Monday, October 4, 2010

TANTRA VIJAY-8 Tripur bhairavi ikshaa poorti sadhana ( fulfilling your whole wishes)

After Receiving Tantrokt Shiv sadhana, I was amazed. Many secrets do own their existence but never come in front, unless and until god wishes. I was very new to tantra field and was not more aware about tantra and tantra sadhanas. Who could have thought about the most famous siva mantra’s secret. Both Nagaji and Swamiji became very close to me, when I successfully completed the Sadhana. I often used to discuss with Swamiji about various tantra sadhana which seems to be very easy but owns a big energy to provide appropriate results. Mean while Navratri came, Swamiji was going to visit Dakshin kali to perform his rituals on navaratri. Before leaving, one more time, our discussion took place.
Swamiji told me that in today’s world, one has bunches of wills and wishes, when I comes to their material living. The fulfillment of the wishes is very necessity and one should try to fulfill their wishes. But some time it does not become possible for common men and new sadhak to make their wishes end to be reality. But in tantra, sages gave many solutions for this.
“Hmmm… Right. But swamiji…As you spoke about tantra ; previously even you told me that every sadhana of tantra is meant to make people ahead in the field of spirituality. Fulfilling wishes for material needs could be all right and it is being understood that it is good for material people. But how do you expect that someone who want to be ahead into spirituality should do this sadhana …I mean how does it helps in the field of spirituality…I didn’t understand this.” I asked him curiously.
“Well, you took it confused. When it comes to wishes and will, one should have it done, as soon as possible. See, if one go ahead without fulfilling their material wishes into the field of spirituality, it might become possible that particular wish does create a bandage to be ahead into the field of spirituality. If we go a little deep, it becomes very clear that unless and until you have not been through the situation you would never understand. How do you expect someone just like that to attain spiritualism? No. it is not possible. Till the time one has not went through bhoga one will not get moksha.

That is why Icchapurti, Karysiddhi (fulfilling wishes and wills) becomes a very most important part in the field of tantra too. It has equal significance, into material and spiritual world.
“But how does it is possible for common men to understand various secrets of the sadhanas, how can someone perform the long sadhanas. Swamiji, this days people do not get time from arranging meals. How someone, you do expect, to perform lakhs mantra…doesn’t it seems like almost impossible for the common people?”
“You are right. You should be aware that there are so many sadhanas which are easy, and short…but do not think that it has a less importance or less power. There are so many sadhanas, which seems very short and easy but deals with 100 % results. I hope you have not forgotten the shiv sadhana, you performed just before some days. One of such sadhana, to fulfill wish is tripur bheiravi icchapurti sadhana.”

Swamiji gave me that sadhana even. I made many people does this sadhana and it has not even a single time failed. If one performs this sadhana with full dedication and devotion, one will see results in very quick time.

“ one should take water in their palm to do sankalp :
I ………(your name) doing this sadhana to fulfill my……(your particular wish/ will)

One should then recite one round of tripur bheiravi mantra:
“ aiem kleem shauh “ (ऐं क्लीं सौ: )
After this one should chant 11 rosary of the following mantra:
Om bhagvati Bhag Bhag vadini, Mam varasu kuru kuru swaha. (ॐ भगवती भग भग वादिनी मम वरसु कुरु कुरु स्वाहा)
In this mantra, where there is Mam, one should recite their name there and where there is varsu, one should speak about their wish.
For example (in the case of health0: Om bhagvati bhag Bhag vadini Raghunath Arogyam kuru kuru swaha.
Rosary could be anyone but Rudraksha rosary should not be taken to use. No dress code. Direction could be north/ east.
Continue the process for total 11 days and one will be able to fulfill their particular wish in shorter time with grace of tripur bheiravi devi.
Jai gurudev


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piyush said...

jai gurudev
Once again filled with positive energy while reading your blog.
jai gurudev

Bhushan said...

Is there any specific time to perform this sadhana or any time one can do this.
What would be most preferable time.

Anonymous said...

plz tell from which day this sadhna can be started and what is the best time whether day or night?

Raghunath Nikhil said...

the sadhana could be start on any of the day.

Night time is preferable but if it is not possible, you can choose any time.

but for whole process, the time should remain fix for all days

Neha said...

what does 1 round of "aiem kleem shauh mean?I meanst how mant times?

Neha said...

what does one round of "aiem keem mantra mean? i mean how many times n sankalp has to be done daily?

mayur said...

1 round of rosary means 108 times chanting of mantra.

geethanjali basavaraja said...

I just Nw read ur blog and found it very interesting...
but will it have any bad effect??
and wat to use for job and love marriage in the place of varsu....
can v use it for marriage??

geethanjali basavaraja said...

I just went thru ur blog and found it interesting...
can v do for love marriage??
for job??
any rules to be followed while doing?

Anonymous said...

thank you for your comments

yes this sadhana could be done for any wish and it would provides boost in any wish to be fulfilled

no special rules are applied, general rules of the sadhana needed to be followed.