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Tantra Darshan 5(Vaam Marg and Sadgurudev view)

Dear Friends, once again , App log kaise ho, as you might be aware that last some of the posts are aimed towards Vaam marg related things, its luck that we are getting such a eye opener article from our guru brothers, but the question arises why such type of article is needed,.may be some of you definitely taken part in the Samaratabhishek Diksha shivir held at delhi. (kindly if have time, pls do listen/watch that great video still available to all of us ) in that

sadgugudev ji clearly told all of us that “how long we can be just a child, now its enough. you all are (desciples) grown enough now”.)

that’s why we are doing our best to through some light on this forbidden great path. Are you still sure that Sadgurudev never ever told about that. No no …..its not true that such a great mahaavataar did not told much on this. he clearly explain it between his closed disciples. Still I think you are not satisfied then…. In this series I will try to translate some of the article of him.(already appeared in mantra tantra yantra vigyan mag.). so that you can better understand our effort and have grateful to our sadgurudevji..

Here is the English translation …(I am doing as per mine best capacity)..

Title :
Sadana ka ek paksha ye bhi hain Bhairavi sadhana:

(sadhana has one form ..bhairavi sadhana)

After entering into the tantra field, sadhak has to take help from Bhaivari , in any of the step on the way to sadhana .its must. This is a fixed maryada .

No sadhak of any age whether belongs to young or old cross this,(over look). Since bhiravi is an form of shakti and whole tantra shastra philosophy (mental or physical )is based on shakti. may be the reason behind it that sadhak has to feel that woman is not only a medium of bhog (sexual gratification) but a originator of power or shakti, and only Sadgurudev can complete this kriya only, in his direction .since he knows that feeling and emotion of his each and every disciples. That s why in the path of tantra the need of Sadgurudev is much ,much more compare to any other path.

When somehow this maryada has forgotten, and society only knows that in the field of tantra bharvi is must then this, vyabhichar taken birth, since to control such a energy ,Sadgurudev ‘s power is lacking.

This also true that may be some of the person having negativity, used this great pramparaa (order/way) for his sexual gratification. But this is true in all way that, sadgurudev presence is totally forgotten on this path divine. Those who are accomplished sadhak clearly knew that to enter into the field of tantra one must has to pass the test of shamsham and shyama peethikas. Then only he can be consider himself eligible for enter into great height of tantra field. This bhairavi sadhana is also of same level but little lower then shayama peeth.

In fact when any sadhak gets indication from Sadgurudev for such a sadhana then he can understand that he is ready to take him from more higher plane of tantra sadhana. BHAIRAVI sadhana , and after that
BHAIRAVI SADHANA then only the gate of true tantra sadhana opens. where sadhak consider his body as tantra and able to get introduction of his many mysterious power, and blesses not only his life but thousand others

The tightest rope/bandhan of a person is physical bandhan i.e. physical gratification, that s why tantra attack on this and provide a new direction on this. True tantra attack ob only vasana not his inner true chaitna. That’s why tantric is more powerful than any other yogi or yaeti.

“Bhiravi”, this word how we treat it , no need to explain but what I have seen, that too I want to discuss between in front you, remains ,depends upon each person feeling and emotion that how he take the subject or how far he can understand /absorbs that .

Some year ago, when I wondered in mine sadhana life during toughest period of highest sadhana, I had got opportunity to get know about Bhairavi. The path to sanyas is too tough and it also has such a complexities that if I try to explain that too very difficult for me. They are all bhavgat stages, in terminology of yoga they are known as aalodan viloden. Sanyas is not only a way of facing physical difficulty but also a very tough phenomena of facing inner difficult stage. One cannot expect when he received any instruction of poojya sadgudev and he has to work suddenly on that too, without any if and buts. Only mine sanyasi brother and sister can understand.

On this way, one day I have got a message from Sadgurudev through guru brother that I had to go a specific place and be there with a female sadhak (sadhika) for a period till next guru agya comes. I do as I instructed, and within two days I have to meet that sadhika. I do not know which communication way ,message of mine reaching there , already reached, and that sadhika was there to welcomed me,

What is that,

I was just shocked to see her dress. she was having age between of 30 -35 years, black colored, that sadhika who come to welcomed me totally nude(without any clothes), she was not wearing any jewelry so that I could consider that as her clothes ,in whole of mine sanyas life I never ever seen any lady totally nude, so its natural that because of mine old sanskar, some conflicts arises in my mind.

Due to some curiosity ,some shame, some hate, mine eye looks downwards, but still no sign of vasana comes to mine mind and body. By telling this I am not praising myself ,since each of us already knew his ‘man”, very well.

Surely behind that , definitely some very specific effect of his personality and greatness of his tap is there, that I accept without any doubt.

How long I stay there in that condition ,I do not know , but her voice with authority (like guru)comes to me cautious again.

“Chalo” this word and indicating a direction though his first finger, I proceed that like a hypnotized condition. To get rid of the feeling of mine , I tried to spoke her but its like that she has no ear, that depress me, so I became silence too.

