Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tantra Darshan-3 The Bindu Sadhana(The Highest sadhana, a true sadhak can ever dream of )

[My initial experience with the greatest this divine sadhana.]

Dear friend, last several days .you all are reading various posts send by me the blog, but I get a opportunity to say some word about this great divine sadhana. Really I felt much proud/honor to write some word about this sadhana ,actually I am not having any such ability so that, I can even think that one day I will post any article on this topic, its not mine humbleness or politeness, writing on this sadhana, I do pray to our beloved sadgurudevji, that even if ,I am ableto write only single percent of this sadhana, mine effort to write this post be consider thousand times please come with me along the path divine of this sadhana.. I will try with mine best ability to justice this subject..( I will wait for your kind mail in this regard)

Like always, I will first share with I come to know about this sadhana and may I be the lucky one, who were able to interact with the sadhak of this sadhana or able to meet Sadgurudev ji any disciples who can tell me something about this….

So are you ready ….(you all are smiling ,where as my mind and hand are little bit shacking…). just some month back ,I have got message from him at late in the night, am I be ready to go ma kamakhya peetem. Within a week time..without thinking I replied …it will be mine luck , there was no question of second thought, very second day I have call from a friend of mine from delhi, mentioning each time with he.. it s better I named him here Kamal (A very high ranked IT manager, Sadgurudev disciples are found everywhere.).

Kamal asked me bhaisab I am going to there. yes. Total 9 gurubrother were with me on that journey ,on reaching there , one day , one person great me ,at temple, introduce me that he is also a disciples of sadgurudev, how he knew about me when I asked, he replied plainly that mine guruchader is mine passport, is any other proof more required.

When I asked about him, he smiling on me and said first do the sadhana for which he came here, and after completion of that I knew not only about him but about mine inner self too, which sadhana, he was talking about, he told me Sadgurudev have given some instruction on that he was here to tell me..which sadhana…… The Bindu sadhana. What is this I never herd about this. his replied that that’s why he was there,

He told me while sitting on the shoubhayga kund side (where normally people just go for a minutes only(for holy bath only). What is Bindu..he asked me, are you asking in maths sense, no tell him, in sadhana way. I replied ,that represent shiva (Sadgurudev ji mentioned a lot about that). Yes but on the other hand this represent , in normal physical sense.. person veerya.. oh yes.. I replied.

So are you teaching me any sadhana related to shiva and veerya relation… I asked him. Oh Anu.. have a patience.. you are a sadhak on this parad science and does not have little bit patience…either I ask mine question or listen him.. I said sorry ,ok no more question…. He smiled that’s why he himself had to come to introduce me in this science.( he knew mine nature very well ,can I make my promise …and stand on that ….ha ha).

Yes ,parad science or Alchemy is not only related to parad (mercury , the veerya of lord shiva ) but it also deals with apart inner Alchemy where person veerya has a major role to play, both mercury and person veerya are consider same in parad science. One who controlled our mercury ,can easily control inner mercury i.e. own veerya, same is true for one who is controlled inner mercury that can easily controlled outer one.(for your kind knowledge I have just finished a book upon Varanasi famous Aghoud saint shri bhagvan ram, in that it is mentioned that he showed to his disciples that how mercury can be converted into solid state, I just amazed that , there was no where mentioned that he had taken this knowledge from anyone, but he is truly bramhachari…. Not in worldly sence ,not just a unmarried one , how many people knew the true meaning of that word ) .

He again told me…. Whole tantra shastri depends upon the sadhana of Bindu. One even have a knowledge about this can do wonder . without bindu or shiva , what could any shakti do.. nothing, everything need a base, shiva /bindu a base for all. had I not seen the ma mahakali photograph. So bindu is must. First bindu comes then the shakti can come, so until a sadhak absorbs fully either shiva or Sadgurudev fully in his heart.. how can he processed on this marg.. this is considered highest ever sadhana on the tantra/yog tantra field.. yes you cannot separate tantra from yog or yog from tantra. Did I know that what is ultimate sukh (happiness) seek by a ordinary person.

I said to him better he could answer that, he told me happiness found between the physical union between man and woman. And that will be the major yard stick from higher level happiness, upto brahrmanada.( ultimate happiness found in ecstasy). When this sadhana completes I questioning him… he smilingly told never.. this is path to be travel not a goal to be achieved .he himself doing this sadhana for more then 20 yrs in this life and still continue.. still I not satisfied..tell me more.. he said ,there are many way to do this sadhana.. either by
yog marg(but that will not be possible for a normal person), second tantra away(that too are very very difficult for even accomplish sadhak to go for) third is by parad way..

