Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tantra VIjay- 9 (Shabar Hanuman Sadhna)

Jai gurudev all
Hanuman sadhana is one of those fantastic sadhanas which can lead you to the really extra ordinary powers. Hanuman is form of lord siva himself. He is giver of all main siddhis. One of devotee, of such great beloved god, came across a sadhna. He had been tested for 2 and Half years but finally, he got what he wished for. How? Let we know.

The sadhak is roaming across the bank of the famous pond ‘ bramha sarovar’ of kuruksetra. From last few days people are watching him daily 24 hours nearby the ‘ bramh sarovar’ only. Especially in siddh peeth of hanuman, situated on the bank of the same pond. People there have come to know that he is devotee of hanuman.

He started hanuman sadhana from last 2 and half years, but still he is not able to make his wish come true. He got some thrilling experiences during his long long sadhana but is still not able to make it and that is to get lord hanuman before him.
Today is a beautiful day. rain has just fallen and scenario is beautiful. He is really amazed for a change in the nature and being ahead to the sadhana peeth of him. its just an noon like something which we wish not le to go, but there was nothing special, he found. in white dhoti, he went to the temple, completes his inicial rituals and starts chanting his mantra, with a great hope that he might get some results today.

After chanting some mantra, he loose conciusness and being lost in his own. Suddenly he feels vibration like an elecricity wire in his spinal cordes and this is being on from last half an hour now. finelly, he unwillinly open his eyes with no control over it. and before he can undesrstand anything, he seens some devine form in front of him, with so much light, this was hanuman. People were watching him carefully, because not even single peron was aware that people standing nearby are just watching an idol made of stone but he is watching the lord him self. and what siddhis lord not gave him after that. He mentioned about this special process of hanuman sadhana.

there is a direct connection between hanuman and sabar mantra.
Here is one of such rare sadhana, which gives so much things then your expactation,.

One can do the sadhana on any of the tuesday. dress must be red.

The mantra should be chanted for 108 time. more prefrebly continouing the process for next 10 days (total 11 days), Sadhana should be done in night time only (after and guggal pm) dhoop should be lighted.

ओम गुरूजी हनुमानजी कावल कुंडा हाथी खप्पर छडी मसान गुग्गल धुप जाप तेरा, तेरा रूप शाकिनी बांधू डाकिनी बांधू भूत को बांधू अटल को बांधू पाताल टेकरी को बांधू हनुमानजी के रोचना को बांधू ,घर घर जाओ ,ना माने चार गदा लगाओ , जेसे सीता माँ के सतको राखे वैसे मेरे सतको रखो, आवो आवो हनुमान घट्ट पिंड में समाओ हनुमान , हनुमान बेठे रानी आई , गदा बेठी, राजा इतना, अनंत कोटि सिद्धोमे , ओम गुरूजी ओम नमो नारायणाय.
Om guruji hanumanji kaval, kunda, hathi, khappar, chadi, masan, guggal dhoop jap tera, tera roop shakini bandhu, dakini bandhu, atal ko bandhu, paatal tekri ko bandhu, hanumanji ke rochna ko bandhu, ghar ghar jao, na mane char gada lagao, jese sita make satko rakhe vese mere satko rakho, aavo aavo hanuman, ghatt pind me samao hanuman, hanuman bethe, rani aai, gada beithi, raja itna, anat koti siddho me om guruji om namo narayanay

this is powerful mantra and by doing this sadhana, one will feel lord hanuman near by them everytime and they will be saved from all dangers by the grace of lord hanuman.

Jai gurudev



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amrit said...
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Sanchita parker said...

is it safe to do the hanuman shabar mantra? can anybody do it ? are there any other guidelines to do this sadhana?

Faisal said...

Dear sir,

What is (GUGGAL PM)?
And what is Dhoop incense called in english?

Please do reply

thank you

shushmaker pathak said...

please tell me more about this hanuman sabar mantra or mail me

Ruchiraa Sharma said...

At what time this pooja shold be done.Can we start on any day .

Ruchiraa Sharma said...

At what time in night on e can do this sadhana