Wednesday, October 20, 2010

vikramaditya and alchemy

everyone knows about king vikramaditya of ujjein and his achievements in the
field of tantra

but when I was preparing papers on him, I came to know about three incidents
about him which was surprising but alchemy attracts angels even so why cant it
attract the king of kings pardukhbhanjana vikramaditya

1) once when vikram was feeling no peace as he was short running with his fund
to donate, he went to forest and settled down in temple of bholenath. he did 21
days sadhana there and bholenath was before him. vikram asked shiva in this
regards and shiva asked him to go to south direction and meet an sage who was

when he reached there, the alchemist said that he was waiting for him as he
did got an message from mahadev. vikram stayed there and learned alchemy
processes. when he returned to his kingdom, he asked his obedient to take whole
copper of kingdom and prepare coin out of it.

it took 6 month to collect and prepare coins out of copper of whole kingdom
and more than 41 crore (41 billion) coins were produced. vikram; with the help
of a sood and herb converted all in gold and filled his fund.

2) he learned preparation of khechari gutika from a siddh aghori who came in
ujjein smashana for to do some rituals. he always used to keep gutika with him
and in the night he used to roam invisibly flying in his whole kingdom with the
help of gutika to check rather anyone do not have any kind of problem or sorrow

3)when he went to sinhal dwip (island of lioness) to take padmini which a
bramhin asked him to give in dakshina to him, he took a help of ras siddha and
veital to enter in the mysterious and dangerous place.


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