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Tantra Darshan part 6: kankavati sadhana (is Alchemy possible through mantra only ?)

Dear friends, how are, are you ready to come with me in the path less traveled by any ,even sadhak. I knew that , you are ready to come with me, I am extending my hand to you all, at least be with me for some moment and take the joy once I felt there.

Once,Arif ji and I were moving near of ma kamkhya maha peetem area.

He told me that if I was lucky then I would meet poojya sadgurudev’s sanyasi disciple there, I was very excited to see any one of them. We were moving through car. Suddenly he told me that why not stop here, I told him why not. I was standing side of Road, thinking of mine initial life and , may be I will be able to move a little further, what I will speak to Sadgurudev sanyasi disciples, whether they would allow to talk to me, or…..what would be there reaction.. I was worried too….

Suddenly, my shoulder was pressed by a gentle hand, I moved, and shocked that one sanyasi was smiling…, I shocked swami ji.. how you are here…(he was none other than swami Shishyananda,I already told you about him, in post named Bindu sadhana, kindly once again read that details of him…).

He also smiled and told me..Aap kaise hain..(how I was).i replied as usual..tell me what he was doing there. But same question came from his side too. We both smiled. now please tell me, are you going to somewhere, I asked him. He told me very politely that..sadgurudev instructed him to meet us here, that’s why he was waiting for.. both of us. Then Arif ji also came back, we all smiled. Swami ji told me.. is it not that he made promised me in the ma kamakhya temple. To meet again…

Then swamiji asked us to come a direction ,it was the mid day time, he asked us to purchase 20 gram mercury from the market , two earthen Pot (deep)and some kandon, I did that. When I returned I found that he was ready after taking bath , and waiting for both of us. he again asked us to bring some Dhatoora ‘s flower in 50 to 60 number , and again told to get the juice of that Flower. We did that too. .He asked us to put that mercury in one pot and fill some juice of Flower and remaining portion with the normal clay. And he took that pot in his hand sit in sukhasan position, and start chanting some mantra ,after 15 minite.

he added some more juice in that and covered the pot with another pot, tightly. with applying clay and cloth. And after that he again recite some of the mantras, I could not here that but after that he start showing some mudra(special hand gesture) in front of that pot off course Sadgurudev photo was there and one parad shivling was also. I tried to memorize the mudra but failed he was continuously showing various mudra one by one. I remembered one was ling mudra. For others I had no idea. After that he asked us to burn the kandon (cake made by cow dung).

When ,all the kando burnet completely, he asked me to put that pot in between that. After 10 minutes he asked us to take out that. We did that, break that, he instructed, on breaking I was shocked that instead of white mercury , there was fully gold there, the mercury totally converted to that, and in same shape, shape of mercury not even changed.

I could not think ,what to say. I asked him, how it was possible , that was market mercury and no purification applied , only dhatoora flower juice can turned that, he smiled , and told me that I wanted to know that why dhatoora is used, was ,because kanak is also one of its (dhatoora)name, kanak means gold too. Had I not herd

kanak kanak te soue guni……. Famous lines.

Yes I herd that, but could only that, is the reason for that.. no .. it was not because of that .. reason behind it, was KANKAVATI SADHANA.. its her(kanakavati) grace and the power of tantra sadhana this happened. I can not understand til now what a tantra sadhak and tantra sadhana can do that, it’s a great path and like a universe .. this path also has no end.

But is there any utility of various mudra ?, that he showed, he replied me , smilingly that that was the VAAM MARG sadhana and the path is known as HANSA MARG. Vaam marg is highly secretive one, and what can not it ,do, has no limitation, I also seen the power in front of me, but why so many mudra..

He told me, have a patience, actually for this sadhana , kakiani or woman with specific signon her body , is needed and physical connection between him and sadhak is required. But, where that can be possible in this era.(this path is highly got ,bad name because of this). So poojya pad Sadgurudev ji made this sadhana in this way , so that even showing the mudra , will produce the same result (no real woman needed as some of mine friends still thinking that, vaam marg has many dimension..please not to be limited that in only one sense…..)

