Monday, September 13, 2010

Importance Of Workshop

Why this, parad workshop is needed.
Dear friends, I am sure all of you, already go through the post about Parad Workshop is being organized, but one simple question why that is required, importance of that, what we are able to get after taking part in that. So I am trying , in the best capacity of mine, discussing here some of the point here.(believe me, I still know ,practically nothing in this science , I have got little bit of knowledge of this ,through mainly this group)
You all are reading the various post appeared in this blog for that we all are highly obliged to you all .oops why I need to write this, when we are all brother . your love and coming mails are our strength. So lets begun..
How and where we can get parad… no no.. we can purchase only para (mercury)available from market. And in various prev. post you all, already knew that it contain so many poisonous impurities. So how can be obtained this parad…. For that we need small or very smaller one , our lab (though it may be situated inside our home).but do we know that what are the precondition required for that, know that various fumes sometimes harmful one coming out in that process. Then we have parad. But knowing theoretically the things is other matter . in compare to practically, is like that.. someone say that first I learn swimming through book and practice it in mine home only then I will go forward for experimenting in river or swimming pool.. you can understand the outcome… though logically it seems true.. but logic does not rules our life always….
So proper guidance is must ,must in the beginning.. why we are not able to get success in sadhana.. in repeated effort.. where as some of the author of this group and others also could able to successes reason is that they have practical knowledge of the subject through direct or indirect contact with sadgurudevji… other wise just following the rules mention here and there, doesnot alwys works. And suppose, if they works sometimes by luck, then how you can have confidence over that.
In this workshop you will able to learn how to get parad and various process of obtaining that.. and how it become rasendra condition… what is value of Sanskara, just ask any aspirants of this science or even the master one.. he will tell you what cannot be achieved through with the help of parad sanskar ,is
this parad is useful for Alchemy purpose (richness will be the out come), or for deh vaad (usuful for achieving healthy body free from any illness), or for inner alchemy which can leads us to stage of highly advance yogis often dreamt off.
Do you know that, can you learn these sanskar from any college (Ayurvedic). May you have luck, if you find some who even be well versed in up to 4 th sanskar, and important question is that why he want to teach you that, just for the sake of some money. How can money be equal to the challage /pain he faced in learning that. All of you already knew the name of parad sanskar upto 8 th some knew upto 18 th sanskar, how many of you knew the name of sanaksr beyond that.. you can better judge your self..

I remembered, some time back I told him , Arif ,its too much, that you all are continuously posts various article regarding that, what is the use of that if all the guru brother like me not able to get/obtained single drop of parad… some time it would be better, if he can post article based on sadhana. He kept silence then later you all found that too many article on tantra darshan starts appearing..once, we were in kamakhya holy journey …He told me that its true that sadgurudevji practically demonstrated the various sanskar in the sadhana shivir held before 1991.and he provide blessing and direct guidance to those who were interested to that.. but after that till now .. can I mentioned any place where all these mentioned sanskar taught practically , here in india or abroad. And shivir camp organized by anybody… I said no.. I do not have any knowledge about that..
He is planning to start a workshop ,only for spreading this ancient and holy science to all.. and this may be his offering in the holy lotus feet of our Sadgurudev (poojya Dr Narayan Datt Shrimali ji or Pramahansa Swami Nikhileshwaranand ji). His aim is that after experimenting theses sanskar and well understood by our gurubrother /new aspirants , after, that he may oragnize workshop for understanding next higher sanskara.
No problem.. I will wait..can I take part in coming workshop ?.. why in this time only.?. is mine question.. he replied me ..this is not his business , nor business advertisement for that, so til now, there is no planning of organizing same level workshop again and again.. he has to do some other work too and he himself has to learn parad 23 rd sanskar and onwards… his quest for knowing more is not satisfied yet.. he will try his best ,so that he can raise fellow guru brother or new aspirants up to the level of atleast 22 sanskars (what he knew till date know)…. But that is the all hidden in future, who knows apart from Sadgurudev ji what Is hidden in future there..
So its life time opportunity, for all of us, to think once again, that whether we are just ready to learn/discuss very hidden secreats from our fellow guru brother or just sitting and reading various posts appeared in the blog.. and have a sie (in future)…. If I have understand that ,then…….
He also mentioned in the posts that he will not only provide the practicality of these sanskar but also provide various keys of this science many, many such important knowledge which any sadhak can dream off, this will be the gift from his side. he is not mentioning about this now ..
Details of each day I also not kno w, only knew that, first day proper kharal poojan has to be done, and various deaity poojan are also have to be done like
lord Swanakarshan bhirav poojan and sthapan, Goddess Rashankusha devi sthapan, lord Pardeshwer stahpen, ma Mahakali and ma Tara poojan and sthapan will be the main part . (I also mention the importance of various deity in mine prev post pls go through that siddh kunjika stotram..). kharal poojan is ok but why moosal (wooden /metallic/stone made rod , in rough sense) is necessary. He told me lord swarnakarshan bhairav rules that.. without his blessing………..
So dear one, can you imagine, what more is waiting for you there, off course pre seat reservation is must ,we all (who are interested to be part of this most important workshop) has to deposit the expenses/ fees (whatever you may call that) as mentioned in prev. post.i.e.
Rs 22,000 (in Indian currency only no other extra charge is required after that all lodging ann food and other required things are included in that. And they have only 15 seats available) he is continuously receiving mails from our brothers even from foreign land, they were also interested to take part in this one of its kind workshop. For them its very difficult to have visa and arranging of tickets and having required holidays/leave from their job in this period remained, so for them ,if they can even after 7 /10 days of the starting day of the workshop ,that will be ok. Organizers will do their best so that the things missed by them, will be again taught to them, so no question of worrying.. but it would not be the case that you deposited the sum and think that in future you can attend no no… 7 .10 day delay will be ok and be adjusted.. but still some more query or info is needed, pls contact Arif Ji.. I am having only this much of knowledge that I shared you all..
One important, important question ..whether I am attending the same workshop as a member…abhi tak to socha nahi..pls do not tell this to Arifji.. other wise.. he will say, i himself told many things when chance comes.. I .. sleep…
I will do mine best be present there..
are baba mujhe bhi to sikhan hain..kab tak doosaroon ke article padhhun.(I have to learn all this, how long I can read about others articles)..
What still you all are thinking, so will u all interested to read,one of mine beautiful (not so..) experience that how I have started mine journey .. in this parad field and what I felt there… pls .pls do not ask me.. that…its not very impressing one..may be you all laugh upon me…. But you are mine brother ,all are very close me so called knowledge is for you..
Kya bahot jyada likh diya.,.dear one I am just rising writer , so in the beginning it happens,pls bear with me.. (only two great mails about mine article I have seen in the forum (whole day I was watching in the various group) but I am so happy , at least someone has time for me... Pls provide, little bit more encouragement me(how selfless I am)... Sadgurudev blessing always falls upon you all …..i n next post I will surely post that…. Til then smile…(one important things between been you and i.. I am writing for next post just now.. I am enjoying it. Pls donot get very boar….) are you coming…… smile


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