Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sadguru Prasang-2( meeting with a true disciple of Sadgurudev )

Dear friends, once gain I am here to talk with you. Recently I was on a journey , stopped to Delhi for some hours, suddenly two young man came nearer to us, ask are you Arif ji, he(not me) replied yes. could he provide a little time to talk with them, he replied in affirmative. both of them called their friends, eight of them(age ranging between 24 to 65yrs) they gathered around him, talking with them nearly 3 hours. I was just surprised to see them even some of our gurusister are also taken part to talk to him. Such a beautiful our siddhasharam sadhak parivar,. later Arif ji also told me that its really surprising things for him too, that not only our gurubrothers but gurusister are actively asking questions about so many articles /posts in the blog.

Important things is that no one ask about me, I was waiting, if some one comes and ask are you……. , I would jump and replied yes yes yes..But no such a fate of mine.

I was sitting on a pipe watching on them… just kidding.. in fact we also very much surprised that his blog read by so many of our gurubrothers .since I hardly received any mail yet. So I could not able to understand. So I will be much more careful while writing ,next time in the blog. so hope so in next time someone will definitely come and said are you……Arif (once again same name..when mine time will come…….)now come to the point

Lets start..

i have to meet a certain person ,for that I have info that even though, his very small means(belongs to very middle class family) he achieved so much heights in parad field .i asked him how he come into this field and has he know about our Sadgurudevji, he replied he is also a disciple of sadgurudevji , I shocked. Now in coming lines his story ……………………………..

He just passed class 10 th and went to meet sadgurudevji after reading his classic book
SHAMSHAN BHAIRVI. He reached sadgurudevji home i.e. jodhpur. Stay in Dharmshala, daily he visited but Sadgurudevji never calls him to meet.

(at that time Sadgurudev himself calls the person whom he want to meet) days passed by but Sadgurudev never call him, after the 7 th day he was thrown out of Dhamashala, next day he took night stay in jodhpur railway station, two more days passed ,still no result came, sadguerudev still not call him. Railway T.T. recognize him. ask not to stay there in railways station. He was very worried now where can he go, so he thought that was the last day , after that he went to his home town, that day, too sadgurudev ji not call him till 10:00 AM, when doors of Sadgurudev office closed, he had tears in his eyes. Suddenly, doors opens. Sadgurudevji told him,
come inside..why last 9 days he was here.. he replied I want to do sava of him.

Sadgurudevji asked..he was not interested in seva of his own mother and father.

He replied
I would do that too.

Sadgurudevji which class he studied

He--Class 10th

Sadgurudevji –what is the percentage

He--87 percent

Sadgurudevji -Why not he want to go ahead in study.

I want to go for seva.

Sadgurudevji --No ,you can became an IAS. either you can become IAS or proceed in this path, just go to home and come back after 6 month, then he will decide .

He went home but date of admission in class 11 th has gone, so he had taken admission as private student and again reached Sadgurudev home within just 1 month (instead of 6 moth as directed by sadgurudevji) at that time , he told me
bhaiya…sadgurudevji and poojniya mataji was sitting in his garden alone .

(how beautiful that time was, I (Anu) thought that, if I get that time..but its not mine luck so ok..)

Sadgurudevji asked him, why he was there. he told that he was not able to take admission, Sadgurudev replied , what he could do in that condition it is his responsibility, he(sadgurudevji) can do nothing.

He again said that he was ready for seva .

sadguruvji replied”
main haddiyon ka tail nikal deta hoon”.(he can take out oil from the person bones, in literal meaning)

He replied nothing, stand there with pranam mudra.

Again sadgurudevji asked him think for one more day ,then he will decide,

While retuning he thought that if sadgurudevji calling him for next day..means there may be some positive.

Next day sadgurudevji was going somewhere ,when his car passed the gate suddenly car stooped he asked one of the senior gurubhai.. accept this boy as a member of staff.

now he had to do the work,

but which type,

toilet cleaning three times a day first at morning 4 AM ………then 10AM……… then 6 PM

He did that work for 5 months, sadgurudevji silence watched him, one day sadgurudevji told “are he is literate one why are you engaging him in such a work, place him office work” so that day onward he worked in the office.

Very next day sadgurudvji asked him, what he want to become,

he replied
I want to go Siddhshram.

“For that siddhashram diksha is must” ..sadgurudev replied.

next day sadgurudevji called him for diksha,

He was called to
deposit Rs 1100 for that poojan and for article necessary for that.

