Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tantra Peeth Darshan- Ma Kamkhya Maha Peetham(Small beautiful experience At maha Ugra tara peeth)

My dearest one ,

once again please share with me your valuable time, if have some for me, please tell me have you sign in in this blog?, I love to listen yes, .. what….. you replied.. still not… ……oh please itna sa to time nikal lo. I am very happy that each day many friend are joining this blog number reaches to more than 80, as you all are waiting for daily updates so I also waiting for your presence here as a member.

Sometimes back I told Arif ji that he had already visited so many peeth of Divine mother and some of the places inaccessible to general people , why not he throw some light about some hidden and holy point about that so many of our friends will benefitted by that ,he replied me Anu bhaiya, you had already visited some of the places with him, why not write some lines about that meanwhile when he would get time he would write about that , so I had to start this new topic…

This post is concentrated only about maha ugra tara ma peeth. Oh MA TARA.. could I write any word about her.. I am not able to that…..neither my ability nor in capability.. poojya Sadgurudev already spoke too much about itand write many article and provide various sadhana of her .but still a lot of writing is needed to express even a single percent of the mother divine, In coming post I will try mine best to write some word on ma divine.

Some time back ,I were along with other gurubhais, in ma kamakhya divine peeth , this great shrine situated at the hill of neelanchel in guwahati city of Aasam. I was busy in my sadhana (you can say, just daily prayer to mother divine that please keep me in her holy divine feet, what more I can ask for her. to be true, I wrote that for just sake of writing here ,to impress you all …….other I was daily ,asking too many wishes to her that a single note book may be short for even writing , I was asking too much… I was/and still am , always in that side of the team , who always ask too much (but do nothing) either mother divine or from Sadgurudev, (for me both are one…).

Daily whenever I pass in front of ma tara peeth, I prayed to him, since this great peeth of ma tara situated at the main gate of ma kamakhay peeth but could not get time to go and sit there, Arif ji told me that please Anu bhaiya ,at a time only one sadhana, no more… so what I could do.

Suddenly, one day he informed me that today is Sunday ,and very specific muhurt(special good time) was there , Sadgurudev once told him about a small prayog of ma tara, so why not I did that, I said ok tell me.. this prayog is known as “MUDRA AAKARSHAN” means attracting the coins(finance). According to Sadgurudevji ,he told me, sadhak reached to the peeth and offer any one coin to ma tara divine feet and select any one coin already offered there, by any other devotee, and chant only 11 or 21 times any of the ma tara mantra , and keep that selected coin either in his perse or in prayer place or ,where he kept his money, that’s all. This small prayog is good for wealth.

That’s simple, I said I would do that , very next day , I waited till evening, since in the morning time I was busy in the sadhana I already started. So in the evening time I was with some other gurubhais (fellow guru brothers).it was about 5.45 pm in the evening, then Arif ji questioned me ,whether I did that prayog, I said no, I would go little late there, ..what? bhaiya tara peeth would be closed till next day in the evening.

One of mine very close gurubhai (who is already a senior rank manager in a big IT firms) asked me, may be, he could come, I said no no. It was just for me only ,I took bath and change mine clothes ,till then both of them (gurubrother )come to mine room told me that Arifji informed them that they could also do that prayog and there were no need to change clothes ,and bath. (ha ha, you can easily see mine selflessness…… Arif bhai, I did not know why ,why, why, inform others and in this time too. what would happen, if I alone went there, oh my god… how beautiful it had to be , but I said ok….i would see Arifji ,whenever I found him alone.) .

Oh ..Hard luck… I thought, so I said ok (with smile ) come with me, we all, reached to that peeth, thanks god it was still open, and total darkness there inside the girbh grah (secreat room). As you all know that sadhak like us may forget their rosarsy ,yantra ,but never ever our mobile…this is called new generation sadhak).so both of mine gurubhai and I switch on our mobile small light, we all sit there, hardly 4 /5 person can sit in that temple , but to mine surprise only single coin was there, and we are three, what to do, only one person can do that prayog. Actually previous day when I visited there there were 5/6 coin was there, and now….

So what to do.. now was the question. Suddenly, mine senior IT manager guru brother comes to mine rescue, we do like that bhaiya.. first he himself offered a coin to mother feet and select that alone coin, then other gurubhai offered a coin, and select his offered coin and the same way I do that.. thats fine I thought, otherwise I did not know what to do.. so we did as he said.