On reaching her home ,just like a small hut, indicate to sit there(a direction), provide some food for me having some forest vegetable and some chapattis too. Off course some water too. First wash my hand and feet and instructed me to eat, each talk is full with authority and very short one. I also forget all mine knowledge, following each instruction.

Its very hesitating for me to eat food from her, since from mine sanyas I am eating food only self prepared and if I taken food from other fellow gurubrother that too in very specific cause.

Since physical purity is the fact related to very much to the woman. in this era ,to get refrain from all the activity is considered foolish, not only in general woman but sadhikas too consider as a useless.

That is created not only to degrade hers or due to complexity, but it has been based some very specific cause/facts.

All of mine hesitation just set aside when m she instructed me ,”eat”. I do with silence, that food was very nourishing and very satisfying one. After that again same silence come over us, to get rid of this situation ,I wanted to start the communication ,I saw that her face was as like a mother, after her child finished his food. I do not know how long I eaten that way. After the food, I was asked to sleep on a puaal (forest grass) scattered on a side of hut, because of two days travel and so much fatigue I was in sleep quickly . I woke up in the middle of night, I saw ,light coming from any lamp lighted with any forest herbs ,and she was in her aassan , her back was on mine side, I did not know in which process she was busy,

But I would like to mentioned here that, no yagya kund, no flowers scattered, or no sindoors applied any where neither any smells of dhoop or lohban. she was as like just a normal woman but be free of need of any cloths. Some times Sadgurudev told us that such a stages comes when a sadhak has no feeling of his body, living nude, may be that bharaivi belongs that stages. I remembered once Sadgurudev told us that ..

once Mahaveer sawami reached a place in a condition with no cloths on his body,

people asked him, why he was naked,

His reply was, nude is not he, but that people themselves , since there eye having feeling of that

So any time when I saw her nude , that many time I remembered Sadgurudev ‘s that word mentioned just above .it hit me like slap.

From days onward I have no work since gurudev will instruct me there when needed, as he told me .so no home work there ,I just wondered there in forest watching various form of nature, then come and after taking food rest. Is mine daily routine. It was just like mine childhood once again returned ,no responsibility ,no work, I gain laugh like child. mine old forgotten habit returned once again.

The radiance on her face (bhairavi) always assurance me about it mine well being. she was just like mother. I had seen such a sadhikas and woman that even having womanish lajja but caring too much sexual oriented. but here she is totally nude but having mother like.. but no talk between us remembers me like I am small child who still not learn how to speak, but still communication happens.

Though mine sanskar some time controlled me, she was a woman, so accepting food prepared from him produce hesitation, but in front of hers every thing goes away, I accepted that if Sadgurudev himself placed me in such a condition then pure or impure all condition will be decided by them only, this gives me cool.

One day when I returned, I found she was standing in from of Sadgurudev, just like 6/7 months old girl child behaves in front of her mother. I pranam to sadgurudev and sit a distance to both of them. I did know what they have been talking to each other. suddenly like hypnotize break Sadgurudev told… Anugunjani, I am taking him. I pranam to him, and back with Sadgurudev ji,

But it still a mystery that why he kept me in such a condition so long with such a sadhika , I could not decide ,one day I asked him..he smile and told me that this is first step of shyama sadhana.and to get a feeling that one form of woman is mother.

I mildly objected him, after following so may hard rule why such a period with no rules at all. I did not know what I had eaten food there, made by her in pure or impure condition. How can I prayaschitta that.

Sadgurudev replied only this single sentences: when you were small child and in palana(small bed for child),at that time have you asked your mother regarding his physical pure /impure condition.

This alone .. opens all the closed windows of mine mind…..


.. when I asked him why not he opens this confidential side to all, so that many of the sadhak/sadhiaks can make their life blissful.


Can you feel what a pain lies/hidden in above sentences of Sadgurudev,since in front of society attacking habits, are not valuaing his knowledges , result I do not know but, many of the bhav bhhmiyan of sadhana will definitely get disappear, get sorrow /pain for that.

When, sadgurudevs small/general action attracts so criticism like flood from all direction, so one can not expect that what will happen when such a process (of vaam marg ) and others. Comes , in front of the society.

I also remembers in 1990a at varanasi, when Sadgurudev organize a sadhana shivir there, what not happened there(like abusing to him, threatening of all kind,and use local media to spread very ,very low level language)..


Dear friends still , if you not satisfied I will post some more translation of poojya Sadgurudev article in this regards. Its our luck that our dearest gurubrothers ,throughing light on this path lesser known side, kindly go through the posts in this regards, with open heart/mind and healthy outlook, we are the children of the Sadgurudev, can any one of us , misuse his great divine name…. never never ,never in dreams.

I am just praying to Sadgurudev ji too bless us , and provide the capacity to digest this great knowledge of him with very politeness .is mine pray to him.( I am not well versed in translation but I tried to do that , if any mistake are there, kindly I am asking your forgiveness)

With smile


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