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Tantra Darshan -6 Divine mother Balgalmukhi’s Kavach path or sadhana

( when to use ……. Mine some small experiences )

Dear friends, hi, how are you , (Aap log kaise hoon), each time I am addressing with “you all”, it seems not good to me, but I do not know any other word substitute for hindi word “AAp”. No more extra talk now, today I am having less time, so directly come to point…(usually I like to talk you all very much(but receiving very less mails). “AAj surahan mohi dinhi AAhara” (today’s gods given me the food) the famous sentences told by SURSA in Ram charit manas , Written by Poojya Goswami Tulsi das , when she saw lord hanumanji flying over to sea to reach lanka ,all of you knew already.) like that, when I found friend like how can I permit to go.. ha ha

Lets ones again . I .start…(bhai bahoot bolata hoon main )

Ma BALGAMUKHI .., yes I type her name correctly ,those in common language it pronounce like Ma baglamukhi, but it does not matters ,ma is one, whether you call her by any name..( oh ,you forget again, mine prev. post in which I told you, each name has a significance.. chalo koi baat nahi..)
I always like ma divine balgamukhi most, since in this time of crises , any other sadhana’ result may come late but this sadhana ‘s result comes with lightening speed . You can try for that, real “Abhayam” (not fear to any one), how quickly one feel , even recite even ma name in time of crises, sadgurudevji once told that how many of us (in world too) can place his hand on his heart and tell that he is not suffering from any fear and who is fearless here. How true his divine words. To be true ,we know that each day ,what we are facing fear either minor or major /mental/financial/ health wise .. situation we know much much better.

I always like to recite this kavach path of mother divine regularly, since mine whole life ,till now is in midst of so many trouble continuously facing trouble (once Bhismpitamah (a great worrier of war” MAHABHARAT” that the lord of all the three loka (whole universe) lord KRISHNA ,was himself with his grand children(PADAVAS) but problem still continue to pandavas .) no one knew the maya of Sadgurudev ji.), I cannot explain to you all, but still can smile , power behind are poojya sadgurudevji and mother divine.

Whenever I asked to others ( in mine family member ) to recite it whole heartily response always like this” at first remove your problem then advice us”, I have no word to reply that, I told them, if suppose a person is a doctor in heart problem, that means he can never have problem related to heart ( I said here only health wise.. ha ha). But no effect of that..

Many of mine close one ,suffered a lot but never accept this things . whenever I encounter any danger /any experience this kavach comes to mine rescue. One I was in my home town, one of gurubhai , told me that he also recite too much of this kavach.. and asked me any experience on that, I said nothing.. I have not have still any miraculous experiences ,neither I sought that, reason of that in prev post, I already told you all that . i am still living here with smile, here,(inmidst of all type of problem) what more proof is required more..

But he told me that whenever he faced any problem he just sit on his aaasan in front of Sadgurudev ji (he too ,not ,have the ma balgamukhi photograph ), and take sankalp, my o beloved sadgurudevji, please do solve the problem, I will do 108 path(reciting) of this kavach for 11 days, ( I just translated the word accurately …no …no….i changed it , actually in hindi , he used to say,, guruji ..meri ye samasya bahot kathin hain , meri raksha karoo , and meri is isccha ko poori karoo )and within some hours or in week his problem get solved. I amazed to listen that, ones his jajaji (brother in law) motorcycle was stolen, with he started his reciting, some hours they got back the bike.(and with more petrol in the tank ha ha , are bhai, the person who stole the bike, fill some more patrol in that and he was just, out of his home, caught by local police party.) twice his father has some serious problem in his service, he is not only able to save his father govt. job, but successes to cancel his transfer..amazing experience ..)

I have also taken this divine diksha .many ,many years before ,from Sadgurudev himself. And did the mantra given to him, but mine friend is not having any ma baglamukhi related diksha but got many of such a beautiful experience. But some time back ,one of his very close one suspended from his job from a private firm, without any serious charges. he is once again ready to do that.. so within 30 days ,his, close one ,again got his job. though ,in this case he used to get/applied many other person’s influence too, but I was happy to listen this. But now he made up his mind that he want to tech a lession to the officer . so once again he did the process, that officer transfer to other location but soon returned.

Mine friend puzzled a lot, he again did the things, but no effect again and again repeat the procedure, but all fails.. to produced the result… he asked mine view, I too advice him to do sadhana, for accurate result..i I too not, knowing anything ,accurately ,what will be the cause of why ,he is not getting the success. So I told him may be sometimes divine one, take test of us.. so may be in future his problem get solved. Apni jaan maine bachai (to save my life)

One day ,I have a chance to discuss the problem of his with Arif ji, I told him ,why he was not getting success, he told me, off course ,sadgurudevji has given us many such a sadhana in the Mantra tantra yantra Vigyan mag. old issue. Suddenly he told me Anu bhaiya. Do you understand ,why he is not getting the result in this time… no I cannot, why.. my question was. He replied.. you know why the kavach is used in war.. I said …yes for to protect himself., yes, this is the reson behind his failure in this time.. still I does not understand.. I asked him , are bhaiya.. pls ….. some more word I need. He told me, kavach is used for protection of yourself, so the gurubrother was successful previously because he was protecting either his belongings or his father job, what, he has already, but lost somehow. But to teach a lesion /punish other , kavach should not be used, its for protection only.. he must has to go for complete sadhana of ma balgamukhi to get desired result.

So dear friends, though, each and every divine sadhana, strota, kavach is useful and effective and powerful one, but where it has to be used,, one must think coolly before, you cannot use , SRI sookta to harm others,….. oh…. ,this, you all know already…(sorry to repeat).

So have a clear knowledge of the sadhana, get proper energized material from own Sadgurudev , try to get as much as knowledge as possible ,meet in person, who got positive result in that, then having Sadgurudev assurance and love , and with full devotion go ahead for sadhana….. then can still success be far behind……. Kya sochate ho aap sabhi….

But what about me ,who are writing such a word… still lacking that complete devotion, and love towards our beloved Sadgurudev ji , but sadgurudevji’s heart love to all ….who knows only love, no difference of junior/senior/big or small/able sadhak or…….nor any cost or religion, nor any post….

Its 6:30 P M ,(opps …3 hours just passed) in the evening time , “Anu you are again getting late, go soon to take milk for home”

So I need to go .. baba gher main rahna hain ki nahi…(whether I have to live in home or not)

So, keeping Sadgurudev and poojya guru trimurti’s blessing with us…… smile


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