Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jyotishmati kalp (Kayakalp with Jyotishmati herbs)

Toady I am taking about the kalp( in the series of various kalp), writing something about it like showing lamp to sun. all thses kalp are immortal in guru parampara . and the divine and holy life of our ancient saints is the result of consumption of these kalps. Either they are vashisthi or vishvamitra ji ora parshuram ji ,, there are many instances of them in each age.think about a minite.
There no over words while describing their effects. And its not good to critise any knowledge without testing it. Our ancient ras sastra was not only concern about material progress but they also related to how this hymun body can be combine with divinity, such process are searched by them. Yes by using that our life/body be full of completeness. In that series this divine knowledge is here that has been tested by thousands times..
The ripe seed of jyotishmati, dry in sunlight , take out its semi solid part ( guuda), make poweder of it and take oil of this mix through patal yantra. Take equal quantity ofl doodh(milk),1/4 sahad(honey) in kadhayee(iron utensil used in home) and add equal quantity of kapoor,kankol,jayphal,daalchini and cooked till the oil get available (appear ) in the mix. Again take this powder and oilof 50 gram and ghee about 770gm ghee in a pot amooth one.and for 21 days all this should be kept in side dust of gehuu ( bhoose). Day’a number can be more if desired .
By the day you want to use this kalp, first body should get purified by trifala and paray to guru and ista . and start with the process/kriya of bindu vriddhi (each drop addingon successive). On reaching dose of weight 48 gm causes uncautiounness i. when get aagin in full coutiousness ,drink milk (cow) ,honey should be already mixed in that and for food rice can be given withmilk. After taking this dose for a month the person will having aura like sun and the knowledge of mantras, inmid day he can see directly to the sun.i, have a eye sight like garun bird. In day time he can see the stars. If drink toxic/poison , he can digest that too.,all the dieses and 18 types kustha get healed.
Taking doses for 2 month relieved all the sins incurred. , for 3 month all the divine person like dev,diva rishi ,aatho vsu,nag jti , comes from respective places and having desire to fulfil sadhaks wishes.
For 4months, all the ultimate richness he would get. Have the power to disappear he can visit any divine loka with any restriction. His urine can vedha cooper (means gold convertion) for,5 months have the power to fly in air.,6 months, have the mahasiddh. Like this ay it can lead s to him uptor sevn shivatv tak . this holyest kalp is now in fron of you. And the divine kalp of ayurved and rasshastra have the power to give you unequalness.
“siddhe rase karishyami jaradaridryamidam jagat” ( I am doing the process of sidd ras to remove the poverty of the whole worlds).


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Anonymous said...


kayakalp ka aisa simple form aam logon tak shayad hi pahucha hoga...bahut adbut prayog hai yeh..jitni bhi samagri apne batai hai bahut hi asaan hai har kisi ke liye ikattha karna...definitely every one would like to taste the rejunevation experience.
Thanku for sharing..

t.p. said...

dear gurubhai, kya aap is kalp ki vidhi ko hindi mein yahan de sakte hai , please.
plus jyotishmati ka oil nikalne ki techneque ko explain kare

tp singh

Vaibhav S said...

pls post it in hindi. From where I can get this herb.