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Sadgurudev Prasang Part- 3 ( meeting with a true disciple of Sadgurudev ) Ma Balgamukhi sadhana experience

Ma Balgamukhi sadhana experience

Dear friends ,how is the day ,have a smile on your face ,it is I, once again Aap mere sath thoda sa to chalo. (office time ke baad,pahle nahi). Arif ji told me Anu bhaiya its not that only greeting he have received from them (are last post aap log bhool gaye kya),there is one serious complaint also received by him, one of our guruSister (Ishita) told him that why posts are in English only where majority of his gurubrothers and others can read/understand better in Hindi.

Now You can understand, Arif ji,

the best word, he received by him ,kept secreat in his heart and discuss this complaint with me….(hard luck) dear gurubrother and sister are you listening this.. ….ha ha. Its true that I also love to write in hindi but I do not know how to type in hindi. one day I was searching a software )off course free one. For that purpose. Suddenly I have got one .(aaap log pahle se bata dete to easy hota, na ).

So I will try that to convert some of the article to in hindi. Till then wait, like that I am waiting for your e mail..,as the total e mail received will touch 1 lakhs number , I will do that….. (wase secreat ye hain ki,abhi take ek bhi nahi aaye, are na na,mere pass meri hi send ki so many mail hain, I am self depended on that, kisi ka bharosa karana), …..ha ha

Oops ..

Lets starts..

Last post was so lengthy that I had to cut short that, now in this post remaining important discussion. I asked the him (gurubrother, whom I have meet). Definitely you were in jodhpur with poojya sadgurudevji, have you get any exp regarding sadhana there, yes he replied to me, now his story (remaining part)……..

Anu bhaiya… as he told me ,belong to very, very middle class background, many of his relatives and influential person of his village unlawfully controlled his property. many times he also listen that, his mother very old and villagers always told aiming him, in this time when her mother needs her sons most ,her sons was busy serving a guru. He listen simply that,

One day he had got call from his home that he was being called very much there, he went to meet sadgurudevji to get his permission,

sadgurudevji replied just seeing him, beta, akele pachas admi ke samane jane se bhay aur asuraksha hoti hain in baton main, main dekh loonga. (my son, alone facing to fifty person in type of cause, induces fears and insecurity, he would see them, not to worry)

He returned to office, after 4/5 days same call from home, so like prev, he again reached to Sadgurudev ji, same assurance. He had no choice. Very next day sadgurudevji called him, he thought surely he would give him permission,he prepared his bags and wear new cloths , but Sadgurudev ji gave him a piece of paper a mantra written on that, and ordered him do jap this mantra just 1 mala for the three days. By which mala (rosary) should be used .. he asked him. Sadgurudevji replied.. take any one mala from any returned VPP packets. And whether he could do this jap in sadhana hall, no instead of he has to do that in room behind the office. He touch his divine lotus feet, and returned office, in night time , he just wear a dhoti, take a sphtic mala(from a packets returned) and went to the room indicated. He simple sit there and start his jap.

NO DIGBANDHAN, NO ASAN POOJA, NO OTHER RITUAL ,no yellow dhoti , HE DID for in the beginning of that Ma bagalamukhi mantra sadhana. Dear brother, when our Sadgurudev give permission then in his place. no other things necessary. His agya following (without ifs and buts) is must and supreme. Even gods follow/obey that with pranam, he is such a great mahavataar yogi.

He just sit there, as he start his jap(remember he had to do only 1 mala of that). Doors are moving inwards outward with big sound. He was not afraid, but has a curiosity what was happening there, and room filled just a divine smell ,he has no word to explain,. And nothing else happened, all three days passed with same experience. That all.

After that 2 more days passed he has got call from his mother that all such person’s imposing restriction removed by them self and they come to say that no such a problem again raise in future. He shocked to see that, next day he touch sadgurudevji lotus feet with shastaag namsakar, Sadgurudev blissfully smiling on him.

Is there any specific procedure he did that I asked him, he said yes, may in know that so many of our gurubrother will be benefitted by that, instead of normal mantra jap sadgurudevji instructed him do jap in such a way that when breath inhale thinks all the chakra is energized by the dhyan, and exhaling time do mantra jap. This is the secreat.

I could not understand , so once again I asked , what is that.. pls tell me once again. He smile d on me .said Anu bahiya, dhayan of the god is not the mantra jap, sadgurudevji told him, it would be better if we dhyan of the yantra do to each chakra , since dhayan of god/goddess is a state of dhyanasth state not consider as a mantra jap, but this is that. Ok I understand. He did that way.

Is any other experience with him..

Yes , he told me once Sadgurudev instructed members of the staff that VPP send to every member of the MANTRA TANTRA YANTRA VIGYAN mag. that cost about Rs 240 at that time, he was very worried, how her mother in the home would get that ,she would not have that money. So he went to office person asked him not to send VPP to his home, definitely returned from there without receiving there, he would take that ,when he will have that amount. Person locked the number and his name in the computer.

He also requested to the person in charge of VPP sending dept. so he assured. Next day sadgurudevji came into the office and gave there 11 Balgamukhi Yantra and he himself , written Beej mantra of Ma i.e. “HLEEM” by his divine hand in the middle portion of yantra. And told there do post there yantra too, fortunate one will get this, whose luck calls. Sadgurudev smiled on him and returned to his home.

He(our guru brother) was standing one side of room listen patiently. When one day he had to go to collect the list from post office how many VPP received by sadhaks, he shocked that first VPP received and the money came is from his home. Even in spite of all his effort(failed). How his mother was able to pay that.

On reaching home, when he opened the VPP packet he found, the same balgamukhi yantra (on which Sadgurudev written beej mantra).

Tears flown from his eyes, told me, is there anything hidden from sadgurudevji eyes .he knew each and every disciples, they all are his AATMA part.

So dear friends amazing story , but is true , you can understand that, is not there Sadgurudev ji smiling.

Thanks for be with me , and spend so much valuable time with me, I pray to Sadgurudev to guide you in the right direction. are pahle se hi Sadgurudev aap logon ke pass hain hi, main aur kya kah sakta hoon)




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