Where he
was only Rs 11 in his pocket. He was very worried. he placed Rs 11 in office table, that is accepted by person in the office, when he reached diksha place sadgurudev ordered him wear a dhoti then comes, so office in charge very quickly arranged a dhoti for him from store.

Sadgurudevji told him, now last half an hour he was waiting for him , and sadguguredevji initiated him,

One day ,he is taken part actively process of parad shivling .he shines a particular parad shivling with so much dedication that the shivling shine very, very bright among all other parad shivling ,when Sadgurudev saw that shivling asked who did that,he hesitating come forward, sadgugudevji told him
,”tere haath main metal ki line hain, tu kal parad ki rasheswer diksha lelena.(means that he has a line in his palm indication that he can be a success in metal line..parad field, that why sadgurudevji instructed him to take rasheshweri diksha .)

So he started his path will fully obeying him, he is now master in more then 10 th sanskar. his quest for knowing more is still continue..he told me very clearly the struggle and pain he felt in this path, and also help and bless found in this path. He is a main straight forward. within a second he can understand where the person standing in front of him ,stands. And telling about Sadgurudev, he eyes was full of tear and start weeping told me Bhaiya he could not understand that one day sadgurudevji would……., really a tough time for me to say any word to him, I did not know what to do. suddenly his brother asked his name from downstairs, he simply wash his face and go there, on returning, I asked him, tell me something more about Sadgurudev, he told me, this is enough ,next time he will tell me something more.

his knowledge about herbs was superb. on mine returning ,he stopped me on various places on a way to reach railways station ,told me about the herbs ,I patiently listening all, but very hard to digest all knowledge in on go. i took a promise from him that next time he will to teach me one by one, for that he is agree. If he can be a success so why not us who have all type of material blessing and off course Sadgurudev blessing too. still you want to leave it on your fate then……..

So friends, have you sure understand a lot of him from his quest ,his beautiful story , its very strange that Sadgurudev molded so many great sadhak in every field, his greatness cannot be expressed in word. In compare to our gurubrother ,how easy the things today, no such a testing now, no waiting period .how blissful are us, to have such a great Sadgurudev.

Its mine pleasure to meet him in person, you want his name, for that he is not giving me permission, but what the matters, name may be different one but all our story (true) whether small or big one belongs to Sadgurudev ,so once again I am praying for you all to have great success in this path ,please go ahead slowly and firmly too.

success are not always achieved in miles by miles but inch by inch.

Like always I want your email reply, but mine email inbox still in hope of getting any one single mail.. I am just kidding…its 12:30 Am in night its time to sleep ……………. smile



Ishita said...

Jai GURUDEV bhaiya..
Are you Mr. Anurag Singh ?? He he.. :)
Nice to meet you bhaiya..
I am feeling very happy that you have written about us in your blog and especially about the Gurusisters.. I am sorry that we could not talk much that day, it was our negligience I guess !!
But, I am really thankful to Sadgurudev that with His divine blessings He made us lucky enough to meet such great personalities like you, Arif bhaiya, Anuj bhaiya.. Ye sab Sadgurudev ki kripa hai..
And from now onwards..your inbox will not remain empty.. :)
Whenever you come to Delhi, plz let us know. We all want to meet you and learn from you.
- Aapki Gurubehen Ishita Arora

ishan said...

bhaiya, we love u tooooo.

kunaal nikhilchera said...

Bohot achhi post hai bhaia,
apka ashirwad hum chhote gurubhaio/behno pe aese hi banaye rakhiye hume or gyan or prerna dekar.
Jai Gurudev :)

nitin kapoor nikhil said...

jai gurudev bhaiya,bahut acha likha gurudev ke bare mein.
mene to gurudev ko personally kabhi nhi dekha hai par tarasta hun ki ek baar woh muje ees layak samjh le ki woh mujhe darshan de kar apni bahon me ek bar gale laga le,kya ye icha puri hogi bhi ya nhi?????.aapne jo likha hai na kya woh time hoga ki jab gurudev garen mein mataji ke sath bethe hoe,to bhaiya mein bhi aisi ji soch rakhta hun,jab koi phto dekhta hun to sochta hun kya woh to]ime hoga jab ye photo gdv ne khichvayi hogi,bas aah bhar ke siski nikal jati hai ki kash ye pal apni zindagi mein bhi aa sakta.gurudev kahan chale gye............................chod kar....pata hai ki yhi ho par hum to thahre sansaari nhi dekh sakte aapko.umeed karta hun ki kabhi jo tum milo to........kya ho...... woh pal......tham jaye. bye bhaiya