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Mere wo…(Unforgettable Moment with Beloved Mataji)

Extremely beautiful, fair complextion, sharp nose, shining arrow head, glowing face, endless love and the eyes filled with parental afeection…
These words are for our lovable Mother…Who got the opportunity to become Sadgurudev’s better half I mean his wife…To whom whole Indian disciple used to address “Mataji”…
She is very reserve kind of person and it’s quite difficult task to take out childhood talks from her.Earlier she used to tell nothing.After lots of efforts,she still used to ignore and say why u want to listen old talks? What is a purpose to be achieved hnnna? But I requested her – Which those are not just incident but also a history of Sadgurudev’s life and it is inherited to us.Its a great asset for us.If we could share those moments with our co-guru brothers and sisters then it would be the happiest thing for us.

Several months passed on…I was still trying to capture silently but Mataji used to ignore all the time or if she was their with Sadgurudev then with smile,she just gave a look towards Gurudev and used to say – actually its nothing like to disclose…
Once she was in happy mood and I requested her if you would share just two three incidents with us will be our great pleasure.Because then only we will come to know how your childhood and teenage days.
May be my luck was fine on that day and she just silent for a moment and ready to tell us.She said-what do you want to know? On which incidents you want the information? Tell me…
When we asked about sadgurudevji, she said “it’s my various birth backlogs and meritorious actions fruit that your Sadgurudev got me in my husband form.In that time marriages get happen in very early age.I was just ten approx..His village was nieghbour village of mine, may be just 2-3 km distance was between them.Before marriage also I heard a lot about your Sadgurudev, that he is very beautiful, strong, handsome, attractive personality,glorious and is very refined.But I never ever imagined about marriage with him.
One day my father came and told that there is one boy from neighbor village Deedas..By the way he is just twelve year old but if you would listen his talks then definitely gets surprised.I was sticthing a cloth and my mother were sitting by my side.
He said – outside the village there is a very old tree called Khejadi ( it is a kind of tree and which trunk is very heavy and roots are strong) which is 14-15 feet heighted and it width is almost the same via which one can hold it from both the hands after doing lots of efforts.And he alone took it away with him…As gurudev’s uncle’s house roof was made up of same type of trunk and got dissolve in 8-10 years.Due to this the rain water was coming inside.Therefore sadgurudev went in the morning and took it by both the hands and plaved one gamcha(small hankerchef) on shoulder and carried it from whole village and and placed it on the front gate of house.Second day when Thakur’s person cameon bullock cart to get back that trunk,it was disappeared.When they observe here n there,they didn’t find any marks of bullock cart, but do find the foot marks of person.They thought that it is impossible for one person to carry it alone.Then where the hell it went on? So they followed the foot marks and reached inside the village and found that trunk.Then they went to Thakur and told the whole incident.
Thakur said – It is impossible.Just call that boy and his father too..
His father was very angry man as he took your Gurudev and reached at Thakur’s place.
Thakur asked – Is that trunk taken by your son from the jungle.
Your Sadgurudev answered – yes, I found one wood part and I don’t have roof in my house, so I carried it with me.
Thakur said – It is impossible for u to take it alone.
Gurudev answered – If you say, again I would carry it on my shoulders and throw infront of your house.
Thakur said – I will come with you as I would like to witness it from my own eyes and how you can do this miracle of carrying such a heavy trunk on your small shoulder.
Thakur came to village and without hasitation your Sadgurudev carried that trunk on his shoulder and threw it infront of Thakur’s gate.Every one shocked and surprised.
When I heard this incident I was just shocked.I thought is their any one who have such a tremendous capacity in this world.But it was truth, so instant I imaged him in my mind and suddenly it got rubbed also because at that time the culture, thinking and mentality was like that one should not think about any man as it was not favourable by shastras.
Thereafter my father came to Rohat and we settled down here.It is 40 km away from Jodhpur where still I have the ancestral property of my forefathers.
Sadgurudev’s father had decided that my son should get married.Once he came to our village and visited our house also.In that time there were too much difficulties faced for getting male bride.As in our society the females counts were less and in comparison ratio the males were triple times of females.After thinking,some days thereafter ha again came to Rohat and went to another shrimali Brahman family and directly placed a proposal for marriage of my son.As they were having beautiful daughter.
Instantly they said yes, but due to some thought or coincidentaly he didn’t had food their and casually came to our house.As every thing was fixed up their and rumours were also spreading in village that Multanchand ji had arrived in village and for his son the Amba lalji’s daughter is fixed up.

