Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Astrological Discussion Importance of muhurts searched by astrologically (Which I failed to understand )

Dear friends , once again I am here , please, please, please be ready with me to share some of your valuable moments …..can be get success in sadhana just by doing the process and reciting the mantra or we need to take help of muhurat too, based on astrologically, is the great question ?, that we faced many times. Our sadgurudevji already wrote much about that, and one special book authored by him named Muhurat jyotish.
at the time, when sadgurudevji start any of the sadhana.. many times ,I was just worried all along with other gurubhai at delhi gurudham, why sadgurudevji still not started sadhana ,taking too much time , as we all were already gathered there ,at the time mentioned in mag., once he told us, he never started any work before or after of the correct time/moment specified for that, He had to wait for the right moment only when sadhana get started produced desired result.

But can we take benefit of the muhurat, I would like to share one more experience of mine with you all. From the childhood I knew something ( pls remember I said something not everything) about astrology through the books of sadgurudevji , even I knew not, anything about him at that time , but his book always with me I did not know why, I read that. after completing my college education, I started to learn horoscope reading, through book of Sadgurudev ji and late sri B.V. Raman were the main source. April 2003, I was in Noida, and one day I went to meet Poojya Gurutrimurti (instead mentioning each time their name, onwards in mine articles ,I will mention Poojya gurutrimurti, this means any of our poojya Gurudev Shri nanad Kishore Shrimali ji , poojya gurudev Shri Kailash Chandra shrimali ji ,poojya gurudev Shri Arvind shrimaliji).

I was waiting for mine turn to come, then one of the senior gurubhai told me Anu..please meet him ,before I left from there, one special muhurat was coming, even if I do any wrong aim that too be fulfilled, I said ok (half heartedly). At that time I was facing a lot of professional problem , so I hardly want to meet anyone except gurudev, and not to interested to cry , in front of any one. Sadgurudevji already told us, stop this crying and asking help from everyone ,this is another type of begging , asking sympathy from others in your problem , ask only to those ,who can really provide help to you. So I simply moved from there (after meeting poojya gurutrimurti )without meeting that gurubhai.

Before moving ahead, as I told you , that while studying astrology, I was very much impressed with lord shri Ram ‘s horoscope, ,its naturally that none other horoscope can have such a great combination of planets, almost all the planet are in exaltation sign (uccha rashi). I was always thinking that might be the similar planet combination or little bit similar combination can again come?. But I do not thought so… no chance …
Lord Shri Ram Birth Horoscope

after some months , same gurubhai again came in contact me, asked me why I did not meet him that day, I said nothing ..just smiling..he told me Anu..listen to him. he knew that I had some interest in astrology, he showed me a horoscope of date 4 may 2003 time about 1.28 Am IST . When he cast horoscope in front of me, I just shocked, such a great combination of planet 5 planet in exaltation (except rahu, ketu and Saturn almost all planet are in uccha sign)). I could not believe on mine eye. He told me Anu. see that,in media , so many small yoga often discussed a lot ,in everywhere ,but like this ,hidden from everyone , poojya Sadgurudev, not wanted to this info reached in the hand of that type people……. We all know the situation.

I told him, why not, he already told me about that, reply was.. that’s why he (the guru bhai) was asking for mine time to meet and discuss, I was just like ghost disappeared from there. Why not this combination .published in Mantra Tantra Vigyan mag. I asked him. he told me, understand the situation, sadhak often does not pay much attention/importance to that treat it very lightly not knowing the value of this science and other so called mag. available in market and negative mind sadhak could use that for harming others .

Great loss to me. But mine next question was, how did he know about that, he replied to me that one day when he was sleeping, it seems to him that poojya sadgurudevji, asked him to check the planetary position ( may be ,it was his imagination ,as he told me ), when he checked , he also shocked to saw that . this was such a beautiful yoga that any type of sadhana definitely would produced desired result. I knew the Astrology but missed this info because of mine childishness . Even after reaching home ,once again I cast the horoscope and thought too much about that, but lunka was burned already ,nothing was in mine hand.

Instead of sorrowing ,whole night on that, that night onwards I took a decision that always take seriously the yog and mahurat mentioned in our mag. as mentioned by poojya gurutrimurti . So mine dear friends ,I remembered that in class 5th I studied a story named ”budhhe herpal singh ki paanch baaten” means five important points of old harpal singh, one of was…” wherever talk goes , about some knowledge ,always have time to listen……” I forgot that and missed the thing.

