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Tantra Darshan- 3 - Alchemy science and I(my experience with this divine science of Parad )

Dear friends, once again, I am searching for opportunity to have some word with you as I mentioned earlier that I would write mine initial so called great experience with Alchemy Science, may be in that you all, may find something useful off course , you can laugh a that you can understand why such a workshop is a must.
So lets starts……Are you ready.. suchhi main ,na ..(truly).. I tell in the beginning , it will take too much time..
In 1993, I was having a lot of very, very small problem ,which were very great for me, I was facing them ,with sometimes ,very high and sometimes with low spirit, some time not taking any decision..that is also a decision. When sadhana field I found little bit difficult, I went through poojay Sadgurudev ji books,(whenever I was found indulged reading old books of sadgurudevji late in night, mine family member understood that I was having some problem.) I found “
SWARNA TANTRAM”.which I studied many times before but like every time very lightly. Now that was time ,I thought just prepared GOLD and that’s all, very easy process and sanskar mentioned throught the book. I already have “SWARNA SIDDHI”. I asked some of mine friends to purchase a book named “ALCHEMY TANTRA” OF SADGURUDEVJI. Why they all asked to me.. you people did not understand me I replied, now the time had come, when I could proof mine ability to them. “You are a fool” their response was. Actually this had been settle between mine friends that any new book on Astrology or mantra or any life history of some great sadhak comes in the market they purchase it for me, I would give free service of astrology to all of them. I was very clever.. …ha ha.
Any way the book was in mine hand I started reading that, at first I reached delhi to meet sadgurudevji, he initiated me in”
RASHESWARI DIKSHA”.(a very must inition for anyone to go ahead in this divine field and for kudlini awening too, you can go through much details in any book of sadgurudevji based on parad or parad shivling . after the diksha, he smiled upon me.. so i thought, now mine day of struggle had gone, how long success be far from me. When I returned ,all the way, I was dreaming of mine success. i would do this ,that.. now a great sadhak was equipped……
Little bit money I was having ,I purchased paara (mercury )from market.(to be true just 20 grms. I had not enough money). i thought without parad sanskar I would be success. So I tried a herbs names ”katkatiya” but in market, when I asked they replied “Bhatkatiya” available, they did not know about , the herbs I asked for, I puzzled, now what to do.. any way one kharal of mine I arranged ,after a lot from mine mother(she knew that I always engaged in the work which no one knew). Ok one step I crossed. I made a special goggle for that, protection of mine eye, asked one friends to arrange a leather globs for me , from his friends as his friends father works in chemical plant. So that too I got,
I had not have courage to do the process, in mine, chamber like room ,where only 1 door was there ,no window was there. So I went to upstairs, at roof in the month of April, so much heat was there ,but need to be a success, I started kharal process (no poojan was necessary, neither I knew about it, at that time). Within half hours I was almost sweating a lot, breath was full, now I knew that, no I cannot do this for 6 hours. I was almost finished, with heavey heart I returned. But in the evening I found one more process, mentioning about “Hartaal”, which type of hertal I wanted, I was being asked by shopkeeper, type of hertal . what you are asking” I asked to him, he said either normal one or verkiya one, I puzzled, I told whichever is best, that would be ok. I did the process, but found only black ashes no gold.. again hard luck.
Next day, again I was in the market asking one more herbs, the shopkeeper told me, if he has that things , he could made silver himself, my friend and I were dumb founded, how he knew that, he asked me whether I was doing any such process, no no , it was just for medicine purpose..mine reply was.
So everybody knew about that, whether need to take help from any Ayurvedic doctor, but I am still so shy, then what had to say about that time. No all this had to be done very confidentially, I had to take milk of aak tree, mine friend family why Anu, what are you doing, I smiled them..(very cleaver I was). Mine all friends were totally worried about me since mine madness increasing day by day.. but producing no result.
Then I thought
Swarna parta, will work for me.. I tried to make it through local lohaar (person engaged in metallic work). He refused me. Then I tried for some big foundry but they also refused, now what to do.. the temp at which iron melt, other mixing mental all converted to ashes. I struggle a lot even tried for other city foundry but produced no result.
Two years had been passed, no result ,now it’s the time again to seek help from poojya sadgurudevji, I went delhi, I stay in delhi yatri nivaas for 4 days, when first day I meet poojya gururdev Shri Nanda kishore shimali ji”. when mine turn come I put mine query in front of him, he told me whether I had taken rashewari diksha, yes I said. then he asked what was the problem. I asked him I was not getting success. He asked me to take parad diksha,I said ok guruji, how many charan(steps) it has , total 14. Was his answer. I shocked.. I said it seems impossible for me. But if you give me kind permission, may I ask some question, if he dose not get angry” he said smilingly why to worry, there is no question of angry between guru and shishya, I go ahead,
“I have found many places so many sadhak achieved success in the Gold making process as Sadgurudev ji mentioned like one fellow from sahu family other was poojary, I think all are not taken any raswari diksha ,but when the case of mine arises you told me to take theses so many diksha” mine two years struggling effort come in to with a tearful voice, any how I controlled myself. gurudevji, put his hand on mine shoulder said with very sympathy ,
beta (my son), there is too much hidden things in this science, you know nothing about herbs, you know not about them, neither able them to recognize it from nature. How can you have success, like doing that. And two doctor are running their clinic side by side , one gets success one is not, this cannot be define so simple, I was asked to meet a senior disciple of him. When I was leaving room I asked him, whether I can continue mine experiment in this field or wait till the other requirement of diksha get fulfilled, he replied in very strong voice” Any one who have taken diksha from Sadgurudev (offcouse from gurutrimuti too) can do any type of sadhana either that’s relates to any field, you can go ahead”.. his blessing was there.