It was morning time, his father came to my house and he saw me, I was busy in cleaning the porch area.i don’t know what went up in his mind and he said to my father as I have already seen one girl for my son but I think your daughter is the most appropriate one.i experienced that your daughter is very beautiful, learnade, smart in household work, which I have noticed from her way of doing the work.Therefore I want to present my son’s marriage proposal for your daughter.
My Father said –but you have already fixed up with Ambalal, then?
His Father said – Yes almost fixed up but yet the final decision not made nor I have take food over their.Therefore if it is yes from your side then I am ready stay and I would have jiggery and chapatti in food.
As my father have already listened stories about your Sadgurudev and then fortunately he also said yes.After couple of hours they both taken food in porch area and his father also taken jiggery, chapatti with ghee.Here jiggery, chapatti with ghee is termed to be that final decision is done.And this is how his father went on.In whole village the roumors were spreaded.I was not old enough to understand these elder talks but pretty old enough to understand that my marriage is fixed.
Thereafter a month he took the auspicious time for marriage and on four bullock carts the marriage party came to our house and stayed at ‘Janwasa’ where the male side party used to stay.I was also curious to see him, but due to hasitation nor I went on terrace niether I saw him.My friend came and said he very beautiful, charming, very heighted, glorious…and I imagined him in this way.For next 8 days Barat stayed here and marriage function was finished.

I asked – “Mataji in your shrimali Samaj the marriage functions are suppose to be happened in different manner where the groom takes the bride in his embrace and takes the four rounds around the auspicious fire…isn’t it?

Mataji said – still the rituals are same. When your Sadgurudev was sitting in Mandap and the pandit who was chanting the marriage matras as he was intellectual but he should keep mum as he was groom.But when he felt that this pandit is chanting wrong pronunciation of mantras then he himself said I will enchant whole mantra and would complete the marriage ritually.
My father, mother and all others from my side were simple amazed.that the small boy who is a groom and what he is saying to the panditji.Till the time he had started the mantras and chanted whole mantras and completed the marriage function.Pandit was seated for mere namesake.For whole village it was surprising that the boy is mug up with Ved mantras and damn intellectual.When it comes to embrace me…
Then his father said – Narayan, along with strength, take her courageously.
He said – “oh she is very slim-trim…I can carry her and can make 40 rounds but what type of strength I have to show here…”
While saying he just embrace me like a rose and did the parikramas and chanted the mantras also.

Then she started telling – then the Barat went back.Whenever any festival came then the bride has to be taken back at her house.After couple of days of our marriage the Bharat Pakistan were divided.At that time your Sadgurudev,his father, his uncle were at Sind in Pakistan.the city’s name was Khanpur which was near by Lahore.The situation was very critical and so many romours were there.I used to scare that I should not listen any inauspiscious news but somewere I was having complete faith on my good fortune(saubhagya).
My parents were very worried as no news was getting from them.afterward we came to know that the dangerous criminals had attacked at the same place were they all were residing.It was really breath taking.These son-father crossed the terrace and stayed at the junk room (where the horses are tied) for three days without water and food.Their resident was burned out but they both were having amazing capacity.
He encourage his father – don’t worry, soon we will reach India.
And in night he made ready almost 40 Hindu families to reach India.He said that we have to go by the other way full of sand, as rail way is not safe as the dangerous criminals are cutting the Hindus inside the trains.

This is how he makes ready 40 camel carriers and on fifth night around 1pm they started the journey with those 40 families.They faced criminals in between.After covering 51 days long journey on sand with lots of difficulty he reached the Ramgarh.And then to jaiselmer and at last his own village Falaudi…

But in these 51 days almost 1200 km journey he had given the proof of tremendous capacity and management of every small small things also.Actually its difficult to express it in words.because on 10 camel there was water carry bags and other 20 the ladies and children were seated rest all were walking.This how encourage every one and ultimate reached the destination.

When I got this new I got new fresh breath and thought that no one can harm my husband and thanked to my fortune.But those two months were horrible…because whatever news we were getting at that time were really breathtaking and painful.

On Dipawali he came to Rohat to take me back at home.I saw his face was glowing more n more.But till the time we never had conversation.As in that times conversation was far infact it was not allowed to see each other.