We chanted 21 times the tara mantra. I was wearing a red colored dhoti instead of pink as directed in tara sadhana but in kamakhaya red colored is highly preferred colored, divine mother like it most, and tara or ma kamakhaya are one, so no difference at all. I sit there mentally praying for ma tara, no sound of mine guru brother ,so after a minutes I open mine eyes slowly ,found that both were still sitting there ,even misquotes bites them. But they were also there, I thought.. now divine mother did not want to let me come here alone, she knew mine so called devotion…… ha ha.. ok mother you win.. I told both of them, why they were sitting there. we did not let you alone, was their response….so none of mine cleverness works there,

Bhaiya ,you all, already have all the things in life ,why you were still sitting here, I asked them? both replied with cute smile .. still some more is needed . we all smiled and returned to our place.

Place like that ,have a lot of energy, which either we cannot explain, or not understand, it does not matter , it is her place so our each word and thought of us ,divine mother and sadguru read so that, how they can give permission to anyone, so called selflessness to grow…. even in this small prayog, we all are his and her children, we have to work together with each other, for fulfilling our beloved Sadgurudev ‘s dream , so why not with smile and love….divine mother knew all, she also play game with me many times ,sometimes directly some time indirectly to correct me. sorry friends ,if you all are expecting some great magical experience expressed in this post.

I remembered once Paramanhansa Yogananda told to his disciples “ Do not seek experiences in meditation, the path to god is not a circus, so that many vision will come just for your entertainments. Seek him(Almighty) first. and all is possible after that.”

I have been asked to provide more details about ma tara, its true that ma tara provide all the comforts to sadhak, but that related to provide help to reach his spiritual goal, one special things I would like to share all of you that whatever I do, I find that the thought of mine limited life period always in my mind, I thought that may be I am having some negative thinking, but later I have got info that this is because of ma tara sadhana result. Mother never allows her devote to forget death.

secondly, its also true that the sadhak of ma tara always get help from his near and dear one even in financial matters too but this help hand may be of different forms. initially I thought that its because of mine good behavior(ha ha). Its also very true that mahavidya ma tara diksha provide a way to sadhak to fulfill his financial needs and he will get many times unearned money(unexpected).

Mother tara’s sadhak will also have blessing of mother in form of power to write poems, since she has a form named Neel Sarswati.(the godess of learning).one form of ma tara is shamshan tara the godess of shamshan sadhana. Since ma tara is the power behind the sun. the sadhak of her will shine like sun amongst the sadhak, will definitely have sweet vocal power, his word genrerally pleasant to all. There is very little difference to ma mahakali and ma tara that is only the colour, ma tara is the power of bhagvan ram, she also known as Tarini shakti.(power to achieve final salvation).

As sadgurudev always reminds us that the sadhana of ma tara always done with pink colour cloths ,its very important and must fact, I also initially forget to understand this fact and did this sadhana but unable to get result, when I listened the audio casettes named “ Tara Sadhana” by poojya sadgurudev. I understand mine mistake. But its true that I was doing the mistake but mother blessing always be with me and will always be.

I always like to listen ma tara sadhana audio cassettes daily, whenever I have spare time mine thinking was poojya sadgurudevji divine voice definitely induces mother tara’s divine form in mine heart. what you have to say…….

one more thing I would like to share you all is the person who have too much care or have concern regarding outer physical cleanness, have concern about cast or religious difference, and also have some proud about their educational qualification will never get success in this sadhana in time unlimited too. So I request you all to pray to sadgurudev to bless you all regarding success and blessing of mother divine.

So dear friends , till now only two/three call I had got for mine encouragements.., no email …. I was thinking that many mail will come and I will reply to all like that…. dear one I do not know any thing ,believe me, believe me and mine mildness turns into mine……. Ha ha … I forgot to send mine e mail

poojya paad sadgurudev blessing always with you all and always be….. what can I ask for you all to him…………


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ashok mishra said...

Anu ji, You have qouted about which sadguru? you know any specific sadhana of maa tara.?

amrit said...

kya fayda in sidhiyun ka jab ye kisi jarurat msnd ko rahat na phuchaye. koi sadna galt ya sahi nahin hoti. bas sahi ya galt uska upyog hota hai.
isware ne ye banaya ye soch kar ke kuch log jo maanavta ki khatir inka prayog samay par karenge.par kuch logon ne iska istmal dusro ko kast pahuchane ke liye kiya. isware unhe iska dand jarur dega. our kuch log in siddiyon ka gyan hone par bhi kisi ashay ki madad nahin karte ye bhi to galt hai naa?????????

ASHISH said...

jai gurudev
kya aapke paas kamakhya saadhna ki details hai, agar hai to plz mail me at
agar vashikaran prayog hai jokiphoto seho jaye tobhi bhejneka kast karen.