Why for tantra sadhak it is too difficult I questioned him.(he smile ,that I broke mine promise).. he told me whom you consider tantra sadhak, just doing one or two sadhana and called himself to be tantra sadhak.. no no tantra is like universe, it has everything. Here his meaning was.. sadhak who well versed in vaam marg too, why vaam marg? I asked him, every path is divine and have some specialty other wise what is the need of that.. have I not herd famous saying “Bhag which ling, ling which para, rakhe so guru hamara) just roughly meaning is that one who can controlled his senses fully at all the time, can only be called to be guru. True bramhachari is unshakable in all the condition even a normal person can imagine.

What more can be achieved by this.. he smilingly told me, you are interested to making gold.. i just smiled that too easily possible through that, you need not to go various difficulty/complexity of Alchemy science. may I can fly through that.. I asked… he replied Anu..not only khechartav, but even the highly secretive sadhana of parkaya pravesh can be done through very easily though that..may I want to ask any more.. no it is just sufficient.. I replied.

Is there any specific yantra or rosary for that…, he smiled and replied “ I will not disclose any further ,otherwise I might get into trouble”. I told him ,what is the use of saying too much and not disclosing the real part of the sadhana.. ok ok he also smile , do not worry, am I forget why he was there, this sadhana can be started only, after a sadhak got direct permission from our sadgurudevji, and too this place of ma kamkhya is considered very holy and fruitful for this, here divine mother blessing can be get easily. There is no such a yantra is used ,
but Poorn Bindodbhav siddh retas parad gutika is used, I told him just name that may be I can get from Arif ji, he replied Anu, that is most secret one and and required sanskar upto atleast 18 or 19 th only then that gutika making process start.. and mantrik and tantric procedure is beyond mine ability to understand.sadgurudev ji mentioned once in his book that paranhansa swami trijata Aghori ji himself given him that gutika, this gutika is of such a where can I get that… he said not at all possible for me to get that..even spending any amount at all.

Then what. Next ,.i told him , he continue …, sadhak has to made a maithun charka , do I know about that, I said yes once arif ji told me about that , two triangle crossing each other oppositely and a bindu in between them. Yes yes he replied. So after making the maithun charka, the guru or accomplish one has to chant a mantra continuously , specified for that that is so lengthy if , is typed in word , 127 A4 size paper is required for that. That to has to speak in one breath (as much as possible). What that too so long mantra is required for that.. I questioned him.

He told me each chakra of kundalini of sadhak’s has to be awakened and make a connection with that divine gutika. That s why so much procedure of that, once you take that gutika , though it is very small of little bit black colored. Definitely you will feel the vibration of it. and it should not be shown to any body, just keep secreat like your……. Then how a sadhak knew that he is progressing on the path of this sadhana,

He replied , if person continue does the sadhana as mentioned , then its color gets changed, may I see that , you must be having that… he replied you are very clever, as he not mentioned that it was not to be shown to any body .and very secreat one, I smiled. Ok, but any mantra is for that.. any instruction of that is needed, he said why not normally 1 round of rosary for each charkra is must, starting from muladhar to swadhisthan then manipoor then anahat then….vishidh… agya..lastly sahastrdhar.. means one rosary of that mantra for 7 chakra,, yes.

May sadhak do more than one round of chakra(means 7 round of rosary) if gets time, no no ,sadhak, is not permitted to do pratya vertan (two complete cycle in one sitting) like this, he has to decide first that either he has to do 1 round for each chakra, or 3 round for or 5 round of rosary for each chakra ) but second round of mantra jap starting from muladhar to above in one sitting is not allowed.

I asked him, aap kitna mala rozte karte hain (how many round he himself did), in the beginging he did 151 total mala in one sitting means 21 mala(round rosary for each chakra) 21multiply 7 =147 mala total in one cycle, but all are in one sitting and only in one cycle. That is too much, he told me Anu, great things often not very easy or cheaper one.

So this is all, I told him, he replied, Anu.. have a patience… this he was just giving the details about only pratham charan (first step). For Second level , when a sadhak has to be called is totally depend upon Sadgurudev… I asked him surely he knew something about that… he smiled ok he would tell just herd about Bindu sadhana, but had I not pay attention to his earlier word without shakti what is the use of bindu, (I thought that .. making gold I s enough… what more is needed). He smiled Anu ,you thinking of gold again. I surprised. How he knew that.. listen carefully because that had not mentioned any where, what he is going to describe… for shakti , you made a triangle, yes. Do I knew that triangle pointed towards down, is sign of female sex organ( shakti), and that pointed above is sign of male sex organ. So sadhak has to go for bindu and trikona sadhana side by side, then after that third level starts.

