Friday, October 1, 2010

Tantra Vijay-7 (ugra Bhairav Sadhna)

Jai Gurudev,
the real aim of some sadhak remains not a siddhi but to do the sadhana only. Such a veer bhav sadhak is put on forward for the ugra sadhanas. really, in ugra sadhanas accomplishment remains no mean, in comparision of t he sadhana process and the experiences during sadhana. he was one of such disciple of sadgurudev. He made those remarkable things which other can not even think of doing it. He did ‘Ugra Bhierav Sadhana’ and got something really mysterious experience but before him, he made something through which this universe became surprised for some moment. what so special about him and his sadhana? well. this is what actually happned that night.

smoke, smoke,smoke...nothing was visable. when we a get a little closer, we find a young sadhaka, in black dhoti, sitting in between that smoke, smoke of guggal and many incents. sitting in krodh mudra, he has closed his eyes. various marks on his head, chest, arms neck made of ash make him a little different from usual sadhak which we watch. rudraksha rosary in one wrist and other in his neck. really, he is very young but does it really mean that he should be involved in such ugra sadhana in which one may even loose his life ?

can we express the fear which we feel in the sadhanas ? no. it can just mere be experienced. previously he had been thrilled when some of the scremes of bheirav did came to his ears, but it was just a moment. a small moment. but then after he was never having any of such moments. few days before, a pretni, tried to scare him. she with her long hair and white cloth was trying to make this men scare and force to leave his sadhana but for sometime this sadhak did not spoke anything but when it came to his anger, he simply worned “ do not come in my way, or else i will make your small small parts and have it in my snack. you just a .....” and some words which could not be written here on the public blog....the pretni which came to scare him, became scared of him. no need to tell, she had not came near to his area since then.

today a last day of his sadhana, he is alone there “ Kali durga tuje guruji....narayan....” his face has became red hot. his body is being like a hot iron. when he openend his eyes, seems like someone has poured vermilion, red like blood. few more minutes and he will get what he want. chanting a special shabar mantra which he got with a grace of his gurudev, will he be able to complete this ritual ? if he will, what he will not be able to do...ugra bheirav will especially bless him with so many siddhis of tantra. but ugra bheirav is most dangerous form of bheirav. how could he...and a blast....more smoke every where.

and one big black men has appeared...a light and aura...can not describe...seems like all the anger of universe has gathered at one place.....this is the one ,of which he chanted thousands of mantra, ugra bheirav.....just to saw a respect he offers him some mudras....

the holy mouth of ugra bheirav opens ; ‘ what do you want’

but the sadhak has moved from his aasan and started collecting sadhana materials....haven't he listen to ugra bheiravs words...

for a second..ugra bheirav got a one have acted so called this way to him before...he one more time speaks “ son...ask for anything...what do you want...”

but that sadhak is not even looking at him...he till the time have placed all the material in the appropriate place and fell down on his bed just feets away from where bheirav is standing , waiting for him to ask for wish. but he seems like nothing is being happen. not really intrested in bheirav ???

with a surprise ugra bheirav looks at him...around 20 dhoti...rudraksha rosary.a smile spread away on his face....a smiling anger...could not even be imagined...and bheirav disappear...

sadhak, on his bed is now busy in wondering that he has finished this sadhana, what could be next...he is aware that if he could have asked for something, bheirav would never neglect but he thinks that what his guru will give him, is the only thing which he will accept. he has no wills to generate siddhis, he just want to do the sadhanas. and he did one of the most difficult sadhana of tantra....with grace of his master paramhansh nikhileshwaranand.

he said that there is a simple mantra sadhana in which one should get involved and have the blessing of the ugra bheirav.

in the night time, one should wear red cloth and sit on the aasana red in coulour. with black hakeek or munga rosary one should chant 51 round of the following mantra
no other things required. one can do this sadhana on any of the day.

“ bhram bhram ugrabheiravey namah” (भ्रं भ्रं उग्रभैरवाये नमः )

one may hear some noice or can see something unusual but one should continue till 51 rounds get over. through this sadhana, sadhak becomes fearless and get many of powers. he gets ride on all the evil tantra effects and even cure peoples being affected by evil spirits.

one should get blessing of sadgurudev and move further into such rare sadhanas.

jai gurudev



Anonymous said...

After reading this article i just can say AMAZING...

while reading i was feeling goosebumps..I am a regular follower of this blog and u all are doing great job..

Raghunath Nikhil said...

thank you very much..


piyush said...

jai gurudev!!! bahiya. aap saabh ka blog padhne mein itna maaza aata hai na, bas pucho mat. i love u all bahiya.
jai gurudev

Veerbhadra said...

Jay Gurudev ,thank u very much for giving a such great exeprience..thanks a lot --Lkant