Well I remember one more incident.He was staying in Rohat as a son-in-law.And there were some limitations of saon-in-law that he should talk less, should be patient.There was one strongman called ‘Junjaru’ who was having a neck like hippo and fatty enough and was from shrimali family only.He had scared the whole village and used to say if anybody have really drunk the mothers milk then come and fight with me.and this is how he used to collect charity amount from everybody.

He was here to take me back and was sitting outside and that strondman passed away from near.It was evening time and there was one ground near by my house were 30-40 shrimalis were seated.Some were busy in making bhangs n all.Junjaru passed and said all are coward, all are weak, all are impotent…one who have really his mother’c child then come and have fight with me.

Well, villagers were used to these talks daily.They became habitual of it.As if he hit just once the person meets death so no one dare to mess up with him.

Second time when repeats the same same word your sadgurudev stood up and promptly all were hotched up.As kuwar saab is ready to do fight.So many had tried to stopped him.Told different different things but he didn’t listen to anybody and stood up infront of him.And I came on the porch many other ladies and other shrimali family members gathered and with suspicious mind started thinking. As he looks like mountain and my husband seems to be a small stone infront of him.Today some thing bad is going to happen.All Shrimalis tried to stopped him.

As he had challenged then com what may… let see what will happen.

He laughed loudly and seems like two bamboos were coincide each other in jungle. All Shrimalis were trying to stop him.Even my father also tried. But of no use.

He said – Kindly you people get side.Just now he said one who is really his father’s son the com forward so I have stepped forward.So do worry...It was very amazing and surprising scene. That Junjaru hit him on his back and he just sat down.It seems like someone had strongly pushed him back.Second time he hitted on his head and seemed like darkness had spread infront his eyes.But third time successes to defend himself and that Junjaru got strond his from porch’s corner.

Till te time he was already hitted on his high area by him and so many bones were broken same time.Blood was coming from his mouth and he just crashed down to the ground.he was critically injured.

In this way Sadgurudev shook his hands like he had put his hands in sand was simply shaking. And said next time don’t ever dare to challenge any shrimali.Mind wel…

Then he said to my Father that – plz bring 1 lt hot milk with some turmeric powder.He instantly brought that and gave to him.

He himself took that milk and makes him drink.

Wel you are from Rohat village so you are as good as my Father-in-law.If you will drink same milk consecutively for 2-3 months then your broken bones would again be joined.

He again came back and relaxed on the porch as good as nothing happened there.Afterward Junjaru was alive till 21 years.But never dared to make loud noise.He not even see in upward direction.

When he came back to home, every one said what you did?
Why you initiative to make him drink?

He said – He is as good as my Father-in-law so I respected him.So you people don’t need to worry.

And then he completed the rituals and came back to Deedas.

There are several incidents like this.But I have seen, he has got the tremendous courage, patience and incredible capacity to cope up with such conditions.If mountain also falls on his shoulder he will slightly take it and keep it down as nothing happened.

In difficult to difficult situations, he always kept patience and crossed each situation with smiling face.And he used to say that I have made you mine in life, then definitely I would be only yours forever and it is my duty to save u.

But my life is filled up with various dimension.Future will tell about this..

I was not able to understand it that time but now I experience that in real my husband is divine person, extremely free from desires, he is a sage, no hatred for any body, besides from family he loves his disciples more.And by being between them they really feel happy from innerside.Even forgot food and water.Also takes complete care of each family member.

I feel proud; feel extremely fortunate that the great great one and only one unique personality I got in husband form.If I would have to take again birth the I would alwayd demand him as my betterhalf.But I truly believe that he ll take me with him to the Siddhashram because he promise at marriage time only, where the husbands sapt shlokas are chanted their he chanted eight shlokas.

And that eight one means that “whenever I ll go to siddhashram, I will take you with me then there will be no need to take rebirth.”

Apart from that also there are hundreds of incidence.And each one is best from one another.Still if there would time then definitely I will share.Today also when he is not close to me,I feel like physical body is there but soul is not here.

Daughter-in-laws also used to say that when our Father-in-law is not here then this home doesn’t seems like home.

Many times it happened that he himself entered kitchen and made the sabjis and food item and the used to say that – look what I had cooked, just taste it and tell me how tasty food I make.

Thousands of incidences are there; of his lives which are embossed in my brain…these were some of his childhood…rest some other time...if there would be time…

(From Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan, November-1996, page number-75)
on this precious Siddhidatri day of Navratri this is our special offering to the divine lotus feet of Our beloved Sadgurudev And Mataji.


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