That means this sadhana has no end ,whole life involved in that. I asked him little bit worried, he told me , oh dear, you are sadhak, and sadhana is for whole life not for a single anushthan ,and whatever you wishing for to achieve through sadhana, that will be just a part of it. I asked means any sadhana, ….yes …he told me, listen carefully what tantra is all about,just only a sadhana to get Siddhi of inner self, yatha pinde tatha bramand ( what is exist in universe, same is exists in human body).

What is more needed that. He asked me .i told nothing .i return to mine place ,where I stayed , I did not discuss it with other guru brother, that I have spend 4 hours with a fellow whom I even not know the name. I prayed to sadgurudevji, why such a sadhana details providing to me, for that I do not think I am eligible for , and in future there is no chance of that, why that fellow want it to discuss it with me.. just forget it, this is much ,much higher things, but why he told me that he come here to discuss with me. I did not know, next day I was in the temple, I did not go to soubhagya kund, what is the purpose of knowing only details of the sadhana.

Suddenly I found he was , standing behind me, told lovingly, I wanted to do that sadhana, may I be eligible for that? He said very seriously why not you, you are the desciple of pramahansa swami nikheleshwaranandji, is there any more identity required for you to proof yourself that your are eligible, I said nothing , Anu why u often forget the great ness of our sad gurudevji , you all , are the part of his soul, this alone is enough. That is ok, but still I do not find myself , be ok, for this sadhana,

He replied, do not worry, think of Sadgurudev, do your duty, rest is in his hand, why are you fearing. But where can I get the gutika for that. even I do not think that Arif ji can made that , oh dear it is a divine gift from gurudev, Sadgurudev, himself given him some very small number of gutika, he would give one to me,

How much I have to pay I asked.. very shy . he smile upon me, can you pay for sadgurudev’s love and sneh in rupees. What I could say. It’s a gift from him .but who will do the procedure necessary for that… wait a minute when he himself present there.. why I am being worried..

You know about it, all process.. yes …with Sadgurudev blessing he know the process .so when I have to come for this sadhana,he told me… right now take a bath, wear red colored dhoti and red colored rosary be just fine….., but I am not having that….., purchase any red colored mala, he himself made pran prtisha for that. I did, I went with him , a place just situated very near to temple, and after complete poojan of sadgurudevji and various other deity, he asked me to made a maithun chakra, I did that, and he started mantra chanting I had to touch various chakra of mine body with gutika he provide me. I just shocked to see that he continuously chant the mantra of 127 pages , just by his memory, nowritten pages in his hand ,all the process took 2 hours, then he told me the mantra and asked, at least 21 mala daily jap is must ,til I was there means 3 mala jap from mooladhar to shashdhar. I promised him, he provide me mantra. May I do the process continuously, once I reached the home, since he already told me, this sadhana is not having any such experience a sadhak dream of but life changing one.

I do that. I am not after any experience , even til date I have not have any miraculous exp. But doing the sadhana as per mine capacity. He told me .. that he knew already that’s why, last night he himself ask permission from sadgurudevji for giving me the sadhana .and after having Sadgurudev permission he did that.

Aapka naam kya hai(what is your name) I asked him,…. what you want to do with that……., I said ,who, did such a great blessing for me, atleast I should know his name…)….. he is not ready.. . then I told him little bit hardly ,what will happen if I know his name, may be, he do not want me to meet me in future, kya aap mere guru bhai nahi ho.

“Shishyanad” Is mine sanyas name ,given by sadgurudevji. He told me, he will meet me to guide me further, pahle itna to pachha lo ,then ask any further (at first digest this then next level arises) he promised me to meet there at ma kamakhya peeth for next level in future .

I said .. main chaloon (I had to go). He may remember me. I asked him. …. that s why he came here ,to begun a life long association…… he replied me
.( how he look like , surely you want to know very young, one could not know his age, already I asked too many question so I do not want it to get him angry, he also having a joyful smile and great sence of humour, that’s why sadgurudevji found him, suitable to teach me, wearing a red colored dhoti and remaining part of dhoti covered his upper body. with a smile), you all think I am not very serious one, dear one pls remember, when first time I came into this world , I cried first, ask my mother………..ha ha

after reaching home. I told arif ji all this, he also smile a lot told me that he himself knew Shishyanad very well in person ,he has more then 30 yrs of direct contact to him. They often meet each other. and he himself also doing the bindu sadhana from last 15/16 years ,provided by Sadgurudev to him .his achievement in all the field , til date are only because of the result of bindu sadhana.

