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Tantra Darshan-2Some important point about lord hanuman sadhana

Dear friends,
“Ko nahi janat jag main sankat mochan naam tihaaro “
( oh lord who, know not about you that problem/obstacles remover is your name)

But same is also true that how many of us really know how to worship this great worrier of epic war fought between Lord ram and daemon king Ravaan in the treat a yug .

Again small story how I am able to knew this…. I was at the door of that great sadhak of Varanasi.. I knocked the door ,no one answered, I tried thrice ,but same response, was hesitating to enter in the house, suddenly more than 6 feet tall figure came in front of me ,asked me, what I want ,I told I want to meet him, he said nothing move inside the room, I puzzled ,what to do, and then he came back ask me to come in, I want to touch his feet, he simple refused it, ask me not to touch his feet .little bit shocking to me..i also brought some of the flower for offering but I had not courage to took it from mine bag and offer him.

here I would like to share with you very big mistake of mine.. many times ,when I went to meet Sadgurudevji, I took nothing simple go empty handed, even some of mine close gurubhai objected it, I said ,I have not have anything to offer him as a gift , I have to only take many things from Sadgurudev (I always consider him as mine father not as a guru, since to be his disciples requires highest degree of devotion ,which still I am lacking). i know that one should not go empty handed to any sadhak or sage or guru too.. its not good/proper manner.. but you knew mine ignorances..what will be the kindness of our Sadgurudev ,he accepted person like me with smile.
here I had already read some of the article written by this sadhak in which he himself took some flower and other necessary thing whenever he meet other sadhak at the time of his youth. I reemebered sri Ram Krishana paramhansa said that one should touch his guru feet with shastaang namskar (special offering in that person completely down to his master feet ,representing that all mine so called ignorance/ego is at your feet ) posture only then he can expect the blessing of his master . so mine both things get failed.

He asked me plainly, how and why I have come there, I told that I have read many of his books, he asked name that, I started naming that.. he stop me,I simply asked question reading astrological problem, he said ,you knew already astrology why I am asking this, I replied compare to your knowledge and experience I stand nowhere…and your are master in “JYOTISH TANTRA” (a rear division of vedic astrology).
Do you have any solution of this problem, I said I just asked suderkaand to recite but I need your advice. Suddenly his daughter come to mine rescue told him that guruji it is very strange that many of reader of sunderkaand often get some problem.
He told me what is mine view.. I little bit hesitate but said I know not much but one of mine friend told me that in one old issue of KALYAN ” religious monthly mag.” Mentioned that lord hanuman sadhana.. one must recite “Shri ram raksha strotam” in the beginning and in the end too only this kavach process helps otherwise who else can controlled the great lord energy. It is must. I also said to him that one of mine friend who himself a big devotee of lord hanuman faced a untold misery, he himself asked me many times why such things happened to him, but I had no answer. May be you could answer.pls through some light why this happened to him.

He replied very softly that theses all are the base less things , caring no weightage, meaningless arguments. You all know nothing about lord hanuman . first try to learn about him only then talk about him .I said to him may I know ,if want to share something about that. He asked for sunderkaand and hanuman chalisa, which I had not have that time.. He told me, then ask this question tomorrow.

The next day is pushpa star day (a very good day as per astrology). In the morning I visited famous hanuman temple built by Goswami tulsidas(outher of Ramcharit manas ) in the city, where I purchased both book. And come back to mine place (where I stayed) and start sleeping, since I have to go to meet him about 3.00 pm. So I thought it right time to sleep a little bit.
Suddenly Arif bhai called me, he asked me what I was doing, I simply said sleeping, ……..what… he replied.. Anu bhaiya why are you sleeping there, please go to meet him. I replied bhai he asked me to come at 3.00 pm so what i could do.
Arif ji told me..very good bhaiya..why were you come here for, sleeping ,you have to take things from him and you are wasting time in sleeping, please go immediately to his house, he will be free at around 2 .00 pm , so stay there . please ,please go there now..
I said ok.. sir..
So dear one , what I have to do..on the way his home I was in middle of heavy jam so I will be able to reach there about 3.30 pm. He asked me why I am so late, I told plainly about it and ask forgiveness.. he told me ok.. but he was waiting to someone.. when I asked is there any more person to come he is expecting his disciples and some other person, told me that people do not know that value of time.. I said today is pushpa star day, that’s why he was worried.. you knew it he told me. Yes… I answered….
After 1 hour discussion , he asked me just bring a cup of tea for him, I immediately jumped . ok ,why not..he replied if I hesitate for a minute then I will be out of his heart ), I am just your small child is mine answer .

