Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kamakhya Puri( most secret hidden divine place on earth after SIDDHASHRAMA)

Kamakhyapuri also known as Kamakhyapeetham is the place of the sidhha people. The Place is right down of Kamakhya temple. This invisible place owns its mysterious kingdom.
Previously when I mentioned about Rasendrapeetham, I mentioned some places, where I even mentioned of this amazing kingdom of Mother Kamakhya. With Gurudev’s permission I am delivering you some of the facts about this place.
With grace of Sadgurudev Nikhileshwaranandji ,I had been fortunate to visit this place, before some years. The way to enter into this place is hidden way from the temple itself but it is closed from decades. So the only way now is the remarkable level of the Tantra sadhanas and devotion to the guru who himself is capable of carrying or sending someone to such place.
Spread in miles, this place is a self running like other siddh places. Entrance of the place is beautiful. Trees plants and various flowers welcomes you opening their both the hands. So many mountains are being visible right there.
Natural caves of the place are biggest attraction here. Little moist in the air makes you feel lively. The siddh kshetra (area of siddh ) is the area made for the siddha people who are being involved in the higher level of tantra sadhanas. Cannot be imagined by our mind that how long these siddhas are being in this place. Most of the siddh people are very much higher level tantra sadhak. Here sadhak does not only means yogis. Even many yoginis are living on this place.

Further, a palace is situated. When I entered into the palace, I was shocked. It was so filled with energy that one will directly becomes blessed with kundlini activation. This palace is actual residence of mother Kamakhya. Singhasane virajmanah.. And really on the singhashana, one can see mother kamakhya in her actual form I mean Sa-Deh form. Some scene cannot be described in words. This is one of those. Likewise, one will be moved further with blessing of Mother and can move ahead in the vaous sadhanas under Siiddha yogi there.
Many of the tantric herbs are easily available there. There are some small natural waterfalls in siddhkshetra . The water is blessed with may tantric powers, if being drunk.
So many siddhas keep on visiting the place for accomplishing special rituals and to get blessings of the divine mother.
More things, some other time.


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Neeraj said...

Raghu Bhai Kya main bhi kabhi aap ke sath kamakhya puri ki yatra kar wahan ma ke darshan kar sakta hun agar hain to mujhe bateiye kab chalna hai........

Bhai aabhi tak mujhe Swah Aatma Aahwan ka sahi tarika samjh nahi aaya kripya karke thoda sa vistar se dobara samjhaiye....

Aapka Chota Bhai

Basudev said...

bhaiya mera naam basudev hai aur mai guwahati mai hi rahta hun. mai kamakhya sadhana karna chahta hoon par mujhe kuch bhi jaankari nahin hai aur maine sadgurudev se diksha bhi nahi liya hai. maine email se diksha ke details ke bare mai janna chaha par mujhe kuch bhi jaankari nahi mili.