Shiv-Shakti for kapalika, Jay Mahakaal for Aghori, Hari Aum for Yogis and Dasnaami, sould be greeted this way. If sadhak is new in sadhana world and if he is not aware about branches and saadhan of siddha then one should use “Aum Namo Naaraayanaay” for greetings to any ascetic. These all greetings are often use by one siddha to another siddha but majority of the time “Aum Namo Naaraayanaay” is better. Gurubrothers could be greeted with Jai gurudev and Siddhpurushaay namah to any accomplished scholar.

One should never enter in room or cave of sanyashi before asking. You may enter in your own though and if their rule of sadhana get break by this, then their sadhana of months or years may even gets bad ending. 

One should not sit before they sit, one should not sir on aasana of sanyashi before permission, and one should not sit near and on the same height possibly. One should not use siddhasana to sit.

Do not start shooting questions directly. First take permission to ask questions, generally questions are asked at the time of evening according to sadhusaahi that is why prier permission is necessary. 

One should never stop any siddha to do any work. If there is a suggestion it could be given respectfully but should never stop whatever the work may be. Our thinking is limited. It is always difficult to understand that what their thinking could be for that particular task.

One should never use formality, for example asking how are you and etc. in siddha world if someone ask you this way, then they ask it with responsibility. It means that if someone said that this is my problem then you must be capable and supposed to do the solution of the same other else you become participate of KarmaDosha.

One should never ever use lie. One should have this thing in mind that rather you speak lie there may or may not be negative outcome but you may for sure loose important knowledge which you could have gained.

Ask for solution of trouble and not direct release. Siddha may give you freedom from your trouble with mercy by taking your karmadosha on their own but second time you will not have knowledge. Because according to siddha act, knowledge could not be given to the mentally weak person.

There is small difference between curiosity and logic, curiosity (jigyaasaa) is about getting idea of difference between self idea and new coming knowledge and to accept the same, where as logic (tarka) is about forcefully proving whatever we know as right and rest all things as false. That’s why while meeting siddha people place your curiosity in front of them and not logic. If someone thinks that with trap of words one may mislead them and will be able to get one’s works done then this thought is just a result of foolishness.

To gather knowledge about any Saadhan is not inappropriate in any way. But when the process or procedure of that saadhan is asked, one must need to look once within that am I or am I not ready to do the sadhana process which is going to be given to me with all paybacks? Because if someone takes the process from one siddha or gained some sadhana but if that person do not complete or practice the process after receiving, that is called insult of that siddha and sadhana process and further no more knowledge is given to that person, for this reason, one must take care on this matter.

One should never address any siddha with their name. Possibly one should avoid asking about their before sanyaas life and one should also not ask question about their material life too. Till extend it is possible, just stay with your motto of knowledge gaining only. How business is going, how many kids are there, where you have come, where are you going, knowledge gained from such questions are useless for self realization. With this reason, possibly stay away from it and try to generate knowledge only.

Majority might have knowledge regarding specific branch or saadhan only, that is even possible that some siddha have knowledge regarding many branches like yoga, tantra, paarad. But if someone has knowledge regarding one field only in that condition too it is not that one should look it in normal way. One should always be ready to accept any kind of useful knowledge and every sadhana has bramha in their base. One should not think that I am not interested in this or it is not useful for me the knowledge what they have etc.

It is always better that before asking questions regarding particular subject, one may have tried to practice or have made efforts in research of the same subject because it would be easier for other person to make them understand about it. It is not like tell me tantra or I want to learn paarad vigyan but tell me what that is. Because those who have really selected their way that person must have at least bit knowledge of the subject.

One sould not look at any work of siddha with disgust that leads to the situation where person will not receive knowledge regarding that process. This way one should take help of patience if one may not like anything. By presenting curiosity regarding that process one may have secret knowledge of the same.


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