Why he keep this secreat to me, I told him, he replied now you know him personally and he(shishyanand ji also promised me to contact me in person. Anu bhaiya, so many of our divine Sadgurudev great deciples are writing for us ,if we proov our true devotion toward Sadgurudev then they will definitely comes to meet us….

Now I knew that myself.

Mine experience: when I started sadhana there , it took 2 and half hours to complete the one cycle. when the gutika in my hand ,just like electric current I was feeling coming from it. I forgot many times the mantra, again and again I have to check that. remembering each chakara while doing jap , is really a difficult task, since he told me if I missed one chakra or thinking something else that complete cycle has to be start from the beginning. Its very difficult….. I asked him, mine concentration is not upto a level, he told me,……… in the beginning its ok but in future…be careful …

I had to keep the divine gutika very safely, and since it is not useful for others ,it has been energized by mine name only. Daily I checked it , when it will have golden color…. A great journey of mine started. And miles to go before I sleep..

When I told mine this exp ,to the sadhak of Varanasi (I already mention a lot here in the post), he just stand up, asked me, who have given me such a sadhana, I told him, and asked him whether he knew any sadhak who has done this sadhana, his reply was.. I was standing in front of such a one.. oh you too did this sadhana I could not believe this.. his advice was Anu he did not know how I could get this sadhana, for that he has to suffer a lot .

Oops I forgot to mention one important point , when I leaving the temple, I asked shishyaanad ji, thanks a lot , what more I can say to him ,my voice was full of gratitude towards him, without his effort I could not get this sadhana so easily, it is only his effort and love towards Sadgurudev ji, that I have got from him.

He told me would I do one task for him, I said why not..please write regarding this sadhana, now its time to come that Sadgurudev disciples come forward for this type of sadhana. But how I can do that….., I never written anything earlier……… , I do not know what will be the reaction of mine guru brothers on this………, he replied , do not worry , you have to do only the karam, result of that always was /still/ in future too lies in the hand of sadgurudevji. Not to worry,

So when arif ji asked me to share something here ,I hesitate a little bit, today I just remembered the task shishyanandji asked me to do, so I did it here…..

Now , I know that I took too much your valuable time, now this time I will not say sorry, why why ,it is the divine knowledge of Sadgurudev, if we would not understand then who will

Ask and pray to Sadgurudev ji that one day very soon you all , will have this great sadhana, pray and pray and pray to him, when irresponsible person like me, have this sadhana, then why not you all who are much, much able then to me...

Now 2:30 Am, I am continuously typing it from 10 :00PM so 4 and half hour has been passed, today I would not get the time to do this sadhana, but busy in writing this experience, this is my way of offering in the lotus feet of sadgurudevji, I am very much sure at least some of you understand the depth ness and greatness of the sadhana. Why not all of you,

Ask sadgurudevji about this………I know only this, regarding this bindus adhana .. that I shared you all ..

I do not know , whether I made justice to this article but I tried my best here.. still I think I know nothing about this sadhana…………………………smile.



Basudev said...

namah Shivay Bhaiya,

ye bindu sadhana adbhut hai.maine suna tha is ke bare me par itne ache se nahi. Mai bhi is marg me aage badhna chahta hoon par mujhe diksha nahi mil raha hai. kya me sadgurudevji ke kripa ke layak nahi hoon. kya aap sadgurudevji se mere liye baat karenge.

Basudev said...

namah shivay bhaiya,

mai trikut sadhana ke baare me jaanna chahta hoon. agar aap uske baare me bata sake to bahut aabhari hoonga aapka

Anu said...

Dear Basudev Bhaiyya,
aap jaisa ki jante hi hain ,ki poojya sadgurudev ji, ab
pojya Gurudev shri Nand Kishor sharimali ji, poojya gurudev Shri kailash chandra shrimali ji, Aur Poojya Gurudev shri Arvind shrimali ji ke rup main ab hamare samane hain.
app jodhpur offcice main samparak kare,
aapki jo bhi samsya diksha sambandhit ho gi wahan se aapko nishchay hi samadhan mil jayega. app nishchint hokar wahan per sampark kare,
Aapka hi