Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aatma aavahan -3 Atindriya activation and establishment

Jai gurudev everyone

Congratulations to all those who have been through with sadhana of Maharshi Devdatt.

Yes. so we were Discussing (well, short of. not really discussing) about aatma aavahan. Swa aatma aavahan, the topic, made me really amazed. I was having no imaging power of such secrets. Who may know that Aatma aavahan can lead you to a stage where you need not to call any one's soul and can do the task with your own soul.

But, it was not just end. Gurudev described me the third most important stage of aatma aavahan, and this is about atindriya jagran and Sthapan ( Activation of sixth sense and establishment of the same).

so, when become able to accomplish tasks through Swa-atma aavahan, Then one will concentrately practice to call call the souls with out boards or without using any of the board or mediums and this becomes very easy for the sadhak to do when it comes to 2nd stage, Swa aatma aavahan. then one can call spirits and does the task while eating food even and no one will be able to know that what you are doing.

but when it comes to next stage of atindriya, one will practice to call his own soul without any medium. in some days practice one will be able to do that. continue practice for few days and because of your movement to subconciousness, your 6th sence will be activated. now you will start feeling spirits around you, if is there any. some times you will be able to watch them even. in this stage a atindriya being generated is so much powerful that it will force any spirits to be around you. thus where ever the sadhak goes, spirits there surrender control by them self to the sadhak.

Thus after some more practice when this full power when been generated, guru will establish that power into the tongue, fingers. if it is being established in tongue, what ever he speaks, becomes true, he get power of vak siddhi. and if it is being established in finger, sadhak's thub of any hand remains touched with fingers and throught this special mudra he gets so many siddhis. he can listen to the conversations of thousands miles and can click anytime what is going on in the persons mind.

Well, one should practice tratak especially agni tratak (jyoti tratak) when pursuing into this sadhana.

It seems like this whole process take too much time but again it depends, I have seen people accomplishing all these three stage into 1 month time even.

So one should be praying into the sadgurudev's feet for providing such great knowledge and go ahead in this field.

Jai gurudev



Anonymous said...

I read this article and really didint believe how right it is? The term "Swa atma Avahan" is quiet interesting as we have always read such stuffs which have thrown light on atma avahan etc through medium but this time i have read something different and attractive.Best part of this article is one doesn't require any type of medium for performing this process.His/Her alone concentration is sufficient..Isnt it very useful info..i guess YES...So i would request every reader and follower to read each article very seriously and carefully..You never know where it would be useful in ur personal life..

Raghunath Nikhil said...

u forgot to appreciate me...hehehe :)

amrit said...

shri ragunath nikilji ur spcial for me. kyunki aap main bahut gyan hai. par kya esi siddhiyaan sirf entertenment ke liye hee hoti hai. ya kisi pidit admi ki bhi madad ki ja sakti hai? yaddi haan to batane ki krapa kare ki main kese aap se sampark kar sakta hun. mujhe kisi ne isi siddhiyun ka galat istmal kar ke mera jivan barbad kar diya hai.

Raghunath Nikhil said...

Dear amrit

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