Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tantra vijay - tantrokt shiv sadhana

Jai gurudev all,

my relation with naga baba was from some years. his one of the disciple
`Swamiji' was a good friend of mine. he was often termed as swamiji only.
Swamiji was quite component in smashan sadhanas, epecially in tripur bheiravi,
mahakali and kaal bheirav sadhana. I have seen him making bheirav dance on his
one order. he lived in nepal and kamakhya region. His guru were Sri Naga baba.
Naga baba went through Naga order and left the cloth. He was around 80 years but
any young men, if tries to mash with him, with in one slap of nagaji, he will
loose consciousness. always cheer full. he was component in many bheirav sadhna
and many of shiva sadhana. when Swamiji went nepal, he came across sadgurudev
nikhileshwaranand ji, and under his guidence he did some sadhanas. as I was
disciple of sadgurudev `swamiji' was having a special feelings for me. I
respected him as brother, and sooner we became friend.

When swamiji used to meet Shri naga, he often used to speak about me infront of
him. Naga baba was happy with me as in small age I went in path of tantra. one
day nagaji suggested swamiji to let me do one sadhana. through that sadhana one
can see any isht ir any human but only once. I never met nagaji or spoke with
him. our conversation took place with help of his disciple swamiji as a only
medium. so, when swamiji came back after meeting him, he told me to do this
When I completed that sadhana, question came that what I like to see ? I wanted
to see nagaji, as I have never seen him even. So, with in few moments I was able
to see nagaji.

When I been through the sadhana, I spoke to swamiji about my sadhana experience.
He told this Nagaji....I got a call from swamiji...Nagaji was even with him...he
said Nagaji wants to speak to me...

Nagaji started conversation into fluent english. he asked me rather why I have
not seen god and tried to watch me. I replied that ist is the one who provide me
sadhanas and this time you didi it and I have even not seen your face...He
laughed and said " mera ( Bhagvan ka) jawab tu he, par tera to jawab hi
nahi..." because of this incident, even nagaji became very close to me and
shared lots and lots facts on tantra.

once we were talking to each other and the topic turned to shiva sadhana. he
said there are lots of shiva sadhana, easy one throught which you may even
travel to many mysterious places related to shiva while you are in sleep and can
get his darshana in dream even. but there are some hidden facts which people do
not know and not even wanted to share, neither it is written in any scriptures."

He again asked me ` all right. tell me..6 aksharo ka shiv mantra kya he ?' (
Which one is 6 letter shiva mantra)

I replied ` Om Namah Shivay'
He laughed loud.

` Are, that mantra belongs to this pathetic material people ( He used to hate
material people), can you imagine, if they does sadhana, what they ask to god
....Money! How great those are. ( He seriously was very against this thing.)

anyways yes so that mantra belongs to bhoga only..but which one is tatrik
shatakshari mantra of shiva ?

I didnt spoke anything...

He said are let me tell you. don't be confused.

When this mantra was created, it was for material people but need to completely
verse wise of sanyasi. so god made this mantra on 180 digree for moksha tell me what could be that ?

I said No idea.. is " Shivay Namah Om" (शिवाय
नमः ॐ )
ohh yes..understood. now I understood what you mean to say... this is the famous mangtra among tantrik and known as Tanrokt shiv
mantra, and this is the mantra for which I was talking before some minutes. nice...but how this mantra could be chanted...

hmm....He told me process and I did it as he said...for all 8 days, I was able
to feel mysterious things in my dreams...I went through many temples which are
hidden...many such places which are invisible and those all thing took place in
dream only...

for my dear one, that you all, I am giving this sadhana process.

one should start this mantra from Monday.

after 11 pm sit facing north. no dress code. one should light incents or dhoop.
and then with rudraksha rosary chant following mantra. 11 rosary should be done.
continue process for 8 days i mean till next monday.

"Shivay Namah Aum" (शिवाय नमः
ॐ )

so this is one of the very good sadhana of shiva and one should do it.

jai gurudev


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juhi said...

respected shri raghu nathjee fortunately iwent through the sadhna you written its so kind of you. lord shiva is my isht dev.and i always search some wonderful and true sadhna vidhibut it is really difficult.fortunately today igot your website and icame to know this secret sadhna.i am very much thank ful to you. my self mrs. anamika thakur 4m godhra gujrat.iwnt to know some more sadhnas of lord shiva because shiva game me life. will u please help me how can i contac you. my email is-, i am also on face book as juhee chauhan-har har mahadev.