Monday, September 20, 2010

Maithuna and Paarad : Path of Meditation

well, human beings are the most difficult structure of the earth to understand. we lay a universe into our self. this is a process which belongs to tantrik maithuna. here I would like to mention few things before i start the subject of the point.

Tantrik maithuna is different from vasyasan kamsutra

Kamsutra is to optimise the sexual pleasure dealing with bhog
Where else tantrik sex is method which deals with Moks
well, process remains same but feeling changes.

for example when we eat fruits for test, when we eat fruits for upvas and when we eat fruit being offered into prasad; the process remains same but the feels are complete different; first is bhoga, second is bhoga and moksha third one is moksha only.

again , tantrik maithuna is not vajrayani sadhana. vajrayani sadhana is different as it has dealing with specific dieties like ekjata and ugratara etc. but where in tantrik sex it deals with nirakar.

again, tantrik sex is not of kapalik marg process, in kapalik marg they deals with specific process of wine, raw and uncooked meat and sex incorporating siva (bheirav) and shakti (tripur sundari).

So, I tried to give a small introduction of the subjects difference from other branches. people generally think all these a same processes but those are really ver diffent.

Now, back to subject. when it comes to sex, it is that to incorporate shiva and shakti. this is biggest bhoga of the universe or tool of world most pleasure gaining.

here we need to go a little deep into the subject, when we reaches to the highest level of something, we get ride of the whole subject after a while. like if we becomes most reach person of the earth, slowly money becomes a very little thing to us, sooner or later but this does happens.

so when it comes to maithuna, it is biggest bhoga of the universe, if it is biggest bhoga which has reached to its level of satisfaction, we will be cut out of it and will start moving towards MOKSHA.

now how does it happens. well, on this regards it is never mentioned anywhere so there is no method in the scriptures. but there is always a componet guru and their scholar who has remained knowledgable into this field and those have passed this kriya to many peoples.

anyways, the complete sex is of 3 hours and more. once the intercorse starts, the couple should not cum (Sankhal) for 3 hours atleast and thus they will get samadhi direclty.

but it is as said "Next to impossible" if we watch it thus way. then how does it is possible?

the answer is paarad. there is a special method in which paarad is subjected to inhale into body. the paarad should be ast samskarit and when you put it on the palm, press your other hands thubs on it and make it from bottom to top. thus 10gm of paarad will enter into body in just half n hour. hand should be steam washed before doing it. after some time you may feel headache for a while but everything becomes normal into 1 hour. after that one should tie, 'devranjini gutika' around neck. then one should move ahead for sex.

when the intercorse start, one should control their breath. when the penis is being inhale the breath is being inhale and when it is being out, breth should be out. eyes should remain closed and tratak to the third eye should be done internally. this practice should be carried out by the couple only, i mean the process is both the side so both male and female candidate should be practicing it meanwhile. now, this practice should be followed for some days, slowly you will feel no noice of outer world, one will then move further with watching a dot of light then blue chakra and then complete yellowish light. now, after this, a time will come when you will not remain more aware about your body, your bosy will remain busy into the sex but you will not be aware of that. this is the stage of meditation of it self.

when the intercorse is being over after practice daliy, one gourd should be grated and places into big vessels. both the legs sholud be placed into it. the gourd should be enough to cover foots. sit into the position for one hour. the whole paarad will be oozed out from the body throught thumb of the legs into the same amount being inhaled.

this process is for meditation, further stages dharana and samadhi could even be achive through this process.

one should have a proper guidance from a component guru. this process is great for married couple. one should move further by getting gurudev's blessings



sona said...

Jai Gurudev,

this days we hear lot about tantrik sex its healing power etc but dont know what it is this article clear all the misconceptions .very nicely explained.


Raghunath Nikhil said...

thanks ...jai gurudev