Friend, pray to sadgurudevji that whenever any such important yoga appeared or about to come ,he guide us on right direction so that we can use time valuable, never ever take that things easy, we know not ,how many siddharshram great rishes blessing with us and they all are watching us, except us to use this science divine not only for us but for the whole mankind, is it not the dream our sages? …….that, and i urge same thing from our friends ,who already well versed in astrology come forward to share their knowledge with us. Offcourse , Arif bhai, are you listening .. what I am saying……

oh my mother just prepared some savaieyan of this id and Ganesh chturdashi days, I waited long for that , nah nah, are bhaiya for savaiyaan.. that is too cooling down.. so sorry.. I have to eat it alone… no no , its too short how can I ask you All to share.. .. till next time ,Sadgurudev blessing falls upon you all on this beautiful day of ID and lord Ganesh, I wish success and happiness to you all.. smile…


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Nikhil said...

mujhe bhi bahut khushi huyi aapka msg paakar, aur aapko jo bhi jaankari chahiye hogi bilkul main uske liye tatpar hun.

redroses said...

dhanyawaad aapne itni jaldi uttr diya ab suvidha rhegi aapse baat karne mein. sabse pehle jo mera prshn hai wo aapke hi ek blog ke baare mein hai jismein aapne btaya hai ki koi bhi mnushya schha pyar kewal aur kewal apne guru se hi kr skta hai kyoki mnushyo mein pnapne wala prem sirf vaasnaa ke girdd ghoomta hai kya sach mein aisa hota hai aur yadi haan to fir shaadi aur pariwaar ke kya maayne reh jaaate hain?aur usse bhi jada jo baat preshaan krti hai wo ye ki uss rishte mein vaasna ka sthaan kahan aataa hai jismein saamne wale ke liye sirf smarpan ho bina kisi chaah ke?
aapke uttr ki prteekshaa mein...

Nikhil said...

sabse pahle to prem ki gahanta ko samajhna hoga, prem me apeksha nahi hoti, aur na hi hoti hai kuchh paane ki chaah. ab ye bhi ho sakta hai ki ham guru ke alava bhi aisa kisi ko pyar kare aur wo bhi poorn samarpan ke sath , to ye sirf hamare hath me hai ki ham khud ke astitva ko usme doob jaane de, par kya ye bhi sambhav hai ki wo bhi hamare liye utni hi gahrayi ke sath juda hua ho, hamare sath koi chhal na kare aur yadi wo sach me aisa naa karke aapke prem ke badle vishuddh prem deta hai to ye prem bhi utna hi aatmik hai. par 98% case me aisa nahi hota hai. aaj ham kisi ke sath judte hain ya koi hamare sath judta hai aur us aakarshan ko ham prem ka naam de dete hain, par thode samay baad hi uchchaatan ho jata hai , hame ek doosre me kamiya najar aane lagti hai, tab use prem kahan kaha ja sakta hai, jab ham ek doosre se pag pag par jhooth bolte ho ya jhooth ka sahara lete ho to aap hi bataye ise pyar kaise kahen. are jab hamne aam ka beej boya , use seencha, use khaad di to nikat bhavishya me us beej se vriksh , phir phool aur phal ki hi prapti hogi aur wo phal asankhya naye aam ke beejo ko janm dega ye prakriti ka shashvat niyam hai, hai naaa, par jab do log apne sambandhon ke madhya ek beej bokar ek rishta banate hain aur us beej ko prem ka naam dete hain to aage jakar wo rishtaa, chhal, jhooth, aur nafrat me kaise badal gaya???? kya sach me wo prem ka beej tha?? nahi bilkul nahi yadi wo prem ka beej hota to bhavishya me aur jyada prem pragadh hote jata. wo mahaj akarshan tha jo kisi bhi roop me parivartit ho sakta hai. par jab guru se prem ki kriya hoti hai to kahi bhi chhal nahi hota, bas samay dar samay aap poornta ki aur badhte chale jate ho, naa to ki vasnatmak chah waha hoti hai na hi koi apeksha. isliye to aise prem ko jo ki poornta tak pahuchaye ko hi vastavik prem kahte hain. aap apni email id likh kar post kiya kare to jyada achchha hai.