On mine returning he asked why I keep this both book. “As you instructed me” I answered.
(now once again I am sorry if I have taken too much time.. now come to the point)

Then he a started..
1. Either reading the sunderkaad or hanuman chalisa , or any other process related to lord hanuman , require very high degree of carefulness and celibacy. Otherwise Angry Lord hanuman destroy s sadhak. Same thing is mentioned in poojya pad Sadgurudev’s famous book hanuman sadhana. this point I always take it very easy..
2. Proper cleanness of mind and body is also require high degree of carefulness.
3. Sankalp and proper cloth either for wearing or for asan is to be followed as directed.
4. Dig bandhan process is also must, so that kshudra devaita (inferior deity ) should not steel sadhak’s jap.
5. Bhog (food offering )and fruits should be offered ,while taking proper care..wait I asked what is this, he replied.. Anu, each deaity has some fix food offering according to day timing and same thing is also applied for fruits offering, had I not listen about like dhatoora for lord shivs etc.
I told him, I never pays much attention on this part… he told.. no ,no you are a sadhak and sadhan a is a very serious work / karama ,so how how can you set aside the thing as you desired. You know small things often took all our effort..
6. Then he again told me that according to work/or wish of sadhak offering food may be different one should keep in mind.
7. Sadhak should eat self prepared food. ….why this is necessary I asked him. He replied Anu… you know he is devaita of celibacy or brahmacharaya. In modern time these has very less value, even people following it ,considers fools. But you know that our mother ,sister, and other respected female member are also living with us. So m.c. period of any one of them is generally running in every days of month, some time this one or other one, and its very hard to follow proper care not touching the food prepared by them, problem we can self understand.
8. Mental celibacy is also a point of great concern, in general for modern youth either boy or girl , I said I can understand.
9. He point out certain doha (special lines in sunderkaand). And advice me to recite only doha in certain specific way ,so that chhanda (special lines of ) need not to be recite. For a process comparing 60 days, then sure mine work will be done. This process given to him by one of the siddha of lord hanuman sadhana.
10. In hanuman chalisa , he told me instead of reading fully, if a person does 1 round of rosaray with specific choupieyan, then much much better result expected.
11. Since hanuman chalisa now it self converted to a great mantra granth, so many sadhak recite it from last so many hundreds of year that regularly . now the challisa itself ,comprises of many wish ask to lord to be fulfilled. So what will happens if ,one time ,you ask so many wish to him..
And then he told me very softly if follow this rules then like lord hanuman ,has no other deity who can vanish any evil from sadhak and fulfilled each and every good/legitimate wish of sadhak. believe him. He is not a devaita appeared but achieved this great heights after taken birth in this world.

Asta Siddhi nav niddhi ke data, us asish denhi janki mata.
He is the most powerful devaita.Here I remember a book named Aghora written by Robert savoda ,he also mentioned his experiences in sadhana of Bhagvaan Annjanayen (an other name of lord hanuman) ultimate power and protection from him.

Once gain I have to think how many time Sadgurudev word I often taken very easy, like minor instruction .in tara sadahana audio cassettes, pooujapad Sadgurudev said if you not doing jap with wearing pink colourd dhoti (that is must for ma tara sadhana), no problem, only you cannot get result.. …….and still I am not understanding that.. doing sadhana as I desired, and blame either sadhana or sadgurudev not to get successes.

On my home returning home I answered to mine friend that if we do not follow the rules then, without hanuman diksha, something negative may happened, is this not clearly mentioned by sadgurudevji so many times .mine friend used to drink very much but following only the regulaty of reciting daily hanuman chalisa from so many years, now he understand that, I told him either choose wine or your ista daity. Listening to all this, he get rid of that bad habit of wine.

Here one simple question is asked ,why not I give the procedure told by him (he simply given me, some instruction no mantra at all), I have not have permission for that, and when sadgurdev himself written so many article in the
mantra tantra yantra mag and authered special book named Hanumaan sadhana (read it very carefully), and many audio and vedio cassettes available in gurudham in this subject , more over he himself, as in form of gurutrimurt available in jodhapur, then I do not think that any other things needed.ask poojyapad Sadgurudev blessing as hanuman diksha and proceed on the path.. surely you will have success.

I am seeking forgiveness if I mentioned something not correct. i just provide words here , sadhak often have different experiences from others. So kindly understand it.if I hurt someone here. Once again thanks to all,

Now again it took 5 hour for writing this article, now I can understand how hard it from other outher. time ka pata nahi chala .dear one I often speaks in hindi and typing in hindi ,I do not I have to wrote in English. Strange things. now I will take little rest , two article in two days …ab bahot need aa rahi hain….its time for mine sleep….sadgurudev blessing falls upon you all, is mine pray to him……Smile


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