When I meet the senior disciple of sadgurudevji, he said please understand that this science is divine one, a lot of people tried for that only a few get success. It’s not so easy as I thought.” What to say more some other sympathetic word come ,but I left there with very heavy heart to hotel room, next day I again asked him, when so much precision ,complexity involved in that why not he mentioned that without that success would not be possible, his reply was.. ‘theses book are just the direction showing one until one has , direct contact with gurudev, how can he achieved success ,merely by reading book, this is guru gammya way..
Again next days, I was again there, now pojya gurudev shri kailash Chandra shrimali ji was meeting with disciples. I attended the sadhana for the day as mentioned in the mag.(mantra tantra yantra vigyan).after that sadhana ,I was in row to touch feet of gurudev ji, when mine turn comes, suddenly he told me, stay here, and he wanted to talk with me..said said no guruji, its ok.. I have to go..
Again he told me “I am asking you to meet him before I will leave” nine response was the same but with low tone. Then again told me ”stay here”. This was done so quickly within 20/30 sec. what more choice I had. I stayed, but I thought ,after this, gurudev would leave to his room and forgot about me. Suddenly he called me, I was in his room, ’what the problem why I am so serious.” I told him nothing special . no tell me, openly, without hesitataion. After having this assurance , I told him everything regarding min effort and all.. he said , do send a letter to him mentioned all mine effort inthis field ,he himself meet poojaya sadgurudevji, in this regards and reply me.
But I did not do something special all min effort were just in air… nothing concrete was done by me.
No problem, whatever the things I did minor /or major that doesnot matters, but it matters to guru that you had done.. I said ok, now I am again happy feeling, return from kohat to new delhi mainm railways station with smiling face in that night at hotel I wrote all the things I did ,usefully or uselessly. Send ,that next day , when I went gurudham , sadgurudev was going to somewhere, at the gate, he saw me, smile comes on his divine face, I just touch his feet ,til then, he moved to his car, where he was busy giving instruction to senior gurubhai, I was standing behind all the guru brother with folded hand, then he again see me, now with some serious look come on his face for a second ,and again smile come.
How can any single disciples though minor or major one/senior or junior one richer or poorer one returns with sorrowful heart.not at all possible . on returning eye might be full of tears but that would be of joy, not sorrow.
After 3 months I received a letter from gurudham , in which I was instructed to do some specific number of reciting (path )
“NIKHELESHWER STAVAN” to achieve success in alchemy field. mentioning that after going through mine letter Sadgurudev himself instructed this specific one instruction to me ,( poojya shri kailash guruji promised also fulfilled that he himself meet sadgurudevji inthis regards and send a reply to me). Having poojya shri Nanadkishor gurudev ji assurance and poojya shri Arvind gurudevji smile and blessing ,we all are moving on the path devine.. sure we will have success later or sooner it does not matters… but matters.. that as per our Sadgurudev they all three poojya gurudev are caring us in their full capacity and we all are secure in their hand..
Rest story is that, I did not do that process, as I was in midst of very difficult family problem .. for that I have to work day night , so no time for this… sometime mine mother and other friend still remind me ,about mine old days and mine madness regarding making of gold.. ha ha a beautiful experience but I always thought why he once has serious look and then smile on seeing me.. I could not understand , may be he has something else in his mind. What I thought more. Day and night passes by,.
After 14 years passed, I still smile upon myself ,when I recalled those moments.onceI was sitting in delhi gurudham. Praying Sadgurudev, to guide me what now I have to do… in front of his big oil painting. Suddenly….. his smile turns , and when I close mine eye.. I was listening about a gurubhai ,his achievement ,about his devotion , towards Sadgurudev /gurutrimurti, and about siddhashram sadhak pariwar, and his loving simplicity… I thought such a guru brother of mine, next to impossible…. But the person was telling about him.. such any person still doing Alchemy field/parad vigyan, beyond mine expectation….i was agar to meet him. I just listen his name from there …”ARIF” the person told to Shashtri ji (senior most disciples of Sadgurudev ji) is his name… I have not have courage to ask that fellow ,where Arif stay, mine shyness.. again comes..
But this name is enough I will search……. Who is this “ Arif” . (how I meet him in person again a beautiful story, if you ask me sure,I will tell that too”)
Now friends , do you know that ,still believe that, without expert you can have success, without blessing or sadgurudevand guru trimurtri , you can have success and without knowing such a hidden points secreat one , can any one have success.. now after reading all this , I am sure you all understand the complexity and divinity of the science. When this workshop is organized by him. He has no motto of finance.. earning neither business….
If still you wait and have other view.. what I will say,
I like every time praying to you all come forward and do your duty to fulfil poojya Sadgurudev dreams….
Now , many ,many thanks to you all, for reading of mine ,such a smaller experience.big a big post .i hope that you may find it something important. Oops 3 and half hours has been passed its 8:30 pm, I have to meet mine friends ,they all are waiting for me..(they are worried such a good fellow,why busy in writing till last week I was ok now.. what happened to me..)
Til then with Smile………


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