Monday, September 27, 2010

Aatma aavahan-2 (Swa- aatma aavahan)

jai gurudev everyone

well, before I start, need to share something :

when some of you people were busy meeting hukoom (arif bhai, generally i use
this term for him, literally means `the king') at Delhi gurudham, I gave a call
to Anurag bhai
He said ` are bhai, people are looking for you here, you should be here `
I said ` who are looking for me ?' and he said all about the meetings and the
things took place there. so, I would like to thank all the people to make our
effort seriously worth. but shock was when he told that there are some girls
even. I never imagined that. Its too good and few words were filled from my
memory that ये तो सब
कृपा हे उनकी,
वर्ना बिच
समुन्दर में
किनारे कहा
होते हे
may be some of them can be next rajola, nagbala or mohini. and some of them
would be next vyadi, nagarjuna or nagbudhha.
so, now we are sure that we'll reach to our goal, we are not alone, and we'll
walk together work together and reach to our goal together.

Anubhai was telling me that bhai no body is asking me that am I anurag ? anyways
that thing was over.

But that's not all...after 2 Days I received SMS " Pal bhar ke liye koi hame
SMS/ E-mail karde Jutha hi sahi, Ab to blog ke writers se hi ummid he " - Anurag
bhai , me bola have peace, kuchh thanda pijie you will surely get some mails and
Sms, Keep on pressurising readers one day they will do it. and finally he got
some. And those people really obliged me because whenever we used to talk after
his journey from delhi, Anurag bhai used to say Bhai at least you send me the topic has moved and got some new topic for our calls....just

So we were into the subject of aatma aavahan:

Gurudev describede " what do you think, aatma aavahan is just related to calling
a spirit, why it is aatma aavahan and not bahyatma aavahan ` aatma avahan simple
means to call the soul. How can you think only of souls in outer world, How come
you forget your own soul. "

`hmmm....So it is the concept of the aatma aavahan, well i think I am getting a
`well son, you better not get a little and understand it full, because half
understanding will lead you no where' Again a sixer

anyways so, I tried to understand Swa-aatma aavahan with the help of aatma
aavahan only. with gurudev's permission I called one of the soul who were a sage
and left his body. very knowledgable, he tought me many tantra sadhanas even. So
i again called him and he described me the method of swa-aatma aavahan.

here, I would like to mention that one should first be component in aatma
aavahan through any method, then only they can move towards this second steps. I
tried to provide proper information on board method but those who are proceeding
to the practice, do mail me, I may suggest few things from my experiences.

In swa-aatma method, one should call his own soul on the medium of anything. I
did it with the same board method of aatma aavahan. one will concentrates and
start calling his own soul. in few days of practice one will start feeling that
you are separate part of your body, some time you will feel your self soul, some
time body, some times. it is good. one will be able to watch the things from
diferent angles. now your soul will be contacting your board. remember, every
soul has equal powers , so, if you mastered this thing, you will be able to do
all those things by your self which is being done by spirits in first stage.

Well, but this is not even end. Gurudev described me one more thing by which you
can do what ever with spirits. something like being a king of spirits. How?
we'll make it in next articles.

Jai gurudev



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