I politely asked swami ji, can you , performed this process , without mudra and mantra ever. he smiled on that question, he replied I he did that.

But nothing happened, because of that he has to complete that sadhana thrice.

Why I asked..

He replied. In sadhana field there will be no place of doubt, other wise thousand years won’t produced desired result .he did that. Just for trying ,means once accomplished sadhak he was, and he did that…the sadhana power immediately disappear from him.

Since he doubted the sadhana.

So he has to do thrice that sadhana ,even praying to Sadgurudev ji, for his mistake.

Sadgurudev ,Himalayan effort, when we understand. He is ultimate authority in this universe. I (Anu)have many doubt in my mind that , could it be possible that only mantra alchemy is possible ?.

yes yes..

Sadgurudev read my mind and he produced a situation so that I could be the witness of such a divine process. Swamiji replied.

I took that gold weighted 20m grams , in my hand about 10/15vminites .. not able to understand what to say, Sadgurudev ji rightly wrote in swarna tantram… even your all life is stands no where in front of this parad tantra. I practically seen that. Now ,whole months /year s earning earned within 15/20 minutes.

Sadgurudev wanted that even, some of the sadhak come to this field who has not aim to go for gold but for higher plane of this science. If a sadhak has a only goal towards this then this sadhana Siddhi will not be possible for him , off course if sadhak is totally and whole heartily doing his journey of this path then this process only revealed to him, otherwise how his family life and material life governs.

Sadgurudev knows that , very well.

What is the name of the sadhana.. kanakavati sadhana is the name….

On returning I was thinking ,…kya boloon., kya kahoon, til date I also laughed on such a process ever exists and witnessed by other ,

but now I am one of them ,who will believe on mine story………

So dear one ,As Bhagvan Shri Krishan said in Gita that… one in thousands will move in this path and very few, can get success.

Like that Jesus also said lands are truly plenteous but laborers are a few.

I kept this incident in mine heart, but Arif bhai told me that , why such things Anu bhaiya write that experience to our guru brother and guru sister .. may be some of them will understand the value of this science”.. I replied .. I am thinking that they attracts towards gold.. very few of them really understand the value of mantra and tantra sadhana.”

We will do our best to express our experience in front of them, sadgurudev is here , he will guide them. We are only his children, why they be set side of such a beautiful experience. He told me.

Arif told me.. why sadgurudevji and shishyananda ji has shown us that miraculous procedure and we became the witness of that.

Some of our gurubhai and sister ,one day , get that process from Sadgurudev, who knows ,they will shows both of us, the hidden procedure are behind that. That, Anu bhiya you wanted to know.. from swami shishyanandi.

for that he replied to me(anu).. I had to still pass many test … and whole heartily start learning this science..Anu bhaiya.,. you had written in prev post that .. (regarding mine experience with parad science..) you were not able to move a single step in that field.. but Sadgurudev one saw you, in tense mood and smile play on his divine face.. surely, he has something for not only you but for all of us.…..

Mere priy, what I have seen there, I describe fully here, nothing hidden in that…I am also like you, to pray to Sadgurudev that one day , we move the path and clear the test ,we too do that..but serving the mankind and upliftment of this science will be out motto. Otherwise kicked back by him..

So can you sleep tonight..

Ha ha.

That I want s,

Once , we all awake and understand sadgurudevji’ love.. for all of us…



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Anurag Bhai..Jai Gurudev

Bhai..aap bahut hi achcha likhte hain...aapke articals bhi bahut informative hain...hum jaise log..jinko sadgurudev ji ke charnon ko chune ka mauka nahi mila ...wo log aapke articals pad kar hi sadgurudev ki kripa mahsus kar lete hain....aap aise hi hum logon ka marg darshan karain..